Last Update: 2.28.2020 | What are the dots to connect for: Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Wuhan Biolake & Vaccine Park, Eugenics, 5G Frequency, Patents, Military World Games, Omega Spray Plane, Raccoon City and Umbrella Corporation?  Holistic Timeline This is a holistic timeline overview of the Coronavirus event that started a while ago on this timeline. This overview contain various news links, articles and other dots that can perhaps connect to reveal a certain pattern or pieces to the grand puzzle. We at the time transportal do not necessarily agree with all information presented in this overview and we don’t claim all information to be true. We’re justRead More →

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Ancient runes with a warning for a coming climate crisis. An old Soviet president giving an environmental hint. And a Hopi prophecy about cobwebs in the sky. Winter is coming.  Synopsis of this article: Climate change is real. It has always been centuries ago and it will continue into the future on planet Earth. Climate change was also observed on other planets. There are various mainstream media articles regarding geoengineering and weather modification by means of spraying sun blocking particles in the sky. These particles also contain aluminum which make trees more flammable during forest fires. Study has shown that aluminum is a main factor ofRead More →

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Imagine a few decades from now the technology involving immortal quantum particles. Will this be technology that questions the the second law of thermodynamics? Imagine a world where advanced technology is hidden from the public domain. Once in a while some of these technologies are made public. Like the discovery of immortal particles. That’s the world you live in. And maybe you or your children, grandchildren will be able to use advanced technology of Re-Infinity. Scientists have found that quasiparticles in quantum systems could be effectively immortal That doesn’t mean they don’t decay, which is reassuring. But once these quasiparticles have decayed, they are ableRead More →

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Stanford University and SLAC have created a mini particle accelator. It’s so mini we can call it nano. It fits on a computer silicon chip. Yes, you read that well. A scientific instrument of nearly 2 miles long has been scaled down to the size of a chip. The news story of this silicon chip that can accelerate electrons using an infrared laser “in less than a hair’s width” was published today by This chip will be used for medical research and other research. Imagine this technology a few decades from now. A small portable particle accelerator that can create a vaccuum type of fieldRead More →

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There was some rumble in the world of modelling kits. Revell, one of the most famous hobbyist brands had to apologize for a new model kit: a model of the notorious Haunebu Nazi Flying Disc. The story of so called Nazi UFO’s or Flying Discs is now less obscure as it used to be. Due to the internet information highway and even some Hollywood shows the public domain is now more aware of the strange technologies the Nazi’s may have possessed. The Nazi’s had a different approach towards technology compared to todays technology. The roots of the Nazi movement are in the old and ancientRead More →

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Most of the science papers, reports and articles are written in such way only scientists can understand it Science was not always totally ‘open’ to the public. Of course it may be logic due to the fact most people are not interested in (all) science. But are people not interested in science? Depending on the definition of science, we can say that things like cooking or gardening are forms of science. And one important aspect of life and a fundemental element in science is: time. Perhaps we can say that everybody is into science on a daily base because of time. But when it comesRead More →

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What if the classified technologies are years ahead of the public sector? Perhaps a 1000 years? And if not; todays technologies are sometimes incredible as well. The Looking Glass uses Wormhole technology. It can see the past and a possible future. Can it see the future of one timeline? Or several timelines? And  according to stories, the Looking Glass device is able to teleport. Also to other worlds? The Project Camelot website has some interesting information on this subject: With regard to LG (Looking Glass): As I understand it, this device (at least 3 to 4 years ago) could not focus on a detailed sequence ofRead More →

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The use of digital devices and network connections is increasing at a rapid pace And so is the same with the need for online and global security solutions. The old smart cards are outdated and even (some) biometric security technologies can be hacked or faked, if we should believe some movies. In reality these things may be different, such as the security at a Belgium nuclear plant. Where the guards are using electronic ID cards and one card was stolen. Sadly the guard was murdered for this. Perhaps a strange strike of luck for him that they didn’t use biometrics at that time. The terroristsRead More →

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Since the beginning of planet Earth, strange things have been falling from space And in present time things still fall on Earth. Or are seen crossing the sky. Like fireballs, meteors, comets and even Unidentified Flying Objects. Also known as UFO’s. Both the Russians and Americans have been working on the construction of a space defense system since a few decades. And these systems need an upgrade from time to time. As the world turns and the variety of space objects keep increasing, the need for good space fences and NEO – Near Earth Objects detectors, are increasing as well. The new system is notRead More →

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Sciene is always finding and discovering new things. The Universe is filled with verses that still need to be read by humanity. All is in motion. And just when we thought we know it all, then some new discovery will stretch our minds. All around the world science is in progress. Newspapers are publishing more news items regarding quantum mechanics and nanotechnology.  Sci-fi movies are showing exotic futuristic technologies. And people are getting more interested in these matters and anti-matters. A new force has been detected and this could not be done without the use of time measurement devices. Evidence of this fifth force wasRead More →

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