Huge Asteroid Explosion Seen Over English Channel, United Kingdom

Name: Sar2667.
Event: Asteroid Explosion.
Date: 2.13.2023.
Location: United Kingdom, Earth, Space.
News Link: 2.13.2023.

Space is a busy place, these days. Green Comets, Spy Balloons, UFO's and Asteroids. Is this a prelude for The Plan? Or was it an alien intervention?

Sar2667 has just been discovered.

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'Shooting star' asteroid seen over English Channel
Sar2667, was spotted just before 3am on Monday. It was one of only a handful of times an asteroid was detected before entering the Earth's atmosphere using the European Space Agency's imminent impactor alert system

Source: - 2.13.2023

Seaford photographer captures meteor in night sky
She captured the “beautiful” meteor, known as Sar2667, which was roughly one-metre in size.
It gave a green hue across the sky as it entered the Earth’s atmosphere.

Source: - 2.13.2023

People in the UK could see a huge asteroid explosion last night
Residents across southern England and Wales were able to catch a glimpse of an exploding asteroid over the English Channel last night (13 February) in a super-rare phenomenon.
It happened around 03:00 GMT as Sar2667 'burst' after entering the earth's atmosphere.

Source: - 2.13.2023