Blue Portal UFO over Switzerland While SpaceX Astronauts Returned to Earth

Name: Blue Portal UFO.
Event: In the Night Sky of Switzerland.
Date: 11.8.2021.
Location: Switzerland, Earth.
News Link: - 11.13.2021.

A  photographer in Zurich, Switzerland takes picture of blue portal UFO in the night sky on Monday 11.8.2021.

The next day, Tuesday 11.9.2021 he posted the pictures on Tweeter at 2:37 PM.
And 3 + 7 = 11.

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'Doughnut UFO' over Switzerland defies explanation
On the night of Monday, Nov. 8, a photographer in Zurich, Switzerland, who goes by the Twitter handle @Eavix1Eavix aimed his camera at the sky and snapped several pictures of what he aptly described as a "doughnut UFO."
Composed of several bright-blue concentric rings, the flying object looked as much like a spacecraft as a breakfast treat. The photographer suspected he had actually glimpsed SpaceX's Endeavour capsule, which was scheduled to return to Earth that night

Source: - 11.13.2021.