Pathological Déjà vu

An interesting story about a French army officer Louis.  Six days after we published our exclusive article Déjà Vu, A Junction of Timelines? a new article surfaced on the internet.

The website Discover Magazine has published a déjà vu story based on scientific papers History repeating itself: Arnaud's case of pathological déjà vu. It's an interesting story about a French army officer Louis.

Louis served in Vietnam and later he was sent home because he had symptoms of amnesia, probably caused by cerebral malaria.  He had delusions of déjà vu.
It worsened and he also developed paranoia according to this story.

In January 1893, 18 months after his ague, characteristic symptoms of déjà vu were observed: Louis reported recognizing as having read previously some newspaper articles, and even said that he wrote some of them…

Shortly after, he typically had striking delusions concerning his relatives. While attending his brother’s wedding, he claimed suddenly that he was certain that he attended the wedding the year before, in identical circumstances, and that he could recognize each detail – and he did not understand why they were doing it again.

Source: By Neuroskeptic. - (page is not active anymore)

UPDATE: 5.11.2021.
! The page is not active anymore. You can find more about this story on this website:
History repeating itself: Arnaud's case of pathological déjà vu - ⇒

Feeling Knowledge?

Significant is what is written, that he seem to recognize each detail in his delusions of déjà vu. As far as we know; people don't recognize details when having a déjà vu. Most people describe a déjà vu as 'a feeling of experiencing a moment for the second time'.  Or 'feeling that I have experienced this moment before'.  The article in Discover Magazine underlines this idea of  déjà vu:

..... Louis was not in fact suffering from true déjà vu, because in déjà vu there is a feeling of familiarity combined with the knowledge that the familiarity is false. Louis lacked this knowledge, and believed that he really had lived his life before; in other words Louis was suffering from a delusion not déjà vu per se.

Source: By Neuroskeptic.

Louis Travelled Two Timelines?

Could Louis perhaps have been in a time travel event, without (prior) knowledge? Maybe he entered some type of portal or Stargate while serving in Vietnam? Or maybe a secret experiment was in motion in the area where he served?

We like to encourage everyone interested in time travel to read the whole story and the papers written by French psychologists Julie Bertrand and colleagues.  Because it seem to touch the dynamics of timelines. As Louis has said in his own words:

I’m living two parallel lives.