The Russian Spektr-R RadioAstron space satellite is not responding. A week after a bright fireball was reported above New Zealand. The Spektr-R or RadioAstron is a Russian scientific satellite. The satellite was launched on 18 July 2011 from Baikonur Cosmodrome by a Zenit-3F launcher. The Skeptr-R was built to do research on the structure and dynamics of radio sources within and beyond our galaxy. Spektr-R is one of the instruments in the RadioAstron program, an international network of observatories led by the Astro Space Center of the Lebedev Physical Institute. The telescope is intended for radio-astrophysical observations of extragalactic objects with ultra-high resolution, as well as researching ofRead More →

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! NOTE: This article is not anti nor pro Trump. It´s not about the 911 attacks in 2001. This is about Trump the time translator who has a 911 code in various aspects. Time translators are persons, organisations, ideas, devices or other elements that are dots to connect in the time phenomena on Planet Earth. Donald J. Trump doesn’t need an introduction. People on this timeline on Earth know who this man is. Scroll down to the bottom of this article for an overview of the 911 code. We’ll have a little basic introduction anyway. Name: Donald John Trump. Born: June 14, 1946, New York City boroughRead More →

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The US Strategic Command posted a strange tweet just a few hours before the annual “ball drop” on top of One Times Square, a New York skyscraper, which marks the start of the new year. The U.S. Strategic Command oversees America’s nuclear and missile arsenal in the United States of America. The tweet was  accompanied by a video of a B-2 bomber dropping bombs. Luckily no video of a TR3B Astra was shown, which is much more scary. In their tweet they mentioned to drop something much bigger, compared to the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball. The Ball Drop happens every year on December 31Read More →

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What happened that thursday evening just after Christmas?  The sky above the Astoria neighborhood of Queens NYC was filled with a turquoise bluish light. It was something like a supernova above the Big Apple. On that same day December 27 2018 in Kenner Louisiana another explosion of an electric transformer took place. In this article we going deeper into the New York blue beam event because it has some interesting dots to connect. The connection Queens and Louisiana is also interesting. But for now we stay in the Big Apple. The distance over land between Queen New York and Kenner Louisana is: 1.904,45 km orRead More →

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On Saturday December 22nd 2018, around 9.30pm local time the area on the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra was hit by a Tsunami wave. It’s possible that a combination of underwater landslides triggered by an eruption of Anak Krakatoa volcano and high tides around the full moon caused the tsunami. The tsunami struck 24 minutes after the volcano erupted. On Monday December 24th the mainstream media reported that more than 1,000 people were injured and 11,600 people displaced and 280 lives passed away. Why wasn’t there a warning system? In the case of tsunamis caused by earthquakes, the shaking earth can act as aRead More →

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There was some rumble in the world of modelling kits. Revell, one of the most famous hobbyist brands had to apologize for a new model kit: a model of the notorious Haunebu Nazi Flying Disc. The story of so called Nazi UFO’s or Flying Discs is now less obscure as it used to be. Due to the internet information highway and even some Hollywood shows the public domain is now more aware of the strange technologies the Nazi’s may have possessed. The Nazi’s had a different approach towards technology compared to todays technology. The roots of the Nazi movement are in the old and ancientRead More →

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“THIS IS A TEST” was the message that millions of Americans received on wednesday 3 October at 2:18. On the same day John McAfee sent out a Tweet with another warning. This was the first test of the new “Presidential Alert” wireless warning system sent out by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). It’s different than other, mostly local alerts such as weather and amber alerts. The citizens of the US can’t opt out for this “Presidential Alert”. Everybody received it on their cellphone. WHY DID I GET THIS ALERT? You received Wednesday’s alert because you have a cellphone and your service provider is one ofRead More →

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Another alarm error this year. After an earthquake in Sulawesi the tsunami warning was lifted. Indonesia earthquake: Tsunami warning issued after powerful 7.5-magnitude quake strikes east of Borneo A powerful earthquake has struck off the coast of Indonesia, triggering a tsunami warning. The huge 7.5 magnitude quake was recorded near the island of Sulawesi, east of Borneo, the US Geological Survey said. Authorities lifted an early tsunami warning within an hour, although officials warned those in the area to remain vigilant as a number of aftershocks hit. Source: – 9.28.2018 Scientists were surprised by the ensuing tsunami, which resulted in conflicting warning messages. But experts suggestRead More →

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Another Cecil? Secrecy surrounds June trophy lion hunt A U.S. trophy hunter baited and killed a male lion on June 7th in Umbabat Private Nature Reserve, a part of Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa. Suspicions are that the animal shot was Skye, a beloved lion in the region. U.S. citizen Jared Whitworth allegedly paid nearly $80,000 for the hunt. Authorities say the animal killed wasn’t Skye, but have offered no proof. Skye hasn’t been seen since the day Whitworth made his kill, and one of the lion’s cubs was found dead, which often happens when other males take over a pride. If the killedRead More →

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  A mixture of Total Recall, Mission to Mars, Asgardia Space Nation and Alternative 3. More than a formula for a hippy trip. We could send people to Mars decades ago It’s always easy to say  ‘we could..’ after events took place. Some sort of verbal time travel. But when it comes to subjects like traveling to planet Mars, things are placed in a different light. Mainstream media has published news saying that we’ve could been to mars in the 60’s. This is of course interesting for those in the UFO community and other people into secret space. NASA shocker: Astronaut reveals humans could’ve beenRead More →

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