Last update: 2.17.2020 | The rabbit hole is the best place to hide during a zombie apocalypse. Metaphorically speaking. This is a serious article. To whom this may concern. Not to spread fear. It may be too far-fetched or even reach the edge of sanity for some.   More Than 200> News Links and Counting. Check for regular updates.  Lots of Connecting Dots. Don’t believe everything. Do your own research. Pieces of a Puzzle The rabbit hole is term often used to describe certain matters that are going into the realms of the mysterious, strange knowledge and the mystical. It comes from Alice in Wonderland, a book writtenRead More →

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Last Update: 2.23.2020 | What are the dots to connect for: Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Wuhan Biolake & Vaccine Park, Eugenics, 5G Frequency, Patents, Military World Games, Omega Spray Plane, Raccoon City and Umbrella Corporation?  Holistic Timeline This is a holistic timeline overview of the Coronavirus event that started a while ago on this timeline. This overview contain various news links, articles and other dots that can perhaps connect to reveal a certain pattern or pieces to the grand puzzle. We at the time transportal do not necessarily agree with all information presented in this overview and we don’t claim all information to be true. We’re justRead More →

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Last update: 1.20.2020 | A Time Translator can be a person, a group, an idea, invention, discovery or a movement that has contributed to the collective mind and society of humanity regarding the aspects of the dynamics of time. A yellow umbrella and a fluorescent yellow vest. These are not props for a science fiction movie about a dystopian world after the Ragnarok Climate Climax. These are the main symbols of protests that peaked in the year 2019: the Hong Kong protests and the French Yellow Vests. There were many other protests worldwide in 2019. They were all part of a galactic awakening process and inRead More →

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Ancient runes with a warning for a coming climate crisis. An old Soviet president giving an environmental hint. And a Hopi prophecy about cobwebs in the sky. Winter is coming.  Synopsis of this article: Climate change is real. It has always been centuries ago and it will continue into the future on planet Earth. Climate change was also observed on other planets. There are various mainstream media articles regarding geoengineering and weather modification by means of spraying sun blocking particles in the sky. These particles also contain aluminum which make trees more flammable during forest fires. Study has shown that aluminum is a main factor ofRead More →

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Imagine a few decades from now the technology involving immortal quantum particles. Will this be technology that questions the the second law of thermodynamics? Imagine a world where advanced technology is hidden from the public domain. Once in a while some of these technologies are made public. Like the discovery of immortal particles. That’s the world you live in. And maybe you or your children, grandchildren will be able to use advanced technology of Re-Infinity. Scientists have found that quasiparticles in quantum systems could be effectively immortal That doesn’t mean they don’t decay, which is reassuring. But once these quasiparticles have decayed, they are ableRead More →

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Stanford University and SLAC have created a mini particle accelator. It’s so mini we can call it nano. It fits on a computer silicon chip. Yes, you read that well. A scientific instrument of nearly 2 miles long has been scaled down to the size of a chip. The news story of this silicon chip that can accelerate electrons using an infrared laser “in less than a hair’s width” was published today by This chip will be used for medical research and other research. Imagine this technology a few decades from now. A small portable particle accelerator that can create a vaccuum type of fieldRead More →

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A Russian satellite was hit by a micrometeorite. A few days later a fireball was spotted over Guam at night. And today another fireball was spotted above Saskatoon. On December 18, 2019 a the Russian weather observation satellite Meteor-M N2-2 was hit by a micrometeorite. The news surfaced on December 24 but the the event was reported on December 18. After the satellite was hit it lost control and changed its orbit. Then it started to rotate and there’s no further report about its fate. Meteor-M N2-2 is a polar-orbit weather satellite used to properly obtain information for weather forecasts and control over the ozoneRead More →

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Water has been found on planet Mars! Again! Is this a Mandela Effect or a 911 code? On 12.12.2019 the mainstream media announced that water has been found on Mars ‘less than an INCH below the Martian surface’. That’s some news. Officially it doesn’t rain on Mars and somehow the planet has water just beneath the surface. Where does it come from? The ice deposits deep down in caves, the same as in the 80’s movie Total Recall? Perhaps, but for now the news is talking about “chunks of frozen water hidden less than an inch below the surface of the Red Planet”. It’s notRead More →

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Do you feel lighter these last few months? On a personal level? Or when you tune to the collective mind? Are these imaginations or is there something more to all this? Many questions and maybe the Inverse Compton Scattering is an answer. 7 billion light years away from Earth a grand Gamma Ray Burst took place. And it has been observed for the last two years. There’s Light and there’s darkness. And these two are also forms of metaphors in a battle that is still going on on the planet Earth. As you may know; light and darkness are not necessarily good or bad. For example:Read More →

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The Russian Spektr-R RadioAstron space satellite is not responding. A week after a bright fireball was reported above New Zealand. The Spektr-R or RadioAstron is a Russian scientific satellite. The satellite was launched on 18 July 2011 from Baikonur Cosmodrome by a Zenit-3F launcher. The Skeptr-R was built to do research on the structure and dynamics of radio sources within and beyond our galaxy. Spektr-R is one of the instruments in the RadioAstron program, an international network of observatories led by the Astro Space Center of the Lebedev Physical Institute. The telescope is intended for radio-astrophysical observations of extragalactic objects with ultra-high resolution, as well as researching ofRead More →

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