The Zombie Links – Year 2020

Year 2020 

DISASTER ZONE  Coronavirus leaves Wuhan a ‘zombieland’ with people collapsing in streets and medics patrolling in hazmat suits

The video is being circulated on Weibo, microblogging site in China, after it was shared by a woman claiming to be a nurse at a Wuhan hospital.

Source: - 1.24.2020

Benue: Killer disease a mystery, it’s not Ebola, Lassa Fever or Coronavirus – Nigerian govt

The Nigerian government has spoken on the strange killer disease in Benue State.

Osagie Ehanire, Minister of Health, said the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) was working hard to unravel the mystery.

Source: - 2.7.2020

Scientists Discover Mysterious Virus in Brazil With No Known Genes They Can Identify

Scientists have identified an enigmatic virus whose genome seems to be almost entirely new to science.

Source: -  2.10.2020

Scientists discover largest bacteria-eating virus. It blurs line between living and nonliving

Now, a group of researchers has discovered some of these so-called bacteriophages that are so large and so complex that they blur the line between living and nonliving, according to new findings.

Source: - 2.14.2020

Walking Dead's Creator Robert Kirkman Reveals How The Zombie Virus Started

Apparently, a "space spore" is what created the walkers in TWD's universe.

Source: - 2.20.2020