Today on 311 the W.H.O. made an important public announcement on this timeline: the COVID-19 outbreak is officially a pandemic. What are the connections with Fukushima and Madrid train bombings? We’re going to explore numbers and the 911 code embedded in the corona virus outbreak. The WHO, World Health Organisation, also known as Dr. Who to some, made an important announcement today 3.11.2020. Sooner or later something like this would have been announced on this timeline. The COVID-19 outbreak is now officially a global pandemic. World Health Organization Declares COVID-19 a ‘Pandemic.’ Here’s What That Means The World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11 declaredRead More →

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Water has been found on planet Mars! Again! Is this a Mandela Effect or a 911 code? On 12.12.2019 the mainstream media announced that water has been found on Mars ‘less than an INCH below the Martian surface’. That’s some news. Officially it doesn’t rain on Mars and somehow the planet has water just beneath the surface. Where does it come from? The ice deposits deep down in caves, the same as in the 80’s movie Total Recall? Perhaps, but for now the news is talking about “chunks of frozen water hidden less than an inch below the surface of the Red Planet”. It’s notRead More →

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Do you feel lighter these last few months? On a personal level? Or when you tune to the collective mind? Are these imaginations or is there something more to all this? Many questions and maybe the Inverse Compton Scattering is an answer. 7 billion light years away from Earth a grand Gamma Ray Burst took place. And it has been observed for the last two years. There’s Light and there’s darkness. And these two are also forms of metaphors in a battle that is still going on on the planet Earth. As you may know; light and darkness are not necessarily good or bad. For example:Read More →

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Vimana Landing Signs. Time Travel Hub in the Desert? Or Tribals Trying to Activate Rain?  Looking from the sky down to the high desert of southern Peru one can see various images drawn in straight clear lines in the ground. The mysterious Nazca lines in Peru. A Hummingbird,  spider and some random strokes. Are these artistic, religious lines or an unknown phenomena? They look almost like graphic designs. Geoglyphs, ‘Ground drawings’ is the name of these type of images etched in the ground. According to mainstream media these lines were made more than a millennium ago. Ancient tribes and people made these lines for practicesRead More →

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Inter Dimensional Mind  Those who are familiar with esoteric and occult science know that the mind can be seen as a building. Or an inter dimensional temple. Now scientist have found mysterious shapes and structures in the brain with up to eleven dimensions. They hope to gain more knowledge as to how memories are formed. The brain is a very complex structure. The scientists used computer models to understand how brain cells are working. There are tens of millions of these objects even in a small speck of the brain, up through seven dimensions. ‘In some networks, we even found structures with up to elevenRead More →

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Daily Natural Elements  Everybody knows that making new friends is not always easy. This world has many great people. But also folks who don’t have good intentions. You may have to be careful when meeting new people. Especially when you’re a traveler and a stranger to people. And when entering unknown territory you have to be extra careful. People can do bad things. But besides people you can experience obstacles. Some elements of nature can act against you. But is this always the case? Are these natural elements really your enemy? Or are they invisible friends on your journey? We’re not talking about humans norRead More →

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An interesting story about a French army officer Louis Six days after we published our exclusive article Déjà Vu, A Junction of Timelines? a new article surfaced on the internet. The website Discover Magazine has published a déjà vu story based on scientiffic papers History repeating itself: Arnaud’s case of pathological déjà vu. It’s an interesting story about a French army officer Louis. Louis served in Vietnam and later he was sent home because he had symptoms of amnesia, probably caused by cerebral malaria.  He had delusions of déjà vu. It worsened and he also developed paranoia according to this story. In January 1893, 18Read More →

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At the Same Time & Space?  Sometimes two or more people together feel the Déjà vu vibe. Or people have two or more Déjà vu experiences in a row. It has always been a big question: What is a Déjà vu? And when asking questions of this type, one must go into the realms of the mystical. The Mystery Because there seem to be no down to earth explanation for this phenomena, yet. Perhaps when mankind is further in technological advancements. Then mankind can finally understand or innerstand Déjà vu? It’s a French Word. It literally means: Already Seen The interesting part of a Déjà vuRead More →

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