Year 2023

We started this zombie related news collection in 2011. And each year we hope that we don't have to do another web page about a another year of zombie news. But here we are, the zombie news page for 2023. And the situation is somewhat alarming, as you may have noticed around you.

The zombie situation doesn't start with crowds of zombies all of a sudden. Except in some movies perhaps, when a zombie virus escaped a bio-lab and is infecting people in a rapid pace.

What we're dealing with is a slow zombie situation, Step by step. People seem to like the way of the 'simple minds' and we don't mean Alive and Kicking. And what also detect in society is that some people become angry, agressieve and losing their temper faster than usual. Combine this with the destruction of the food supply and large angry crowds of simple minded zombified people fighting for food can be the result.

What do we mean with: simple minded? Isn't it the goal of many spiritual beliefs that a simplicity is the way?
Empty your mind ? What we mean is the choice of many people to keep them self simple, with only the need for entertainment and simple (fast) food. The path that often leads to ignorance, which leads to selfishness and egoism. The path that can also lead to a zombie type of living.

And who do we think we are, to have this opinion about some people like that?

We try not to judge. And the irony or hypocrisy is that we're also try to keep things simple. In the way we write and communicate. And while doing these things, we keep you updated about the complex and difficult subject of the zombie situation.

The Next Big Thing From The 'Woke Transhumanist Game-Plan' To Destabilize The 'Human Project' On Earth Will Complete America's 'Transition' To Being A Land Of The Walking Dead
Don’t despair, a great grooming is underway. The next new thing will be for most of us to transition into the dead. Do you think it’s an accident that Hollywood has churned out zombie movies by morgue-full in recent years? Obviously, more and more Americans have come to identify as the walking dead. (And, judging by the behavior in our land, a lot of people’s brains have been eaten.)
Even our businesses and banks have a walking dead kind of look to them.

Source: - 5.9.2023

‘Zombie deer disease’ discovered in Bexar County
The highly infectious Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), also known as zombie deer disease, has been discovered in Bexar County.

Source: - 5.30.2023

Horrific video shows nearly 40 teens viciously attacking off-duty Marines on Calif. beach
Shocking video has captured a mob of up to 40 teens viciously beating a trio of off-duty Marines who say they’d merely asked them to stop lighting fireworks on a California beach.

Source: - 5.30.2023

San Francisco business owners and residents decry drug, crime crisis: ‘Zombie apocalypse,’ ‘dystopia’
San Francisco residents and business owners told Fox News Digital that the city has changed in recent years, with many giving personal stories of drug addicts laid out on the streets and violent assaults.

Source: - 5.29.2023

Witness: Ex-MSU instructor resembled a 'zombie' after stabbing colleague to death
Cooper's neighbor, Harvey Lucas, said on the witness stand Thursday that when he saw Gutting leaving Cooper's home covered in blood in the immediate aftermath of the stabbing, he looked like a "zombie" walking across their yard.

Source: - 5.26.2023

Brains of three suspected zombies scanned in Haiti
Researchers in Haiti once scanned the brains of three people believed to be long-deceased individuals returning from the dead - or zombies.
In a study published in 1997, researchers investigated three such cases, using electroencephalography and DNA testing techniques to try and find a rational explanation for a Haitian Voodoo theory that the spirits of the dead can be captured by sorcerers called bokors, who use these souls to reanimate fresh corpses into zombies who walk around rural areas.

Source: - 5.22.2023

Seagulls snatching drug stashes become "zombie" birds
Seagulls in the UK have apparently been swooping down to snatch public drug users' stashes of "spice"—synthetic cannabinoids that mimic the effects of marijuana.

Source: - 5.22.2023

Alleged drug dealer charged with murder for overdose death caused by ‘zombie drug’
CONYERS, Ga. — Metro Atlanta police tell Channel 2′s Tom Regan they are seeing more overdose cases involving fentanyl and animal tranquilizer.
It’s called “zombie dope” or “tranq.”

Source: - 5.10.2023

5 Most Successful Zombie Movies Of All Time, Ranked
Fortunately, all these stories are very far from reality ...

Source: - 5.10.2023

Artificial intelligence identifies anti-aging drug candidates targeting 'zombie' cells
A new publication in the May issue of Nature Aging by researchers from Integrated Biosciences, a biotechnology company combining synthetic biology and machine learning to target aging, demonstrates the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to discover novel senolytic compounds, a class of small molecules under intense study for their ability to suppress age-related processes ...

Source: - 5.8.2023

This "Zombie Facial" Is Wild, Weird, and 100% Worth It
Another method is to use enzymes, such as the treatment used in DMK Enzyme Therapy — aka the "zombie facial" — which cues an oxygenating process under the skin that also helps to unblock the lymph.

Source: POPSUGAR Beauty UK - 5.9.2023

‘Zombie drug’ killing Georgians, overdose cases on the rise
The so-called “zombie drug” can also decay the skin of its users.

Source: WSB-TV Channel 2 - Atlanta ( - 5.9.2023

This 8-tonne beast is the ultimate survival camper for the zombie apocalypse… but it costs the same as a Bugatti
If trouble comes knocking, this is the camper you want to be in...

Source: - 5.5.2023

16-year-old jailed for life for killing victim, 14, with zombie knife
On Tuesday, Walker became the first youth to be sentenced on television as he was detained for life at the Old Bailey with a minimum term of 19 years.

Source: - 5.9.2023

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