Collision Impact Timeline – UPDATE 5.8.2021- Chinese Rocket Earth Collision

LAST UPDATE: 5.8.2021

Debris from Chinese rocket set to collide with Earth

The European Space Agency has confirmed China’s Long March 5B rocket – which was launched into the skies with much fanfare a mere week ago – has dropped into low Earth orbit.

US space research organisation the Aerospace Corporation has forecast the 18 tonne piece of ejected rocket will re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere at around 4am on Sunday, May 9, Greenwich Mean Time, which would be 2pm AEST.

The current trajectory puts the space junk just east of Australia and close to New Zealand’s North Island as it renters.

Source: - 5.8.2021

Possible Meteor Spotted in Skies Over South Florida

Officials have not confirmed if the light was a meteor or a different source.

Source: - 4.13.2021

Flash of light seen in South Florida was likely an asteroid

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — The flash of light seen by many in South Florida Monday night was likely a chunk of an asteroid known as 2021 GW4.

Source: - 4.13.2021

UK meteor lights up night sky with sightings of 'fireball' reported across the country

A huge blaze was seen lighting up the night across the UK, as a meteor roared its way across the skies.

The meteor was visible for around 10 seconds shortly before 10 pm last night, and was caught on people's doorbell cameras across the country.

Source: - 3.1.2021

Asteroid bigger than the Statue of Liberty will fly past Earth on Christmas Day, NASA says

The space rock, dubbed '2020 VT4', was only spotted 15 hours after its closest approach by the Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System on Mauna Loa, Hawaii.

Source: - 12.24.2020

Huge ball of fire 'falls from the sky and crashes into a Chinese county', leaving locals stunned

It is not immediately clear what the ball of fire is, but local media are suggesting the possibility of a very bright meteor. No casualties have been reported.

Source: - 12.23.2020

The Arecibo telescope's 900-ton platform has crashed into its disk below and destroyed the iconic radio observatory

Losing Arecibo deals a major blow to efforts to protect Earth from hazardous asteroids and search for signs of intelligent alien life.

Source: - 12.01.2020

A Mysterious Object Is Hurtling Towards Earth, and Scientists Don't Know What It Is

The object, dubbed 2020 SO by astronomers, will come within "just" 31,605 miles of our planet at 3:50 a.m. ET on December 1, according to NASA's Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS.)

This is an "extremely close," albeit safe, approach ...

Source: - 11.30.2020

 Fireball explodes over northwest America - 'Biggest I have ever seen'

The meteor collided with Earth's atmosphere on October 26, with dozens of people in Canada and the USA spotting the phenomenon. Witnesses were amazed by the sighting, with some claiming it to be the biggest and brightest fireball they had ever witnessed.

Source: - 10.30.2020

Tracking down a fireball in the sky over Alaska

David Fee thinks it was a bolide, a fiery meteor that exploded in the atmosphere, probably above the quiet spruce swamps east of Kaltag and south of Galena.

Source: - 10.25.2020

Fireball: 'OUTSTANDING' fireball explodes over northern USA

On October 28, residents of Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois were treated to a "spectacular" fireball as the Sun was rising. So powerful was the fireball that people were able to see it, despite daylight beginning to take place.

Source: - 10.30.2020

2018 VP1 on 11 2

2018 VP1 is an Apollo near-Earth asteroid roughly 2 meters (7 feet) in diameter. The asteroid has a 0.41% chance (1 in 240) of impacting Earth on 2 November 2020 01:12 UT.


Neil deGrasse Tyson warns asteroid could hit Earth day before election

An asteroid with a diameter the size of a refrigerator could strike the Earth the day before the November election, according to celebrity scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson — but it’s not large enough to do any serious damage.

Source: - 10.18.2020

A dead Soviet satellite and a discarded Chinese rocket body just avoided colliding in space and exploding into dangerous debris

A dead Soviet satellite and a discarded Chinese rocket body sped toward each other in space this week, but avoided a catastrophic crash on Thursday night.

Source: - 10.16.2020

How You Can Watch Live As NASA ‘Kisses’ An Asteroid That Could Destroy Earth In The 22nd Century

On Tuesday, October 20, 2020, NASA will conduct one of the most daring missions in its 62-year history when it attempts a risky “touch-and-go” maneuver to “kiss” a near-Earth asteroid for five seconds.

Source: -  10.15.2020

NASA expert identifies mystery 'object' approaching earth

Instead of a cosmic rock, the newly discovered object appears to be an old rocket from a failed moon-landing mission 54 years ago that’s finally making its way back home, according to NASA’s leading asteroid expert.

Observations should soon help nail its actual identity.

Source: - 10.12.2020

NASA's Osiris-Rex about to land on asteroid Bennu: Here's what will happen

NASA's Osiris-Rex spacecraft will briefly touch down on a large asteroid next week and grab some rocks and dust from its surface to be returned to Earth for study.

Source: - 10.14.2020

This spacecraft is being readied for a one-way mission to deflect an asteroid

Can slamming into a space rock at 15,000 miles per hour prevent it from hitting Earth? The DART mission aims to find out.

Source: - 10.12.2020

Fireball booms over UK as residents describe 'the best I've ever seen'

A FIREBALL which hit over northern Europe was so bright that one eye witness in Britain described it as one of the "best and biggest" they'd ever seen.

Source: - 10.12.2020

Large asteroid will pass safely November 29, closer in subsequent flybys

A large asteroid will pass Earth at more than 11 times the moon’s distance on November 29, 2020, and will approach more closely in later flybys. Charts here for telescope users.

Source: - 10.6.2020

'Asteroid' filmed hurtling through the sky in Devon

Is it a bird, is it a plane? Watch the video below and see what you think

Source: - 10.12.2020

How to watch October's Orionids meteor shower — one of the best of the year

After a short hiatus from meteor activity, the annual Orionids meteor shower is back to bring shooting stars to the night sky.

Source: - 10.10.2020

At least 5 space rocks headed towards Earth this week, as Japan extends its Hayabusa2 asteroid-hunter mission

Before anyone can breathe a sigh of relief, however, three more Near-Earth Objects are expected to fly past on September 22.

At 50m in diameter, or as tall as the Arc de Triomphe, the largest of the three, named 2020 RD5, will pass the Earth at 61,000 kph at a mercifully safe distance of four million kilometers.

Not long after, the paltry-by-comparison 2020 SM2, measuring just 5.8m in diameter, or four Danny DeVitos stacked on top of one another, will zoom past Earth, just 1.2 million km away.

Bringing up the rear will be the 27-meter 2020 RB6, traveling at a staggering 71,000 kph, set to pass our planet at a ‘close approach’ distance of 2.5 million km.

Source: - 9.21.2020

Asteroid over 22 metres in diameter to pass by Earth on September 1: NASA

An asteroid with diameters between 22 and 49 metres will shoot pass Earth in a distance closer than Earth from the Moon on September 1, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Source: - 8.30.2020

Asteroid 2011 ES4 to make its closest approach to Earth, closer than any asteroid in next decade

First discovered in 2011, this asteroid passes by Earth every nine years.

Source: - 8.30.2020

No other asteroid is going to get closer to Earth in the next decade than the one set to fly by on September 1

In fact, Asteroid 11 ES 4 will be the only near-Earth object to venture in this close for another decade.
Only in 2032 will another asteroid — 2008 DB — come within the same distance of Earth.

Source: - 8.28.2020

NASA, FEMA, International Partners Plan Asteroid Impact Exercise

Source: - 4.24.2019


In 2016, NASA and FEMA created a plan for an asteroid impact to take place on September 20, 2020. This event could be considered the second 9/11 if it happens. Remember, Event 201 predicted not only the coronavirus pandemic, but the totalitarian takeover in the aftermath.

Source: - 7.23.2020

NASA and FEMA prepare for Sept 20 Asteroid impact in California, off coast: Documents reveal

The question we must now ask is: will the drill go live? Actual asteroid to make its close approach to Earth on Sept 20!

Source: - 8.21.2020

COVID-19 forces Earth's largest telescopes to close

More than 100 of Earth's largest telescopes are now closed, and astronomers are worried about the pandemic’s long-term impacts on their field.

Source: - 4.7.2020

Asteroid or Meteor: What's the Difference?

An asteroid is a small rocky object that orbits the Sun. Asteroids are smaller than a planet, but they are larger than the pebble-size objects we call meteoroids.


"Fact following fiction? Scientists plan mission to blow up an asteroid 'hurtling towards Earth'. Plan is similar to the plot of Hollywood film Armageddon."

Source: - 8.18.2011

"How a Nuclear Bomb Could Save Earth From an Asteroid."

Source: - 3.12.2012

"Russia's Armageddon plan to save Earth from collision with asteroid."

Source: - 12.30.2009

"A Space Laser Designed To Vaporize Dangerous Asteroids."

Source: - 7.22.2013

"Russia unable to join Europe’s meteorite warning system."

Source:  - 5.22.2013

Are the elections just a perfect occasion for a plan that was made a long time ago? Or is the plan a perfect occasion to stop the November 2020 elections in America?
May be there is no plan at all but a bad change of course for planet Earth. Perhaps the course of the object will be altered on purpose? Lots of questions regarding the N.E.O. that is about to ...

A Mad Max meme from the internet. Source:

Chaos is on the rise. Perhaps it's not really rising but rather getting better organized. Plandemics, riots and protests.

When the world is in chaos, people are seeking some sort of order. But the chaos is not that chaotic. It's not enough berserkish yet, for some.

The Plan

Since 1997 there's a strange message on a page of an intriguing website.
It describes an old plan to depopulate the earth with a Near Earth Object - N.E.O.

THE PLAN (Massive Depopulation)

As you read this, aryan astronomers are searching the skies and locating any potential comets, meteors or asteroid candidates, not too big, not too small for the proposed massive depopulation plan.

The object that hits will have been "tipped" in to collision course on purpose. The aryans who do it will claim it was an "accident".


10.30.2020 - We found out that the website has been offline since about a week. This is odd because it has been online since 1997? The Internet WayBack Machine still has a copy of this notorious website. You can visit it via: - WayBack Machine: 

Screen image from the web page on the WayBack Machine.

 The Aftermath

And on this timeline it seems that there's an almost perfect moment coming to execute The Plan. The cabal is trying everything it can to stop President Trump from getting re-elected. Are their plans getting more severe?

Or is this all just conspiracy theories? And what exactly are we talking about? Who has time, during the aftermath. to ask:
was it a real asteroid impact, or was it a M.O.A.B.?

Can the timeline still be changed?

You decide for yourself.

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