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The transportal of time is trying to report on the infinite dimensions of the Multiverse.

Crater on the Greater Earth – Discoveries made by Godgevlamste – UPDATE 5.1.2021 – NEW VIDEO Crater Earth : Torture in Time

Forget everything you know. Be prepared for some amazing information. It will connect many dots for both; the flat-earthers and the sphere people. Recently I ...
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U.F.O. – Long Cylindrical Object Flying Over Airplane Reported By AA Pilot

Event: U.F.O. - Long Cylindrical Object Flying Over Airplane Reported By AA Pilot.
Name: Long Cylindrical Object, American Airlines.
Date: 2.25.2021. Update: 2.26.2021
Location: New ...
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Collision Impact Timeline – UPDATE 5.8.2021- Chinese Rocket Earth Collision

LAST UPDATE: 5.8.2021 Debris from Chinese rocket set to collide with Earth The European Space Agency has confirmed China’s Long March 5B rocket – which ...
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The Q Continuum Future Proves Past – Lock Down Look Up

The Q Continuum Future Proves Past – Lock Down Look Up

A Dutch model on the cover of a magazine. COVFEFE for 5G. Atlas Mission. JFK Junior is alive. Rumors, chatter, Q Codes and different realities ...
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Giant Flying Space-Wheel Observed in Solar System

Event: Giant Flying Space-Wheel Observed in Solar System.
Name: Galactic Space-Wheel 2020.
Date: 3.6.2020
Location: The Internet, Planet Earth, The Universe.
News Links: - 3.6.2020 ...
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Scientist: Extraterrestrial Life Almost For Sure

Event: Scientist Say Extraterrestrial Life Almost For Sure.
Name: Professor Tomonori Totani.
Date: 3.6.2020
Location: Planet Earth, The Universe.
News Links: - 3.9.2020 The question we ...
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Cosmic Impact Destroyed One of Earliest Settlements

Event: Cosmic Impact Destroyed One of Earliest Human Settlements.
Name: Abu Hureyra village and Cosmic Impact.
Date: 3.6.2020
Location: Lake Assad, Syria, Planet Earth.
News ...
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Minimoon 2020 CD3 Orbiting Planet Earth

Event: Minimoon 2020 CD3 Orbiting Planet Earth
Name: 2020 CD3, Minimoon.
Date: 3.1.2020
Location: In Orbit Around Planet Earth, Universe.
News Links: - 3.1.2020 ...
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Science May Have Discovered the Multiverse

Event: Science May Have Discovered the Multiverse.
Name: The Multiverse, Multi Dimensional Universe.
Date: 2.24.2020.
Location: The Universe and possibly beyond.
News Links: - 2.24.2020 Something ...
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Repeating Radio Signal From Deep Space

Event: Powerful Repeating Radio Signal From Deep Space.
Name:  Unknown.
Date: 2.10.2020.
Location: Deep Space.
News Links: - 2.10.2020 Will 2020 be the year of disclosure? POWERFUL ...
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Guam Fireball – Saskatoon Meteor – Russian Satellite Hit

A Russian satellite was hit by a micrometeorite. A few days later a fireball was spotted over Guam at night. And today another fireball was ...
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Mars Water – And The 911 Total Recall Code

Water has been found on planet Mars! Again! Is this a Mandela Effect or a 911 code? On 12.12.2019 the mainstream media announced that water ...
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Bright Light

Do you feel lighter these last few months? On a personal level? Or when you tune to the collective mind? Are these imaginations or is ...
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Spektr-R Silent and Bright Ball Above NZ

The Russian Spektr-R RadioAstron space satellite is not responding. A week after a bright fireball was reported above New Zealand. The Spektr-R or RadioAstron is ...
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Build Your Own Haunebu Nazi Flying Disc – Iron Sky 2018 Revellution

There was some rumble in the world of modelling kits. Revell, one of the most famous hobbyist brands had to apologize for a new model ...
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Hippy Mars Colony

  A mixture of Total Recall, Mission to Mars, Asgardia Space Nation and Alternative 3. More than a formula for a hippy trip. We could ...
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H.A.M.M.E.R. Time - The Plan

H.A.M.M.E.R. Time – The Plan

Hypervelocity Asteroid Mitigation Mission for Emergency Response   Plans are made to protect the planet earth. Depending on point of view: to protect Earth from ...
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A Space Nation And so it begins... for the public domain. We live in times of the first commercial space companies. Space junk. Old Soviet ...
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Earth X-points & Hidden Portals

A stream of charged particles They open and close many times a day and they're located tens of thousand kilometers from Earth. Millions of energetic particles ...
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Black Hole Hologram

Are black holes time & space portals to other dimensions? One of the most mysterious things in space, of this time. Black holes have been ...
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Time to Nuke Mars?

Mars Recall The plot of the movie Total Recall is about a machine creating an atmosphere on Mars. This machine is melting huge amounts of ice and ...
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Ancient Ice on Mars

Mars is old and so is it's ice Finally the news is in the public domain: there was water on the red planet. And there's still ...
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Planet Earth Space Fence

Since the beginning of planet Earth, strange things have been falling from space And in present time things still fall on Earth. Or are seen ...
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Disclosure. A Matter of Time

Unidentified Flying Objects, UFOs. Strange phenomena, exotic technologies. Visitors from other planets or dimensions? Perhaps from another plane under the dome? Many questions. 2021 Pentagon ...
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