European Banks Prepare for Winter Blackouts – Z€RO

You know what time it is, on this timeline. You have been prepared for this moment, perhaps for aeons in advance.

And the European banks are preparing for blackouts and power outages. According to an old script. Because show must go on. While many so called 'useless eaters' chasing their addiction for entertainment and distractions, the usual suspects are preparing for their next act on the global stage, in order to create more chaos.

We don't like to call people 'useless eaters'. Call it fate. Or faith. Call it an electronic déja vu. You're a prepared person and this news announcement is a cue.

Analysis: Europe's banks dim lights as they brace for winter blackout
Some of Europe's biggest banks are preparing back-up generators and to dim the lights as they brace for potential power cuts and energy rationing that threaten the money system underpinning the region's economy.
As Russia throttles gas supplies to the continent, banks are stress-testing how they can cope with power shortages and lining up alternative sources of energy, such as generators, so that ATMs and online banking don't go dark.

Source: - 9.7.2022

While August power prices were the highest of all-time in Europe, the EU is considering passing legislation to curb the effects on consumers.
Peak power prices were recorded as high as €1,500 per megawatt-hour; prices such as this are not sustainable.
Austria has already announced a price cap, which could help consumers to afford power prices but could simultaneously disincentivize producers from generating essential electricity.
According to a recent leak, the EU’s plans are threefold: to reduce power demand, to introduce price caps, and to use revenue from the price caps to lower costs for targeted consumers.
Reducing demand from gas and power is one of the best methods of reducing prices and easing the power crunch, since supply would not be as stretched thin.
The EU has already have committed to reducing gas demand by 15%, however winter heating in Europe primarily comes from one of two sources, gas or electricity.
Reducing demand from both will potentially make it harder for Europeans to stay warm this winter.

Source: - 9.8.2022

The Mean Green

Cashless society. Control state. Credit score. Eat zee bugz. Energy bills getting out of hand. Heat waves. Floods. Climate change. Clots shots. Vaccidents. Mad Max, beyond the Thunder Dome.

You know the deal. What to do with the money on the bank? Invest in gold, silver?  Precious.
Can you eat metals? Why is the Bluetooth acting strange?

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