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Event: E.U. Comission Releases A.I. Strategy. Name: European Union and Artificial Intelligence. Date: 2.19.2020. Location: Europe, Planet Earth and beyond. News Links: 2.19.2020 A.I. isMore ⇒

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Ancient runes with a warning for a coming climate crisis. An old Soviet president giving an environmental hint. And a Hopi prophecy about cobwebsMore ⇒

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Most of the science papers, reports and articles are written in such way only scientists can understand it. Science was not always totally ‘open’More ⇒

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What if the classified technologies are years ahead of the public sector? Perhaps a 1000 years? And if not; todays technologies are sometimes incredible asMore ⇒

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The use of digital devices and network connections are increasing at a rapid pace. And so is the same with the need for onlineMore ⇒

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Around October 28, 1943 the U.S. Navy destroyer escort USS Eldridge (DE-173) was getting prepared for an experiment This was an experiment by the  U.S. NavyMore ⇒

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