The Zombie Links – Year 2015

Year 2015

Researchers find bits of bubonic plague on NY subway

It is universally acknowledged that the New York subway is grubby. What may come as a shock is that it contains DNA fragments linked to anthrax and bubonic plague.

Source: -  2.7.2015

Homeland Security Stockpiling Billions of Dollars of Experimental Vaccines

The U.S. Government has guaranteed a thriving U.S. vaccine market for pharmaceutical companies by purchasing billions of dollars worth of vaccines every year with U.S. taxpayer dollars.

Source: - 2.16.2015

Zombie outbreak? Statistical mechanics reveal the ideal hideout

Reading World War Z, an oral history of the first zombie war, and a graduate statistical mechanics class inspired a group of Cornell University researchers to explore how an "actual" zombie outbreak might play out in the U.S.

Source: - 2.15.2015

Deadly bacteria leaked in Louisiana lab: Cause & spread unknown

Weeks of investigation by federal and state agencies have failed to uncover how a potential bioterror agent escaped from a Louisiana laboratory four months ago, or how far it has spread.

Source: - 3.2.2015

Vampire Bat Retrovirus "Fossil" Found

Scientists discovered a new retrovirus “fossil” found in the common vampire bat which is homologous to retroviruses in rodents and primates.

Source: - 3.4.2015

Ebola outbreak of 2014 may have laid tracks for deadly measles epidemic in Africa

Researchers report that the African countries most affected by the 2014 Ebola outbreak could now be highly susceptible to measles epidemics due to severe disruptions in routine health care such as vaccinations.

Source: - 3.12.2015

Scientist warns genetically modified mosquitoes could have 'unintended consequences'

Malaria and many other mosquito-borne diseases could be wiped out within a few years thanks to a new way of creating genetically modified insects - but it could also unleash potentially devastating unintended consequences, scientists have warned.

Source: - 3.21.2015

Urban Death Project seeks to compost dead humans to feed the crops: has it really come to this?

A Seattle architect named Katrina Spade has proposed a new solution for urban food production: convert the recently deceased into nutritious compost to feed the food crops.

Source: - 3.22.2015

Surprising bacteria discovery has puzzled scientists

A new species of bacteria has been found in a Danish man with blood poisoning. The bacteria's closest relative lives in the alimentary tract of African termites.

Source: - 4.7.2015

Humanoid Mushrooms Discovered In The UK

“They have been named as geastrum britannicum to reflect them being unique to the UK.” reports an article on the subject entitled “Real-life Fantasia: Newly-discovered mushrooms look weirdly like tiny HUMANS”.

Source: - 4.16.2015

Mystery disease claims 18 lives in southeast Nigeria

At least 18 people have been killed in a southeastern Nigerian town due to a "mysterious" disease which kills in less than 24 hours, government says.

Source: - 4.18.2015

Silver turns bacteria into deadly zombies

The zombie apocalypse may be more than just a horror story for some bacteria. New research shows that when exposed to a microbe-slaying silver solution, the germs can “go zombie,”...

Source: -  5.1.2015

Researchers Create 'Zombie' Bacteria Which Rise Up to Kill Living Cells

Researchers at the University of Jerusalem have found that Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria killed with silver nitrate can be used to kill living bacteria.

Source: - 6.5.2015

Vampire Myth Likely Caused by Disease, Scientists Say

The origin of the vampire myth may not have come only from the excitable minds of Middle Age peasants. Instead, a rare genetic disorder called porphyria might have started the tales, according to biochemist Dr. David H. Dolphin of the University of British Columbia and other scientists.

Source: - 5.23.2015

Pentagon admits 24 US labs, 2 foreign countries received live anthrax shipments

The Pentagon has revised the number of instances in which live anthrax samples have “accidentally” been shipped both across US and abroad, and has announced a comprehensive review into the poor handling of the deadly bacteria.

Source: - 5.30.2015

GM mosquitoes to be released in Florida

The British biotech company is going to let out genetically modified insects in Florida.

Source: - 6.18.2015

Human trials using artificial blood made from stem cells to start soon

Scientists in the UK will soon start human trials on artificial blood grown in lab from stem cells.

Source: - 6.25.2015

Real-life vampires are shy because they don't want to be stereotyped by doctors

Real-life vampires are more common than most people think - but they hide their identities because they are worried about being stereotyped by doctors and other healthcare professionals, a study has found.

Source: - 7.8.2015

New Squirrel Virus Suspected In Three Human Deaths

Earlier this year, three German men who worked as squirrel breeders died of brain inflammation. This "cluster" of deaths was likely caused by a newly mutated bornavirus, which is usually found in animals like horses, birds and pigs, according to authorities at the European Center for Disease Control.

Source: - 7.9.2015

Transylvanian Music Festival Channels Dracula By Selling Tickets For Blood

Music fans often find that music festivals bleed them dry but not as literally as Untold Festival in northern Romania.

Source: - 7.21.2015

FDA-approved drug turns ordinary people into obedient zombies… saps all free will… allows people to be programmed by the media or government… sold as transdermal patch

This isn’t some urban legend, either. The Devil’s Breath pollen is rich in scopolamine, a potent drug that saps free will and turns people into zombies. Scopolamine can “can wipe the memory of its victims,” ...

Source: - 7.20.2015

Is there truth to these shocking allegations?

In a recently released report titled “Estimating Ebola Treatment Needs, United States,” the CDC is still playing down its latest round of fear-mongering for the virus which was “meant to infect every man, woman, and child in the US.” To date, and by their own admission there have been only 10 cases in the entire U.S.

Source: - 7.28.2015

Man who admitted killing journalist Tom O'Gorman and consuming organ stopped medication after attending Dublin clinic, court told

Source: - 7.30.2015

Mutant cells that can't copy DNA somehow keep dividing when they shouldn't—with disastrous consequences

Researchers at USC have developed a yeast model to study a gene mutation that disrupts the duplication of DNA, causing massive damage to a cell's chromosomes, while somehow allowing the cell to continue dividing.

Source: - 8.6.2015

Chinese cave graffiti reveals 500-year tale of disaster, conflict and CANNIBALISM: Ancient inscriptions also offer grim predictions of the future

An eerie window into the past has been uncovered after ancient graffiti found in a Chinese cave revealed a harrowing tale of drought, conflict and cannibalism spanning 500 years.

Source: - 8.13.2015

Read the CDC’s Unintentionally Hilarious Zombie Survival Guide

Yes, you read that correctly. The CDC has dedicated time and tax dollars to preparing you for the zombie apocalypse.

Source:  9.7.2015

Frozen Giant Virus Still Infectious After 30,000 Years

It's 30,000 years old and still ticking: A giant virus recently discovered deep in the Siberian permafrost reveals that huge ancient viruses are much more diverse than scientists had ever known.

Source: - 9.16.2015

New human virus discovered in old blood samples

The newfound virus’s genetic sequence shows that it has similarities to hepatitis C, which can cause serious liver damage, and to the harmless—and even helpful—human pegivirus (formerly dubbed hepatitis G). Amit Kapoor, a virologist at Columbia University led the team that identified the new virus—and which has named it human hepegivirus 1, or HHpgV-1—notes that many people understand that humans coexist with myriad bacteria that are not dangerous, but they don’t realize the same holds true for some viruses.

Source: - 9.22.2015

Russian scientist admits injecting himself with 3.5 million year old 'eternal life' bacteria

The Siberian Times disclosed recently how Russian scientists are making progress in the search for the elixir of youth by investigating a bacteria named Bacillus F which has remained alive in the permafrost for millions of years.

Source: - 9.29.2015

The 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine Is All About Recognizing the Fight Against Parasitic Diseases

Infectious diseases and parasites disproportionately harm the lives of billions in impoverished places across the world.

Source: - 10.5.2015

The Monsanto-autism-parasite-connection

Source: - 6.22.2015

Zombie Brains: The Neurological Processes Behind The Behavior Of The Undead

Zombies and brains are inextricably linked. They go together like vampires and blood, or werewolves and the moon. Everyone knows that if the zombie apocalypse ever really hits, we’d have to protect our heads from becoming the next meal for an undead dude. Knowing that brains are a zombie’s favorite snack might be common knowledge, but what about what’s going on in their brains? What is it that makes them insatiably hungry, resistant to pain, and just cognitively,well, not right?

Source: - 10.8.2015

Root fungi make or break monarchs’ chances against parasite

Monarch caterpillars take in chemicals in their milkweed diet that help them fight of parasitic infections.

Source: - 10.14.2015

Person shot dead at Florida zombie convention

Police say a shooting at the annual ZombiCon gathering in Florida has left one person dead and four more wounded, causing a chaotic scene that sent throngs of zombie-dressed revellers running through the streets.

Source: - 10.18.2015

Aborted Babies Used in Foods and Legally Labeled as “Artificial Flavors” or “Natural Flavors”

Aborted babies have been used for such things as  testing flavor enhancers for food companies and creating  anti-aging creams. Developing products such as cosmetics and flavor enhancers are to science as lemon drops and potato chips are to fruits and vegetables.

Source: - 4.15.2015

Human DNA found in hot dogs

Clear Food analyzed 345 hot dogs and sausages from 75 different brands sold at 10 retailers and found that 14% had hygienic or substitution issues, according to the report.

Source: - 10.28.2015

Tyrannosaurs were probably cannibals

Source: - 10.19.2015

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Released In Brazil

Genetically modified male mosquitoes who sire offspring that die early have finally been released in Brazil to suppress dengue.

Source: - 7.7.2015

Essential Weapons to Get You Through the Zombie Apocalypse

In Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, out Friday, three Boy Scouts find themselves fighting off a hoard of the undead with little to help them but their wits. Luckily, being Boy Scouts, their wits are particularly attuned to survival.

Source: - 10.28.2015

Drugged Into Oblivion: Nearly 60 Percent Of All U.S. Adults Are On Prescription Drugs

Source: - 11.3.2015

Are Chemtrails dispersing Ebola & Plague infected web-like substances in order to initiate a pandemic across the US?

Source: - 11.6.2015

Scary movies can curdle blood

Watching horror, or 'bloodcurdling,' movies is associated with an increase in the clotting protein, blood coagulant factor VIII, finds a small study in The BMJ Christmas issue this week.

Source: - 12.16.2015