Disclaimer and Privacy

Disclaimer and Privacy


  • The Time Transportal website is an art, timeline, space, time travel and the current world timeline and events research website.
  • The Time Transportal not necessarily underline or agree with some of the points of views and articles featuring on this website.
  • The Time Transportal is not a medical website nor advisor. Always consult your GP, Medicine Man, Shaman, Brujo, or yourself for medical advise on this current timeline.
  • Some photography and illustrations are from the Time Transportal. Some are from stock(photo) resources.
  • Not all articles have visitor counts. The visitor count was activated end of 2017, after many articles were already published.
  • We try to make articles as complete as possible with information including external sources.
  • If you see any errors, mistakes or otherwise matters that do not comply with the current timeline, you can contact us.
  • The Time Transportal is for Time Travelers, Astronauts, Cosmonauts, Psychonauts, Yeti's, Extra Terrestrials, Earthlings, Aghartians, Asgardians, Stranger Things, Animals, Hybrids, Humans, Cyborgs, A.I. and many more who would like an update on the current timeline events and news on planet Earth and beyond.
  • You may copy and republish content as it is, not for commercial and/or financial purposes, without edit or alterations that may discredit the collective mind, Time Transportal Alliance, the Animal Kingdom and humanity.

Privacy and Security

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  • The Time Transportal can't be hold responsible for any damage that may be caused by external and third parties, such as: the internet, WP plugins and ISP.
  • We do not collect e-mail addresses for commercial or (other) malicious purposes.

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