The Q Continuum Future Proves Past – Lock Down Look Up

The Q Continuum Future Proves Past – Lock Down Look Up

A Dutch model on the cover of a magazine. COVFEFE for 5G. Atlas Mission. JFK Junior is alive. Rumors, chatter, Q Codes and different realities. While the world is in a corona daze a plot is unfolding behind the scenes of the silent war.

"When ‘non-dogmatic’ information becomes FREE & TRANSPARENT it becomes a threat to those who attempt to control the narrative and/or the stable.

When you are awake, you stand on the outside of the stable (‘group-think’ collective), and have ‘free thought’.

"Free thought" is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma.

When you are awake, you are able to clearly see.
The choice is yours, and yours alone."

Q Drop 3.28. 2020. Source:

UPDATE: 5.11.2021. In this article were a few links to YouTube videos and channels. We've discovered that most of them were removed by the New Normal censorship.

And then there's Q ...

Various timelines with a variety of subjects are unfolding at this moment. Some timelines started decades ago.

First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump.

A blueprint of a new world?

Where to begin? First of all there's the global corona pandemic, including the many theories surrounding it.

Added to the whole are some earthquakes, volcanoes, internet-electricity outages and even the some unidentified flying objects.

And then there's Q ...

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Future Proves Past
A 'Q' internet meme.

Have you heard of Q? And the Q Anons ? There are different theories about the Q phenomena.

Q works with so called Q drops. Messages posted on an online bulletin board.
Q works like a puzzle. Codes, numbers and symbols that connect many dots. Because Q seem to have knowledge of future events, some people think Q is a time traveler.

Are they really a group of US intel and army personnel, including Generals, that want to remove the dark shadow government, the deep state also know as the Cabal? Or is it an advanced an very well planned psy-op for a new world order?

Is it really a huge military operation to free humanity? To liberate the thousands of children that have been abducted and kept secret by the Cabal?

One thing for sure: There's a holistic war going on. A war for your mind. An underground war. And on the surface it's mostly visible in the cyber battles of internet memes, bulletin boards and armies of digital soldiers.

See also:

The Looking Glass - Time Transportal ⇒

Q has often posted pictures of watches.

The so called Q Drops: ⇒  | ⇒

Some of the keywords of Q and the Q anons: 

WWG1WGA - When We Go One We Go All.
Future Proves Past.
The Storm.
The Great Awakening.
The Plan.

Here are some links to get you informed about Q:

The Cabal, Deep State and QAnon E1 - The End of the World? - YouTube 
An eloquent spoken series on YouTube about the events unfolding regarding Q and the planet Earth.

X22 Report - YouTube
In depth reports on global events and Q. Very up to date and many dots to connect.

The Q Map  
Amazing poster of .... ? Zoom to see more!

The Coronavirus Press Briefing of Donald Trump on 3.23.2020.

An important video to watch. Why is the subject changed (from coronavirus) and one journalist asks about a woman that has been rescued in South America? Why did Trump said that she was heavy abused but now she's okay and brought back to the U.S.?

Pay close attention at the end, when the president and staff walks away, a journalist suddenly yells: "Don't eat the blood..."? It sounds like "Don ate blood..." But listen closely. Why is he yelling this?

Was this a message to Adrenochrome users to inform them that the lab (in Wuhan) was taken over and the batch of Adrenochrome was tainted with a virus?

Trump's coronavirus task force holds briefing on the global pandemic - 3/23/2020 -  CNBC on YouTube 

The molecular formula of Adrenochrome looks like a white rabbit (click to enlarge).

There are many rumors, articles and photos regarding famous Hollywood people who have been arrested or having a bad batch of their favorite drug: adrenochrome.

In Wuhan was an adrenochrome lab.

This is a very serious and severe subject. It deals with child abuse and consuming blood.
We encourage you to do your own research. But stay grounded when doing this research, it's horrific information.

The keywords are: adrenochrome, white rabbit, Hollywood paedophiles, pizzagate, epstein, podestaand some names of Hollywood actors and directors (not all actors are part of this Cabal thing).

For an impression of what's going on, watch the opening monologue of the Golden Globes 2020 by Ricky Gervais. He is pretty straight forward in his words ...

Ricky Gervais - Opening Monologue – Golden Globes 2020 (FULL) 

Q Drops Connecting the Dots

Some examples of the dots that can be connected in this Q saga.

JFK grave site looks like a Q as seen from above. Click to enlarge.

The way Q seems to work is not only with Q Drops on bulletin boards. Q uses a variety of elements in world of online media.

Symbols, codes and numbers are used to leave dots behind that can be connected by the Q Anons. There are two videos shown here below. One video is from the grandchildren of JFK singing a song called: Timber.

The chorus in the song is:

"It's going down, I'm yelling timber
You better move, you better dance
Let's make a night, you won't remember
I'll be the one, you won't forget."


This video from the grandchildren of JFK singing a song called: Timber was uploaded on 3.20.2020.

And 322 is the number of the Yale secret society called: Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones

Among prominent alumni are former president and Chief Justice William Howard Taft (a founder's son); former presidents and father and son George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush;


The other video is a new song from Bob Dylan called: Murder Most Foul. This song is about the JFK assassination and the length of the song is 17 minutes. The letter Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet.

Interesting pieces of a puzzle. And it gets more interesting if we look at a part of the lyrics of Murder Most Foul by Bob Dylan.

"Greatest magic trick ever under the sun
Perfectly executed, skillfully done
Wolfman, oh Wolfman, oh Wolfman, howl
Rub-a-dub-dub, it's a murder most foul"


Bob Dylan's 'Murder Most Foul' is a 17-minute new song about JFK

With a title straight out of Shakespeare, “Murder Most Foul,” and in the tried and true Dylan style, the legendary singer mixes past and present, narrator and subject, in an apocalyptic stew ...

Source: - 3.27.2020

Puzzle Pieces

The grandchildren singing Timber in a video dated 3.20.2020. And Bob Dylan uses the name Wolfman in his new song about JFK, with a length of 17 minutes.

  • The number 322 is the Skull and Bones number.
  • George H. W. Bush was member of the Skull and Bones society.
  • When you combine the names Timber and Wolf , you get: Timberwolf.
  • Bob Dylan's song is 17 minutes long. The letter Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet.

This is more than just a coincidence. Are they trying to tell us something? Are they part of the mysterious Q?

And who is Timberwolf ? Is it a secret service code name?

Secret Service code name

The United States Secret Service uses code names for U.S. presidents, first ladies, and other prominent persons and locations. The use of such names was originally for security purposes and dates to a time when sensitive electronic communications were not routinely encrypted; today, the names simply serve for purposes of brevity, clarity, and tradition. The Secret Service does not choose these names, however. The White House Communications Agency assigns them.

George H. W. Bush – Timberwolf


Does this mean that the rumor is right? The rumor that George H. W. Bush was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy? And why are the grandchildren of JFK and Bob Dylan suddenly exposing this to the world, in a code for those want to see? During the COVID-19 global crisis? COV id ...

The Strange COVFEFE Message
A strange tweet fro Trump. - Click to enlarge.

Another example of a Q puzzle is COVFEFE. That strange word tweeted by President Donald Trump on 5.31.2017.

Question: What is a subject that is considered negative by many people and is often mentioned as a negative thing by mostly alternative media? That's: 5G. And what is causing a feeling of negative press to the human body and mind? That's: 5G.

In this tweet by Donald Trump there's no mention of 5G whatsoever, but it seems to be a large piece of the puzzle.

The letters COV are in COVFEFE and in COVID-19.

The planet Earth is in a global coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 pandemic situation. Many people are inside their homes. And many governments and phone companies want to install 5G in cities and other places, even during this crisis situation. There are even rumors about 5G being installed during the lock-down of cities. Various online videos are showing that this seem to happen. There's a lot of resistance against the plans for 5G poles, boxes and streetlights. And there's evidence that 5G is in fact a weaponized grid system, you can look this all up online.

But when everybody have to stay inside and the regulations make it impossible for the people organize with more than two people in public, then a protest against 5G is very difficult these days, in a corona daze.

So coronavirus or COVid-19 is symbolically connected with 5G.

Some Q Anons have found out that Trump's COVFEFE is about the possibility to de-weaponize 5G. To make the electromagnetic waves more friendly, so to speak.

An internet meme explaining COVFEFE. Click to enlarge.

Iron Cobalt Vanadium Alloy
Linear Formula: FeCoV / CoFeV

Compound Formula CoFeV
Molecular Weight 165.72
Appearance Metallic solid in various forms (plate, bar, sheet, sputtering target, powder)
Melting Point 1427 °C
Boiling Point N/A
Density 8.12 g/cm3


Is Trump's COVFEFE tweet actually a warning for COVID-19 and the 5G install plans? Did he tweeted a formula to neutralize the dangers of 5G radiation?


Iron cobalt vanadium alloy -  Patent US3695944A 
Anticipated expiration
Application status is Expired - Lifetime


JFK Jr. Back to the Future

JFK Jr. seem to be part of Q or perhaps Q himself. There are many indications that he faked his own airplane accident.

Photos have surfaced of JFK Jr. in present time. Remarkable is the cover of the George magazine featuring many clues and codes.

George (magazine)

George (relating to George Washington) was a glossy monthly magazine centered on the theme of politics-as-lifestyle founded by John F. Kennedy Jr. and Michael J. Berman with publisher Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. in New York City in September 1995. Its tagline was "Not Just Politics As Usual." It was published from 1995 to 2001.


Eight hours of video footage taken by recovery divers might have helped to solve the mystery, but the Navy preferred to destroyed them (Sidney Morning Herald, February 13, 2001). Source:

1997 George Magazine
The 1997 cover of George magazine. Click to enlarge.

There are many speculations regarding the 1997 cover of George magazine. The main title of this cover is: Survival Guide to the Future

According to Q Anons this George magazine cover has many (secret) hidden codes and symbols. All dots that connect to the Q drops and the current timeline we're on.

Is John F. Kennedy Jr. really going Back to the Future ?

See also:
About the clues JR left behind, the Tiffany Blue Boxes, George Magazine, Survival Guide to the Future, Vincent Fusca, Nicola Tesla, John Trump, Julian Assange - YouTube

The Human Trafficking Epidemic

As you know there's a world wide epidemic of human trafficking, child abductions and abuse going on. President Trump has states various of times that he wants to do something about it. And one of the main objectives of the Q mission is to end global human trafficking and the abduction of more than 800.000 children per year by the Cabal.

Remarks by President Trump at the White House Summit on Human Trafficking: The 20th Anniversary of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000

Source: - 1.31.2020

Trump to create post to focus on solely human trafficking

Trump is expected to create the position by executive order Friday after he addresses a human trafficking summit at the White House.

Source: - 1.30.2020

The Girl on the COVer of the Magazine

The cover girl of the George magazine Survival Guide to the Future is the Dutch model named: Karen Mulder.

"Karen Mulder (born 1 June 1970) is a Dutch model and singer. During the 1990s, she was a supermodel. In the early 2000s she experienced mental health problems but subsequently returned to music and modelling." - Source:

She was a famous model and featured on the covers of many glossy magazines.

And then things changed when she told the press that she was abused... by royalty and celebrities.

Former supermodel claims she was raped by royalty and celebrities

A French magistrate is investigating allegations by the retired Dutch supermodel Karen Mulder that she was raped by a member of a European royal family, other famous people and leading figures in the French modelling industry.

Ms Mulder, 33, first made the allegations during the recording of a French television programme before a studio audience last month. Her claims were regarded as so devastating, and so potentially libellous, that the interview was cut from the show.

However, Ms Mulder had made almost exactly the same accusations in a statement to French police several days earlier. The public prosecutor's office in Paris confirmed yesterday that it was taking her allegations seriously enough to start a criminal investigation for "rape by persons unknown".

Source: - 11.20.2001

Karen Mulder in coma after taking overdose

The catwalk star, who also headed the designer range of Guess jeans, was found by her ex-boyfriend Jean Yves Le Fur at a friend's flat where she had been staying in Paris.

Source: - 12.10.2002

Karen Mulder: Depersonalized Monarch Doll

... The Hague where she was moved to with her 'family', growing up in both The Hague and the smaller town of Voorburg. The Hague is of course the place where global government officials reside (and 'prosecute' their puppet "war-criminals"), it is safe to assume she was moved there as part of her government controlled 'Monarch' programming (I use that as a loose term for organized trauma-based mind control; not necessarily under the specific umbrella of the CIA Project Monarch) to be used as a child sex-slave for "elite" and government pedophiles ["In front of a live audience, the 33-year-old Dutch model claimed that she and other girls had been used as sex slaves by senior figures in the police and French government."

Source: - 6.30.2009

Note: If you don't know about the 'Monarch Doll' subject, please research: Monarch Trauma Based Mind Control,  MK Ultra.

Dots to Connect
  • A cover of George magazine Survival Guide to the Future.
  • The cover features hidden codes about the future (see video link above).
  • George magazine is made by John F. Kennedy Jr.
  • According to Q and the Q Anons; JFK Jr. is (part of) Q.
  • Q says that one the objectives is to end human trafficking and child abductions.
  • The girl on the cover of the magazine is a Dutch model Karen Mulder.
  • Karen Mulder said that she was abused by  "royalty and celebrities."

What are the odds?

The USNS COMFORT hospital ship made a Q ?
Who is Q?

The big Question is: Who is Q?

Why are they doing all this?

Is it really a genius plan to free the world from slavery, banking cartels and fake media?

Does Trump really wants to help the world with COVFEFE?

Are the hospital ships Mercy and Comfort to take away people of the Cabal or survivors (children) who have been abused by the Cabal? Did the Comfort really made a letter Q while sailing?

Is it just a coincidence that First Lady Melania Trump is wearing a dress with a Q symbol?

Or is it a well planned global takeover for New World Order domination? Distracting people with a virus and giving the truth seekers, conspiracy theorists some hope with a fictional Q hero?

What's Going On?

We have to look further. To other things happening in the world, other pieces of the puzzle and it sometimes seems that many thing are happening ... All At Once.

Seal of the US Space Force. Click to enlarge.
Comet ATLAS Mission 

President Trump has initiated a new US Space Force. There was some rumble on the internet regarding the logo of the Space Force because it looks like the Starfleet logo from Star Trek. Another coincidence?

The first mission of the new Space Force is launched by an ATLAS rocket. At the same time a comet named ATLAS is approaching Earth.

Is this part of The Plan? To knock out an asteroid out of it's orbit to change its course... towards Earth? Is this what we wrote about in our article: H.A.M.M.E.R. Time - The Plan ? ⇒

Or is it a mission to save planet Earth from an incoming asteroid or comet?

Another name for comet ATLAS is: C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS) or also known as: C19.


See also: Category: The 911 Code ⇒

Seal of Starfleet Command in Star Trek. Click to enlarge.
Starfleet Insignia

"The delta insignia came into usage for much of Starfleet's exploration division in the early to mid 23rd century. A starburst insignia was used by flag officers and administrative support staff of fleet headquarters and starbases. Some Constitution-class starships during the mid-23rd century used a variety of insignia unique to each ship. The Enterprise maintained the delta as her insignia and assignment patch."


Trump Officially Establishes US Space Force with 2020 Defense Bill Signing

Source: -  12.21.2019

For the First Time, US Space Force Is Launching to Orbit on Atlas 5 Rocket

Source: - 3.26.2020

‘Stunning’ new comet could soon be visible to the naked eye

Source: - 3.31.2020

Ancient Comet ‘Atlas’ Measures Half the Size of the Sun and it’s Back!

A huge icy space rock, comet ‘Atlas’, is currently in the constellation Ursa Major in the northern sky orbiting Mars, but it’s on a trajectory with our Sun and it will get progressively brighter as it reaches its closest point at the end of May, if it doesn't fragment that is.

Source: - 4.2.2020

Photographer captures comet C19 headed toward Earth

A photographer in the U.K. has captured a remarkable image of comet C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS) as it speeds toward Earth.

Jamie Cooper took the picture of the comet in Lincolnshire, England, British news agency SWNS reported. It was first spotted on Dec. 28, 2019, according to, by astronomers using the ATLAS (Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System) in Hawaii.

Source: - 3.30.2020

Comet of a generation set to light up the night sky

A comet speeding towards the inner solar system could become one of the brightest objects in the night sky, promising the most dramatic display of its kind in decades.

Source: - 3.31.2020

NASA Detects 31 Potential Impact Events From Approaching Earth-Intersecting Asteroid

NASA detected an asteroid that could hit Earth
2008 UB7 could cause 31 potential impacts
The asteroid is fast enough to cause an impact event

Source: - 3.16.2020

Akure ‘explosion’ was impact from meteors NOT explosives, says OAU prof

The experts led by Adepelumi Adekunle, a professor of geophysics and earthquake engineering at Obafemi Awolowo University, said the meteors impacted the location from “an angle of 43 degrees”.

Source: - 3.29.2020

See also: Collision Impact Timeline ⇒

The Q Continuum
Q often appears as a humanoid in this form. Source:

In the Star Trek universe exists the notorious 'Q'. A group of beings that can take on any form and are able to alter space and time.

Q is always fooling around with the Star Trek space ship crew. Sometime irritating them, being a nuisance or giving them puzzles and riddles to complete.

But Q is always willing to help the Star Trek people and he never has aggressive or negative intentions.

The Q Continuum was an extra-dimensional plane of existence inhabited by a race of beings known as the Q. The term could also refer to the Q society itself.

As a race, the Q were immortal, but not absolutely omniscient or omnipotent (according to Quinn). They possessed the ability to alter, create, or destroy virtually any form of matter or energy, and to affect time in essentially any way they chose. Their apparent abilities included moving entire asteroid belts and stars, creating alternate timelines, and affecting universal states of nature such as the gravitational constant. Q, when discussing the dangers of allowing Amanda Rogers to develop her abilities without supervision, offhandedly remarked that she would be capable of destroying the entire Milky Way Galaxy by accident. In fact, the only time a Q was seen as unable to do something was during a period where their powers were reduced or revoked by the Continuum.

Source: Q Continuum -

The subterranean battlefield: Warfare is going underground, into dark, tight spaces

FORT BRAGG, N.C. — It is darkness like you’ve never seen. The air you breathe could kill you in moments. All of your fire support — air, armor, artillery — is useless. The walls and ceiling could collapse. Communications will fail. A wrong turn leaves you utterly alone.

Going underground, in dark, tight spaces, can trigger feelings of helplessness in even experienced troops. It is the most primitive and close combat a fighter may face.

Top leadership has emphasized the need for troops to be ready to fight in megacities and the ­underground is a feature that cannot be ignored.

Source: - 2.26.2020

Tunnels Under Pizzagate - 2016

Underground Battle - Jan. 2020

NYC ready to inspect 1917 tunnel

“Completing this leg of the tunnel means that for the first time, Midtown and lower Manhattan won’t be relying on a single source of water,” Mayor Bloomberg said at press conference in a valve room 20 stories below Central Park.

Source: - 10.17.2013

Source: - 4.6.2020

NEWS UPDATES. Last Update 4.6.2020
Q Anon and The Secret War

Belarus’s President Warns Global Elites Using COVID-19 Crisis to Try to Reshape World Order

“I once asked the question: is this pandemic, this coronavirus, a man-made phenomenon? I don’t know the answer yet, but I have my suspicions. Are politicians and others using this situation for their own purposes? You and I both know the answer to that question. You already see how it is used today…Doesn’t it seem to you that the powerful forces of the world would like to remake the world, without a ‘war’ (Emmanuel Macron has already called it a war), through this so-called ‘corona-psychosis’, or ‘info-demic’? Many people are asking: ‘what will happen after the pandemic?’” Lukashenko said, speaking to Mir TV in an interview airing Friday.

Source: - .4.6.2020

Fire At Florida Airport Destroys 3,500 Cars

The fire occurred in an overflow lot used to store extra rental vehicles a short distance away from the actual airstrips, Wildfire Today reported. Air traffic has resumed at the airport, according to News Press.

Source: - 4.4.2020

Two magnitude 3.5 quakes recorded near Palm Springs

The earthquakes occurred about 12 miles from Palm Desert, 13 miles from La Quinta, 15 miles from Rancho Mirage and 17 miles from Cathedral City.

Source: - 4.5.2020

Firefighters Battle Flames After Several Manhole Explosions In Boston

Source: - 3.24.2020

Leader of ISIS in Afghanistan arrested, security officials say

Afghan security forces captured Abdullah Orakzai (who goes by Aslam Farooqi) the head of the Islamic State’s Afghanistan affiliate, according to an announcement on Saturday, March 4, 2020, by the country's National Directorate of Security.

Source: - 4.4.2020

Trump On Coronavirus Outbreak: 'This Was Artificially Induced'

Source: - video  - 4.4.2020

At Least 19 Killed in Clashes Between Armed Groups in Mexico

"The operation was immediately deployed when a report was received Friday at approximately 6:35 p.m., regarding a possible confrontation between rival groups linked to organised crime, in an area that leads from Las Varas to Largo Maderal", the General State Prosecutor's Office (FGE) of Chihuahua said in a statement.

Source: - 4.4.2020

 Netanyahu: ‘Deep State’ Controls Israel, There’s No Democracy Here

People who met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in recent months have heard lengthy speeches that seemed to be taken from one of Oliver Stone’s conspiracist screenplays. He told them that even though he has been elected repeatedly, in reality, the country is controlled by a “deep state.”

Source: - 4.5.2020 - Haaretz is an Israeli newspaper founded in 1918.

Did coronavirus leak from a research lab in Wuhan? Startling new theory is 'no longer being discounted' amid claims staff 'got infected after being sprayed with blood

One member of Cobra, the emergency committee led by Boris Johnson, said last night that while the latest intelligence did not dispute the virus was 'zoonotic' – originating in animals – it did not rule out that the virus first spread to humans after leaking from a Wuhan laboratory.

Source: - 4.4.2020 - Mainstream media is catching up with the alternative media.

Robert F. Kennedy's granddaughter and her young son missing on Chesapeake Bay, family says

A Kennedy family spokesperson confirmed Friday that two missing people last seen in a canoe off Chesapeake Bay Thursday evening are Maeve Kennedy McKean, 41, and her eight-year-old son, Gideon. Kennedy McKean is the granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy and daughter of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the former Maryland lieutenant governor.

Source: - 4.3.2020

Kids Saved In New York City - A Nurses Account of What's Really Going On in Central Park

An video with only audio of the voice of a nurse. She describes the situation in Central Park, New York. Children saved from underground tunnels?

YouTube  4.1.2020

Venezuelan warship shoots, rams into German cruise vessel before sinking

BERLIN – A Venezuelan navy ship fired shots at a German-owned cruise ship on March 30 and rammed into the passenger vessel, leading to the sinking of the warship in the Caribbean.

The Iranian regime-allied Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro accused the captain of the RCGS RESOLUTE cruise ship of “terrorism and piracy" and sought to force the ship into a new direction on the high seas. The cruise ship, which had no passengers on board and was sailing under a Portuguese flag, has a reinforced hull that enables it to sail through ice water.

Source:  - 4.3.2020

Engineer deliberately ran train off tracks in attempt to smash the USNS Mercy

SAN PEDRO, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- An engineer deliberately ran a train off the tracks at high speed near the Port of Los Angeles in an attempt to crash into the USNS Mercy hospital ship, prosecutors say.

Source: - 4.2.2020

Authorities find 2000-foot smuggling tunnel under San Diego, seize $29 million worth of drugs

Federal authorities announced on Tuesday that they had discovered a lengthy tunnel running from San Diego to Tijuana used to smuggle illicit drugs, a complex from which they seized $29 million in illegal drugs.

Source: - 4.1.2020

TGV high-speed train derails in France

Source: edition.cnn - 3.5.2020

German man held over attempted high-speed train track sabotage

The man, described by Frankfurt’s state prosecutor as being “without fixed abode”, was arrested near Cologne on Friday night after police found specialist equipment for loosening track bolts in his car.

Source: - 3.21.2020

Wikipedia Co-Founder Admits ‘Child Sex Trafficking – By Elites – Is a Horrible Reality’

The phenomenon of elite pedophilia is systematic and entrenched, according to Larry Sanger, who warned “many of the Beautiful People know about child sex trafficking by elites” before adding “some participate in it, and… the media and courts cover it up.”

Sanger, who co-founded Wikipedia, coining the name and writing much of its original governing policy, has now turned his formidable attention to the scourge of elite pedophilia, saying “This is not a joke and it’s real.”

Source: - 4.1.2020

Kids Rescued

Kids released from imprisonment from underground satanic base in US.

Operation by white hats and US Navy.

Children to be taken to a hospital ship after assessment in tented area.

Source: - 4.2.2020

IMF says coronavirus crisis requires ‘wartime’ policy response

Global policymakers must enact “wartime” measures to fight the coronavirus pandemic, the IMF said.

Source: - 4.1.2020

Coast Guard Directs Cruise Ships To Remain At Sea ‘Indefinitely’

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — The U.S. Coast Guard has directed all cruise ships to remain at sea where they may be sequestered “indefinitely” during the coronavirus pandemic and be prepared to send any severely ill passengers to the countries where the vessels are registered.

Source: - 4.1.2020

Trump Launches Massive All Out Military Offensive On Drug Cartels

Source: - 4.1.2020

Putin sends military plane to U.S. with supplies to fight coronavirus after talking with Trump

Source: - 4.1.2020

Coronavirus testing effort hampered by kits contaminated with Covid-19

Traces of the virus were detected in parts due for delivery from overseas in the coming days

Source: - 3.30.2020


Police around the world have taken down a global child abuse ring with links to over 40 countries through a Belgian investigation supported by Europol. 4 suspects have been convicted today by a Belgian court.

Source: - 3.13.2020

US arrests 600 Mexican cartel members in one of the largest ever raids

More than 600 Mexican cartel members were arrested during an interagency operation by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), making it one of the largest arrest operations in history.

Source: - 3.15.2020

Maltese Court orders seizure of €29.5m of assets belonging to 'Vatican Bank'

The Maltese Civil Court has ordered the seizure of €29.5m of assets belonging to the Istituto per le Opere di Religione (IOR, or Institute for the Works of Religion), commonly referred to as the "Vatican Bank."

Source: - 3.4.2020

A Giant 'Green' Comet Will Soar Over Arizona Skies Next Month

It'll be the closet to Earth at the end of May.

Source: -  4.6.2020

COVID-19 Shutdown May Obscure Mysteries of Cracked Interstellar Comet

This fragment was moving away from the comet at about 0.5 meter per second and was seen more than 180 kilometers from its nucleus. “A small fragment of the primary nucleus has come off,” says David Jewitt of the University of California, Los Angeles, who leads one of the teams. “Something came out.” Later images from Hubble revealed the fragment has since disintegrated—but the comet could well continue to cast off debris."

Source: - 4.6.2020

Two fireballs explode within one hour over Belgium, another over southern Germany hours later

Two fireballs occurred within a period of one hour on April 1, 2020, over Belgium. The first one was spotted by the FRIPON network's four stations at around 22:57 UTC while the second was captured by three cameras at 23:33 UTC (00:57 LT and 01:33 LT on April 2, respectively).

At around 01:52 UTC on April 2, (03:52 LT), another fireball streaked across the skies of neighboring country Germany-- just less than two hours later.

Source: - 4.3.2020

Bright fireball over Florida, U.S.

A bright fireball exploded over Florida, U.S., on April 1, 2020, and was captured on camera. The American Meteor Society received 16 eyewitness reports, with one also coming from Georgia.

Source: - 4.2.2020

6.5 magnitude Idaho earthquake strikes northeast of Boise

BOISE, Idaho (KUTV) -- A 6.5 magnitude earthquake has struck near Boise, Idaho, according to the USGS.

Source: - 4.1.2020

Strong storms and possible tornadoes leave damage, power outages from Mississippi to Georgia

Source: - 3.31.2020

Triangular UFO spotted again over Texas as mystery lights move across sky

A triangle-shaped UFO appears to have been spotted for the third time this year above Texas, in an astonishingly-clear video.

The mysterious “craft” was first seen on New Year’s Day in Houston, before being spotted again above a motorway in Bogata last month.

Source: - 3.30.2020

Power Outages, Internet Blackout

According to Q :  the internet may go dark around April 2020. And may be some outages of power grids as well.

It's called: 10 Days of Darkness. Could this be a metaphor for the underground war in the darkness?

India's homes go blackout to mark fight against COVID-19

NEW DELHI, 5th April, 2020 (WAM) -- Homes in the world’s second most populous nation were blacked out tonight for nine minutes from 9 pm in what has been the biggest mass mobilisation anywhere so far in spreading awareness about the COVID-19.

Indians, numbering 1.3 billion, spread across its far-flung and remote villages, towns and congested cities switched off lights in their homes and lit candles, flashed torches and switched on their mobile phones’ flashlight, responding to a call by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to do so.

Source: - 4.5.2020

Sky Broadband Internet Reportedly Down for Customers Across UK Amid Covid-19 Lockdown

Customers in Cornwall, Plymouth and other parts of Devon are reporting a loss of internet services, according to the CornwallLive media outlet.

Source: - 4.3.2020

Shell restarting units at its Pernis oil refinery after power outage

LONDON, March 30 (Reuters) - Royal Dutch Shell is restarting units at its Pernis oil refinery in the Netherlands following a power outage on Saturday, a spokesman for the oil major said on Monday.

Source: - 3.30.2020

Wireless outage leaves Telus customers in Western Canada off the hook for up to an hour

Source: - 3.31.2020

Laid off workers battle outages, jammed phone lines as Pa. unemployment system buckles from coronavirus surge

Source: - 3.31.2020

verizon outage : verizon wireless service down (Internet not working) for many users

Source: - 3.31.2020

South Africans under lockdown have to deal with slow internet after another undersea cable break

Two of the undersea cables that connect South Africa to the global network are again suffering outages, dragging down mobile and landline data speeds nationwide. The slowdown comes as workers and students confront the challenges of staying at home because of Covid-19.

Source: - 3.30.2020

Metro By TMobile Service down ( Internet not working ) : Metro PCS TMobile Outage

Source: - 3.31.2020