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This is year 2024. And the zombie news links continue. Click here for the Zombie Links Home page.

Molecular medicine doctor Dr. Nehls: “The world is collapsing into zombie mode”
The physician and molecular geneticist Dr. Michael Nehls is sounding the alarm: “There is a targeted global attack on our immune system that will ultimately rob us of our ability to think.” Man's individuality is being destroyed, says the doctor and best-selling author, whose views have also caused a stir in the US. The corona crisis has been staged to mentally weaken people, Nehls further explains in an interview with AUF1 presenter Sabine Petzl, reports Report24 .
A press release from AUF1
Watch Dr.'s lecture Nehls here directly on AUF1 .
Starting shot Corona
The vitality of the hippocampus shrinks due to existential fears, malnutrition, isolation and spike mRNA. Conscious thinking and active behavior are lost as a result. Nehls continues: “We have to be able to doubt things that we are told.” The measures against the coronavirus were the starting signal for the transition to this "new world", in which democracy is completely abolished. “The goal is to create a society that accepts that all freedoms are being taken away – even freedom of expression,” says Nehls. He continues: “If the fundamental right of freedom of expression no longer applies, then we are back in the Middle Ages!”

Source: frontnieuws.com - 4.8.2024

‘Zombie Drug’ frenzy in Sierra Leone: Addicts dig up graves for flesh-rotting ‘Kush’, President declares emergency
Often dubbed ‘Kush’, the drug has shook the nation as the addicts are now digging up graves to make the drugs from human bones. According to a BBC report, the addicts have turned into grave robbers and they are allegedly exhuming skeletons for the ‘Zombie Drug’ production.

Source: financialexpress.com - 4.10.2024

“Zombie Psychoactive” Users Begin Digging Up Graves For Ingredients, Prompting National Emergency
The drug is composed of many ingredients, some of which reportedly include opioids, cannabis, disinfectants, and ground-up human bones. The strange mix of ingredients prompted locals to rush to cemeteries and dig up graves for human skeletons in recent times. Officials have now taken measures to tighten the security surrounding cemeteries to stop the trend.

Source: boredpanda.com - 4.10.2024

ENGLAND IN ZOMBIELAND England fans at Euros told by Uefa to book hotels on street with zombie drug addicts in ‘Germany’s biggest slum’
CLUELESS football bosses are advising England fans at the Euros in Germany to stay in an area plagued by violent drug addicts dubbed “zombies”.

Source: thesun.co.uk - 4.8.2024

"Zombie Drug" Xylazine Found In UK Cannabis Vapes, Raising Safety Concerns: Study
UK health officials are raising concerns after finding xylazine, a powerful sedative used on large animals, in confiscated cannabis vape cartridges, according to The BBC. Xylazine, nicknamed the "zombie drug" for its sedative effects, can be lethal in humans.

Source: ndtv.com - 4.10.2024

Hyper-sexual "zombie cicadas" that are infected with sexually transmitted fungus expected to emerge this year
Trillions of cicadas will emerge across several U.S. states this spring in an event one expert dubbed "cicada-geddon." Not only are more cicadas than usual expected this year, but some of them will be "zombie cicadas" that are infected by a sexually transmitted fungus that makes them hyper-sexual.

Source: cbsnews.com - 4.5.2024


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