Nanoparticle-Vaccine Combination to Fight Melanoma

Name: Nanoparticle-vaccines.
Event: Medical Experiments, University of Iowa.
Date: 7.21.2022.
Location: United States of America, Earth, Space.
News Link: - 7.21.2022.

Researchers create nanoparticle-vaccine combination to target melanoma
Pharmaceutical scientists at the University of Iowa may have discovered a new strategy to overcome cancer's ingenious defenses. In a new study, the researchers found that charged nanoparticles combined with a vaccine were effective in eliminating tumors or extending life span in cancerous mice.
The new approach is attractive, the researchers contend, because the nanoparticle could be mass manufactured, stored at room temperature, and administered by general physicians to treat a variety of cancers.

Source: - 7.21.2022

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