Forget everything you know. Be prepared for some amazing information. It will connect many dots for both; the flat-earthers and the sphere people.

Recently I came across the YouTube channel of Godgevlamste. He has a range of videos about a very interesting theory - not flat Earth - but different and it makes sense.

UPDATE 9.13.2023

Godgevlamste Moved to Rumble!

After a holiday period the Time Transportal is back and we recently discovered that the videos and channel of Godgevlamste is no more on YouTube. He has a 'Godgevlamste2' channel on YouTube which has only 1 video, with a short message that he moved to Rumble.

The Godgevlamste Rumble Channel ⇒

We'll try to make a new video playlist from all his new and old, videos that are now on Rumble.

UPDATE 5.2.2023

A vistor of the timetransportal named Mike Rafone informed us about important new information regarding the NEVER BEFORE SEEN PHOTOS OF BEYOND THE ICE WALL IN ANTARTICA video (see update 1.3.2023).

The creator of this video, Edgar Reyes has admitted on his YouTune channel that the pictures in his video were A.I. generated.

"These pictures are all A.I. generated. My intention was never to fool anyone, I will place that blame on Jon Levi himself for not ever contacting me regarding this. I am an artist who wanted to see how easy it was to make fake history pictures. I put this video up and forgot about it and then when I came back to the comments, I was amused as to how not did it only fool people, the truth about A.I. and commenters saying it was fake was right there in the comments the whole time... "

Source: The Ice Wall (lost expedition) - Edgar Reyes YouTube Channel ⇒

Thank you Mike Rafone for informing us about this!


UPDATE 5.2.2023

New Crater Earth video: Crater Earth : Center of the world 

Scroll down for the playlist ⇓

UPDATE 1.3.2023

This update is not about a new Godgevlamste Crater Earth Video, but another video instead: NEVER BEFORE SEEN PHOTOS OF BEYOND THE ICE WALL IN ANTARTICA.
(Godgevlamste has not published a new video yet).

We found an online video with some amazing footage of a world beyond Antarctica. Is this proof of a greater Earth? is the Earth bigger than 'they' told us? Is the footage in this video pointing to a world beyond our Crater Earth?

Source: The Exposure Report -

UPDATE 4.2.2021

A strange tweet from Elon Musk on March 30, 2021. After one of his space rockets exploded during a test. 
It looks like he's referring to the crater caused by the explosion, but is he really referring to that crater? 
The name of the rocket was: SpaceX SN11. By the way, here we have the number 11 again.
See also: Category - 911 Code ⇒

'At least the crater is in the right place,' Elon Musk says after SpaceX SN11 Mars rocket prototype test

An experimental rocket that SpaceX launched at its South Texas facilities Tuesday appears to have exploded, but heavy fog at the landing site left even SpaceX uncertain about what had occurred.

Source: - 3.31.2021

On a personal note: one of the reasons why I'm interested in the Crater Earth theory, is mostly because of my Grandfather, professor Caesar Voûte. He was a professor in geology and specialized in satellite remote sensing of Earth. He was the chief geologist of the UNESCO restoration project of the Borobudur complex in Indonesia in the 1970's. His passion for geology and archeology was one of the aspects that ignited my curiosity about the same topics and history as well. My grandfather and Mark Long have written a book about this ancient large structure: Borobudur - Pyramid of the Cosmic Buddha (ISBN 9788124604038) 

Video still from: Crater Earth : The Hivemind Queen by Godgevlamste.

I started to watch the Crater Earth videos of Godgevlamste because he talks about ancient buildings and civilizations and the way he works with 'Earth data', such as: old and new world maps, footage of satellite remote viewing of Earth and position of the continents.

The flat Earth theory is a thing I don't follow. I watched various videos, read some articles on flat Earth theory. But it didn't resonate much with me. The Crater Earth theory is a different cup of tea.


Imagine a guy who has discovered amazing things regarding the world we live in, or perhaps we must say: we live on. Things that will completely change world history and society. Imagine a guy who has the skills to describe and explain  well and clear a difficult subject with many sub-subjects. Imagine a guy who can bring information in a funny way with a smart touch of humor and is willing and able to correct previous mistakes, and brings new theories. All based on well explained facts. That guy is Godgevlamste, the guy who made the Crater Earth video series on YouTube.

The Videos
Video still from: Crater Earth and the split- off society by Godgevlamste.

The videos of Godgevlamste are very clear to understand but you should have some knowledge about the world to fully comprehend the information presented in his videos. Godgevlamste uses very simple and easy to understand illustrations to explain some of the difficult subjects. Perhaps you'll recognize a Monthy Python style of animation. Along with a soundtrack which is sometimes strange and funny, his videos are very informative to watch and can be entertaining as well.

much of the information can be frightening.

I wont go further into the semiotics of the videos. Or may be I have to go further into that? One of the most important ingredients of the videos are: symbols. The other ingredients regarding the information presented in the videos are: time and space. And that's why the time transportal team was completely happy amazed to discover new fascinating information regarding time and space of our experience in this realm.

His videos are not just happy and entertaining only. I have to admit that much of the information can be frightening.
I will explain more about this later on in this article.

Crater Earth Videos Playlist

The Godgevlamste YouTune channel has been taken down. All the videos are not on YouTube anymore.

He has a 'Godgevlamste2' channel on YouTube which has only 1 video, with a short message that he moved to Rumble.

The Godgevlamste Rumble Channel ⇒

Because you'll be taken on a journey while watching his videos, we strongly advise to watch the Crater Earth series in row order (top to bottom), starting with the first video. Personally I had to stop watching after a few videos to avoid information overload. A nice break with fresh air and a cup of tea or coffee can get you further on this information highway.

Channel: Godgevlamste on YouTube 

If a new video has been uploaded, we will add them to this list.
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During these days of mass online censorship we may ask why a channel like Godgevlamste is still online and not removed due to 'community standards' or other forms of censorship. We have seen videos being removed from social media and YouTube from scientists, doctors and other people who just have a different opinion towards certain topics.  Most of those videos had proof, facts and documents to explain their alternative theories.

Video still from: New York and the third temple of Solomon by Godgevlamste.

Why is Godgevlamste not removed from YouTube?

I think it has to do with various factors. He's not infringing any copyright rule. His videos are not the average glossy hi-resolution podcasts. So even with its high sensitive content, his videos seems to fly under the radar, so to speak. What we mean is that videos that have the hi-res mainstream media look and feel, and contain heavy weight conspiracy theory type of content, will be noticed faster compared to videos with low-res and a more straight to the point visual approach.

The Godgevlamste videos are a classic example of the form-follows-function concept of visual communication.

The primal target is the function, which is; information, and not the form. He asks questions and is not directly pointing towards - or uses - certain belief systems, philosophies or ideologies. And I think that the way he uses certain words may be the reason it's not 'flagged' by the voice and words identification algorithms of the censorship machines?

I also think that the view-counting of his videos on YouTube have been altered (by YouTube?) to a lower count. There are lots of stories and reports of content makers on view counts that had been lowered, especially on alternative news, health and spiritual videos. The average view count of the Godgevlamste videos is 20K and up. I saw one that had more than 65K views.

For the curious mind who has already seen a lot and wants to know if there's more behind the veil

The videos are for people who already know a few things about the real world. The videos are not really fit for an audience who just had discovered that this world has a lot of secrets, cover ups and they realize that the government may perhaps not always tell the truth. It's not for the faint of heart either.

The Godgevlamste videos are for the more experienced explorer of the unknown. The conspiracy theorists who is ready to start again and re-research the world from a different perspective. For the curious mind who has already seen a lot and wants to know if there's more behind the veil. And for the flat Earth believer who wants to connect more dots and puzzle pieces.

No Flat Earth Theory ?

I would like to emphasize again that his videos are not necessarily about the flat Earth theory. If you believe in the flat Earth theory then his videos may be an addition to the flat Earth theory and explain more as to what could be the real world we live in, or on.

The Crater Earth Theory

I will not try to explain all of the information of the videos because there are a lot of interwoven dot-connecting subjects in the videos. It's no wonder Godgevlamste had to make more than 30 videos to explain the subject of Crater Earth, and I hope he's still making new ones.

What is the Crater Earth theory?

Short and simple explained:

  • The planet Earth is much bigger. Actually: it's huge. Gigantic.
  • We can call it: Greater Earth.
  • It's not flat. It's a planet. A sphere. A ball.
  • This planet is surrounded with an atmosphere.
  • On this huge planet are craters, mountains, rivers and more.
  • In one of those craters is Earth located. Our Earth. Our habitat.
  • It's not a big crater compared to the other craters.
We live inside a crater on a giant planet floating in space.

A time transportal artist's impression of the Crater Earth.

 If you stop reading at this point, I can fully understand.

We had the same kind of reaction after the first video of Godgevlamste. But we kept on watching, and watching. Because Godgevlamste delivers proof.

I know that 'proof' is a very sensitive word these days. What is proof? Godgevlamste connects many dots, shows examples, illustrations, calculations and footage to explain the Crater Earth theory. And it all makes a lot of sense.

When watching his videos you'll discover that these videos are not from a guy who wants to proof something or wants to sell an idea or concept. He doesn't get paid for it. Godgevlamste is very sincere in his quest to find out the truth about our world and wants to share this with his fellow inhabitants of the Crater Earth. He takes you on a journey of research instead of a lecture,

Full Moon. Source: Wikipedia.orgDots to Connect

Like with many research, discoveries and quests, the Crater Earth subject brings us deeper into other subjects that are connected.

Godgevlamste not only explains about the Crater Earth on the bigger Earth, he also shows the location of our crater on the map of the bigger Earth.

The other things presented in his videos are:

  • The Moon we see may be in fact a reflection of our crater.
    Our crater is reflected on a dome which is around our crater, we see this as the Moon.
  • The Moon map, as we know it from media, is actually the real map of the greater Earth.
  • Our crater is the Sulpicius Gallus M crater on the Moon map.
  • The map of the Earth as we know it, is wrong, corrupted.
  • Planet Mars, as it is shown to us by the media is in fact another crater on the bigger Earth.
  • There's quite a lot video footage from NASA available online that shows the bigger Earth and in sometimes our crater Earth. These videos from NASA are sometimes altered and sometimes the real deal, to show people the truth, without people knowing what they are actually watching, which is the bigger Earth, and not planet Earth.

See also:
Sulpicius Gallus M -
NASA Live Stream - Earth From Space LIVE Feed - Space Videos on YouTube 

The Firmament
And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.

Genesis 1:7-9 - King James Version

The Flammarion engraving is a wood engraving by an unknown artist that first appeared in Camille Flammarion's L'atmosphère: météorologie populaire (1888). The image depicts a man crawling under the edge of the sky, depicted as if it were a solid hemisphere, to look at the mysterious Empyrean beyond. The caption underneath the engraving (not shown here) translates to "A medieval missionary tells that he has found the point where heaven and Earth meet..." - Source:

The Expanse
Spread out above the heads of the living creatures was the likeness of an awesome expanse, gleaming like crystal.
And under the expanse, their wings stretched out toward one another. Each one also had two wings covering its body.

Ezekiel 1 - Berean Study Bible 

Babylonian Map of the World (c. 600 BCE).
The Old Testament concept of the Earth was very similar: a flat circular Earth ringed by a world-ocean, with fabulous islands or mountains beyond at the "ends of the earth".


Early Hebrew Conception of the Universe.

The Fra Mauro map is a map of the world made around 1450 by the Italian cartographer Fra Mauro, which is “considered the greatest memorial of medieval cartography."[2] It is a circular planisphere drawn on parchment and set in a wooden frame that measures over two by two meters.


The Hereford Mappa Mundi is a medieval map of the known world (Latin: mappa mundi), of a form deriving from the T and O pattern, dating from c. 1300. It is displayed at Hereford Cathedral in Hereford, England. It is the largest medieval map still known to exist. A larger mappa mundi, the Ebstorf map, was destroyed by Allied bombing in 1943, though photographs of it survive. - Source:

“Septentrionalium Terrarum descriptio” from 1595. Source:

Amateur Rocket Hitting the Dome

A group of rocket hobbyists build a rocket and launch it, only to find out if there's indeed a dome over the Earth.
And guess what: the rocket seems to hit something that could be some sort of dome. Is it real? That's is the big question. - Source: variospeed on YouTube

Under the Dome

Under the Dome is a classic one in the world of exotic television series about strange phenomena. Under the Dome is not about the Earth under a dome. It's about a small village called: Chester's Mill.
The inhabitants of Chester's Mill are trapped inside a giant dome that is covering their village and land around it.

The concept of a world enclosed under a giant dome can be an inspiration for various theories about the planet Earth. The entertainment industry and mainstream media often shows bits and pieces of true facts in the theater and on screen. Under the Dome is a nice series to watch and filled with (hidden) symbols and clues.

See also:
Under the Dome - TV Series (2013–2015) -
Under the Dome - Trailer - IGN on YouTube 

Video still from: The Walt Disney flat earth map by Godgevlamste.
Secrets in Plain Sight?

Those who are into the alternative news or even conspiracy theories, know already that in between all the disinformation there's a lot of truth presented by the those who want to control the mainstream media narrative.

When researching things you often may come to a conclusion or discovery which was there all the time; in plain sight, but you didn't saw it at first sight, because you didn't knew how to look at it. We all had that experience, once in life and while learning we will have more of discoveries, and realize that it was there, all the time.

Video still from: Crater Earth : Polar shift and mudflood by Godgevlamste.
Symbols and Energy Fields

And there are much more dots to connect, pieces of the puzzle to find.

As if the Crater Earth with a dome theory, is not enough to digest, Godgevlamste delivers more insights in his videos. And these insights are sometimes even more difficult to digest. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article; it sometimes can be frightening.  This is perhaps the part when things can be strange and sometimes frightening.

More insights in his videos are:

  • Our Crater Earth is enclosed in a force field of two counter rotating Pyramids. One pointing upwards and one pointing downwards creating a vortex type of energy flow.
  • Many large buildings are used to harness the power of the force field. The Ka'aba in mecca or the Vatican and St. Peter's Square for example.
  • Our Crater Earth has it's native original force field which could look like a torus, instead of the two Pyramids energy field.
  • The Pyramid force field and some ancients cultures are not native to our Crater Earth.
  • Crater Earth was invaded.
  • The invader placed their force field template over our Crater Earth's template.
  • Many so called facts in history are wrong or intentionally corrupted and altered.
  • The invaders made a change in the time line by removing approximately 450 years from our history.

Video still from: Crater Earth : Polar shift and mudflood by Godgevlamste.

You may think; "how did they do all this? It's huge!?"

May be you're one of those people who already know that some powers are able to alter and change things in history. May be you think it's all fake. In any case; Godgevlamste is showing how all these things could have been done.

A lot of ancient buildings and structures are still not fully explained when it comes to construction. The pyramids in Egypt for example or the Nazca Lines, in Peru 

And he also talks about other subjects that are connected.

  • Walt Disney knew about the Crater Earth.
  • The map of Walt Disney world is a depiction of the real Earth, inside the crater.
  • The Nazi's or some of them knew about Crater Earth.
  • Admiral Byrd. The famous pilot who flew beyond Antarctica and discovered a green land, in between all the ice.

A meme from the Internet. The world of smoke and mirrors.

Disney world map, Crater Earth with a dome. This of course sounds totally crazy and nuts to many people. And perhaps that's exactly the intention of the invader. It's may be the best place to hide real secrets: in plain sight, on a place that nobody expected, for everyone to see: Walt Disney World.

Many people these days know that Disney is not what it seems. Notorious are the many examples of Disney cartoons where you can see adult content hidden in plain sight.

Scarabs are usually identified as the dung beetle Scarabaeus sacer, here rolling a ball of dung. Source:
The Invaders

The videos also shows who could have been the invader of our Crater Earth in history. Examples from the ancient Egyptian civilization are brought into a different perspective. There are some very interesting questions regarding Egyptian symbols and especially the symbols of the Scarab.

The invader has some kind of hive mind. From human perception it can be compared with an insect type of civilization. It may have a different approach towards the concept of an own identity or an Atman.

The Scarab is an insect that collects dung. It makes ball of this dung and then it inseminates the dung with its own seed. This can be a metaphor or symbol of an intruder or invader in a certain territory. In the videos there are not only questions about ancient Egypt but Vikings as well.

There's More

There are more things being questioned in his videos that can change the perception of how we perceive the world,
such as:

  • Tesla
  • Elon Musk
  • Donald Trump
  • World Leaders
  • Q
  • Fibonacci
  • The American Civil War
  • Air and Sea Traffic Routes
  • NASA
  • Commercial Space Travel
  • And more things that connect dots.

Godgevlamste shows you how to look different at certain aspects in our world history. Are some people real?
And what is the purposes of changing world history and historical figures?

Why is this Information Secret?

The reason to make this information secret was made a few hundred years ago. And when asking as to: why they still keep it secret, may have various reasons:

  • If this secret of the Crater Earth is revealed, a whole lot of other (big) secrets that are connected will be disclosed as well. Resulting in a domino effect, breaking down the system created by the invader and its allies.
  • If the population of the world knows that it lives inside a crate on a huge planet, it may have various possibilities of outcomes with consequences, such as:
    • The people will start to revolt and fight each other and the governments, realizing they are all trapped inside a prison planet... we mean: prison crater.
    • Or the people will start to revolt and fight the governments when they realize they have been lied to for ages and there's a huge place out there to discover.
    • Either way: the humans will start to revolt.
    • The people or beings that control this crater don't want humans to go and explore the bigger Earth, because they know the humans will destroy and pollute the whole place in no time.
    • Or: those who control this crater want to keep the humans inside because they know humans are capable of great things, art, music, literature, constructions, feelings, emotions and empathy. And may be the controllers don't want the humans roam around the bigger Earth, doing good human things, instead of bad human things. Because the controller knows that as soon as the humans are released from the crater prison and it's energy field, the human becomes more at peace and starts to discover its divine nature, finding its real place in this realm, or should we say: on this realm?

I think that one of the most important reasons of keeping this information secret is because it literally changes your world view. When we realize that we live on a bigger Earth, our way of thinking starts to expand. And looking at the world changes into seeing the world more intense and perhaps real.

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

New Waves of Thinking 

The Crater Earth theory can also bring more questions. And it opens new doors to new ways of thinking. It can connect more dots to other subjects in the realms of the unknown, the spiritual and the mysteries. It can add an extra dimension to things, such as:

  • The breakaway civilization and other worlds.
    You may have heard about scientists together with very wealthy and powerful people planning to colonize another planet. A so called breakaway civilization.

    • Do they have another crater or place on the bigger Earth where they can go to?
    • Are there other civilizations on the bigger Earth?
      What if there's another same kind of civilization in another crater on this bigger Earth. And the people in their world is also going through times of unrest and awakening.
    • What if they know about Crater Earth and want to liberate us?
    • Are there underground rail systems between our crater and another place outside our crater?
      you may have heard about the D.U.M.B. (Deep Underground Military Bases) and MagLev (Magnetic Levitation) underground trains between large bases and even cities, used by the Elite and powerful people.
    • Are some U.F.O.'s crafts from another place outside our Crater Earth?

  • What if there's some very malevolent type of world outside our crater?
    • Do (some) world leaders know this and they want to protect us?
    • Or they know and made a pact with the malevolent beings outside our Crater Earth?

  • What if there's a beautiful world outside our Crater Earth? A paradise. And the beings or other humans living there don't want Crater Earth people in their paradise place?
    • What if the story of Adam and Eve is (partly) real?
    • Was humanity cast out of paradise and moved to another crater. Crater Earth?
    • What if those beings know about our world and they want to help us, but world governments in Crater Earth don't want this?

  • Chemtrails.
    • What if chemtrails are also used to prevent us from seeing something in the sky, a message from the other  beings from another crater?
    • May be chemtrails are sprayed to cover the sky, to prevent us from seeing another reflection on the dome?
    • Are chemtrails use by malevolent beings from another planet to slowly wipe humanity out, so they can take our Crater Earth? - For more information on chemtrails, see also: Ragnarok Climate Climax  

  • Crop Circles.
    • Are crop circles messages from other beings from another place outside Crater Earth?
    • Or are crops circles actually messages from beings inside the hollow bigger Earth?
      We know some crop circles were men made. But some of them have some strange things surrounding them. And some have very complex designs, see also: the Crabwood formation in the U.K. for example 

  • People and Other Beings
    • Are some historical figures, real people, from another place on the bigger Earth? Did they some of them came here to enlighten us and some of them to make profit of us?
    • Are mythical beings like BigFoot or Yeti, Loch Ness, Dragons, Chimeras, Giants, Dwarfs, Elf's and Pixies et cetera, real beings from another place on this bigger Earth?
    • Did all the mythical beings moved freely or escaped from this crater to another place on the bigger Earth?
    • Were they native to our crater or another place outside our crater?

  • The hollow Earth theory.
    The bigger Earth is a huge planet. If the bigger Earth is indeed hollow and has huge canals and tunnels and giant caves, it must then be extremely large in size. Enough space to shelter worlds and civilizations.

    • Did all the mythical beings moved freely or escaped from this crater to the hollow bigger Earth? Or did they came from the hollow Earth?
    • What about the Dinosaurs?
      Yes, Jules Vernes 'Journey to the Center of the Earth' comes to mind. A classic novel published in 1864.

  • Dreams, Sub Consciousness, Déjà Vu's, Remote Viewing and Astral Travel.
    • Do we sometimes dream of another place outside our Crater Earth when we dream about strange places?
    • Can our sub consciousness reach beyond our Crater Earth?
    • Can we remote view the world outside our Crater Earth?
    • Can we Astral travel to the worlds outside our Crater Earth?
    • Is a Déjà Vu a short mind-to-mind moment with your other self in a world outside our Crater Earth?
      See also: Déjà vu. A Junction of Timelines? 
    • Or are all these things not possible because of the force field dome over our Crater Earth?

  • Aliens and extra terrestrial civilizations.
    • Are aliens from another planet or from another crater or place on the bigger Earth?
    • Are the Annunaki Elohim from another crater and started some gen-tech experience in this crater, resulting in human beings inside what we now call Crater Earth?
    • If the dome around Crater Earth is real: can aliens go through the dome?

  • Can humans travel outside the dome?

  • Giants and Giant Trees
    • Are giants, Nephillim from another crater and did they once upon a time came to Crater Earth?
    • Are some mountains actually giant fossilized trees?
    • Are there more giant trees or forests on the bigger Earth?
    • Did some civilization or giants cut off the giants trees in Crater Earth?

Devils Tower, on west bank of Belle Fourche River, south of Hulett. Crook Wyoming. Circa 1900. Source:
Devils Tower a.k.a. Bear Lodge Butte

This mountain looks like a giant tree that has been cut off. This is Devils Tower also known as Bear Lodge Butte. Her location is Crook County, Wyoming, United States.

It's a very important element in the movie classic: Close Encounters of the Third Kind, from 1977, directed by Steven Spielberg.  The aliens are landing at the foot of this giant tree trunk. Movies are often used to show something. A glimpse of the truth perhaps?

See also:
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) -

Insane New Theory About Mountains. Are They Ancient Trees? -


Avatar (teaser poster). Source:

Another movie worth mentioning is Avatar, from 2009, directed by James Cameron. The plot is about a civilization of blue humanoid beings on another planet (plot spoil alert if you have not seen Avatar yet). They live in complete harmony in the forests which is their natural habitat. A giant tree is the center of their world. Many fauna and flora are depended on the giant Tree of Life in the world of the beings called: Na'Vi.

Then a large group of humans arrive to mine the region for some precious materials scattered throughout the rich woodland of the native Na'Vi.
A romantic story develops between a human male and a Na'Vi female.
He has good intentions but his superior wants to mine the region.  As you can guess: the humans start to destroy their world, the world of the giant tree.
See also: Avatar (2009) -

Where Do We Came From, Where Are We Going?

Is humanity the same humanity as in the movie Avatar? Did we destroyed a paradise world in another crater on the bigger Earth? And as punishment for what we´ve done, we're prisoners trapped inside Crater Earth?

Or are these stories from the invader? To make us feel guilty. But in fact humans are enlightened beings, trapped inside a prison crater and we became what we are now.

And the real story is the other way around? They invaded our world. Cut off our giant trees of life and disconnected us from our natural world, our real nature?
The remnants of our paradise world are giant fossilized tree barks and some legends and myths.

As you know; many things in this world are upside down, inside out and twisted.

Lockdown Crater Earth?

Are the pΙandemics, lock downs, censorships and other control tools, used against the people of Crater Earth because the slave masters know that the people are waking up?

Are these controllers also from our Crater Earth? Or did they came from another place outside our Crater Earth?


The videos about Crater Earth are very informative, funny and intense to watch. One must have some background knowledge on world affairs and history to fully comprehend the information. The videos of Godgevlamste are certainly worth watching.
I can innerstand that for some people all this information is totally nuts. You may think that Godgevlamste is just an attention seeker or nutcase making strange videos? Or you see the dots that are being connected by a creative guy who has a sincere approach to find the truth.
And you start to realize that the theory of Crater Earth is strange at first sight but it may be very real after all?

You decide for yourself.

A very special thank you! to Godgevlamste for his work. We hope more Crater Earth videos will be published.

You can do your own research as well and perhaps you have also dots to connect and (big) pieces to the puzzle.
We also hope that you've enjoyed reading: Crater in the Greater Earth – Discoveries made by Godgevlamste.

 Written by: Thomas I. Voûte and the Time Transportal Team. 2021.

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