The Plan – Collision Impact Timeline – UPDATE 1.4.2023 – The HAARP Asteroid Experiment

The Plan

Since 1997 there's a strange message on a page of an intriguing website. It describes an old plan to depopulate the earth with a Near Earth Object - N.E.O.

If you have been following The Plan, then today - or yesterday (September 26,2022), depending on your time zone - is a very special day. The moment some have been waiting for, and some feared that this moment would arrive. A spacecraft slammed into an Asteroid 'to change its course'.

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Watch Live: NASA's DART Spacecraft Crashes Into Asteroid Dimorphos
In less than 24 hours, NASA's DART spacecraft will be no more. After launching atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 on Nov. 24, 2021, the Double Asteroid Redirection Test probe will make its final death dive into the asteroid Dimorphos on Monday, Sept. 26, colliding with the space rock at about 14,000 miles per hour.
We've got all the info you need to watch the grand finale live right here, including livestream links from two cameras in deep space.

Source: - 9.25.2022

THE PLAN (Massive Depopulation)
As you read this, aryan astronomers are searching the skies and locating any potential comets, meteors or asteroid candidates, not too big, not too small for the proposed massive depopulation plan.

The object that hits will have been "tipped" in to collision course on purpose. The aryans who do it will claim it was an "accident".

Source: - 1997

On 10.30.2020 we discovered that the website has been offline. This is odd because it has been online since 1997? The Internet WayBack Machine still has a copy of this website. - WayBack Machine: ⇒

Screen image from the web page on the WayBack Machine.

 The Aftermath

Who has time, during the aftermath. to ask: was it a real asteroid impact, or was it a M.O.A.B.?

Can the timeline still be changed?

You decide for yourself.

See also: H.A.M.M.E.R. Time - The Plan 

UPDATE 1.4.2023

The HAARP Asteroid Experiment

Things a getting stranger. It seems that they want to involve the notorious HAARP machine, to join The Plan?

The Plan to redirect the path of a dangerous asteroid or meteor has entered a new phase. The machine of which some people say that it can cause earthquakes, is ready to "bounce signal off asteroid". 
They want to look inside an asteroid, by using radio waves.

NASA and HAARP conclude asteroid experiment
Results of Tuesday's experiment at the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) research facility at Gakona could aid efforts to defend Earth from larger asteroids that could cause significant damage.

Source: - 12.30.2022

HAARP to bounce signal off asteroid in NASA experiment
The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program research site in Gakona will transmit radio signals to asteroid 2010 XC15, which could be about 500 feet across. The University of New Mexico Long Wavelength Array near Socorro, New Mexico, and the Owens Valley Radio Observatory Long Wavelength Array near Bishop, California, will receive the signal.
This will be the first use of HAARP to probe an asteroid.

Source: - 12.21.2022

UPDATE 10.21.2022

The Unexpected Twin Tail

The Hubble Space Telescope took a picture of the DART mission slamming into Dimorphos, in September.
And recently they discovered something 'unexpected'. They found "a twin tail of dust trailing behind the asteroid system." And they said that it was unexpected.

Is  this the accident that is mentioned in The Plan, from the website from 1997? Is the Twin going to be the object that has been "tipped" in to collision course on purpose.?

Hubble shows view of ‘unexpected’ twin tail created by NASA spacecraft slamming into asteroid
The Hubble Space Telescope captured a new snapshot of the asteroid that NASA recently slammed with a spacecraft in an attempt to knock it off course, and the image reveals the clearest look yet at some unexpected results from the mission — a twin tail of dust trailing behind the asteroid system.

Source: - 10.20.2022

Twin tail revealed in new Hubble image of Didymos-Dimorphos system following DART impact
Two tails of dust ejected from the Didymos-Dimorphos asteroid system are seen in new images from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, documenting the lingering aftermath of the NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) impact on 27 September 2022 at 01:14 CEST. Current data show that DART shortened Dimorphos’ original 11 hour and 55 minute orbit around Didymos by about 32 minutes.

Source: - October 2022

Some interesting Twin numbers. 11 and 55.

Didymos Means: Twin

In a previous update, few months ago (see below) we wrote that Didymos means: Twin.

The name of near-Earth asteroid system that is targeted by the DART mission is called: (65803) Didymos.
Didymos is a surname of the apostle Thomas. And Didymos means: two fold, twain, double, twin.

This unexpected Twin is amazing and terrifying at the same time. Is The Plan real? And in the meantime when the plot is unfolding, we still like to ask:

Who has time, during the aftermath. to ask: was it a real asteroid impact, or was it a M.O.A.B.?
THE PLAN (Massive Depopulation)
As you read this, the American public and peoples of the world are being "educated" about asteroids/meteors/comets, and the deleterious effects they can have on the Earth and "life" here. The fringe loonies are being filled with stories of "Planet X", Nibiru, the "dark star" and/or "Wormwood" on its way to collide with Earth. Various movies, "Armageddon", "Deep Impact", books "Lucifer's Hammer", etc., are made specifically so human minds can "imagine" the scenario. The "fatima" prophecies given to the popes from some illiterate girls who had a vision, caused the catholic church to build a huge telescope down in Chile to watch for the planetoid on its way in.
As you read this, aryan astronomers are searching the skies and locating any potential comets, meteors or asteroid candidates, not too big, not too small for the proposed massive depopulation plan.
The object that hits will have been "tipped" in to collision course on purpose. The aryans who do it will claim it was an "accident". History, i.e. primitive survivors sitting around campfires, telling the story, will say it was an act of god.
Due to overpopulation pressure the "aryans" have a plan to massively depopulate the planet.
According to one of the eldest aryans on the planet, Edward Teller, father of the H-bomb, now finally dead, we just have to knock the oncoming meteor aside.
What the aryans have in mind, however, is to knock the appropriate sized meteor into a collision course.
The meaningful "governments" all have deep underground shelters, some as large as cities holding 10,000 people(Mount Weather, Virginia) If the object hits the ocean, it kicks water into the atmosphere, if it hits land it kicks dirt into the atmosphere. Either way "nuclear winter" scenario takes place. Sunlight will be blocked for a year, no food crops will grow. Most of the seed stocks have been hybridized by the conglomerates, ADM, Cargill and others, so they only grow one season, the seeds produced by hybridized plants are sterile and cannot grow new plants. The greedy corporations have done this so third world countries have to go into debt borrowing money from the ferrets at the IMF and World Bank in order to buy seeds EACH YEAR. Under "Nuclear Winter" scenario, it only takes three years for 3 billion or more people to starve to death and/or kill each other for food.
It has been ascertained by the CFR that unless drastic measures are taken before 2020 that there will be no quality of life for anyone. AIDS is germ warfare but it is not happening fast enough. Germ warfare "bird-flu" pandemic is planned.
Snakes on a plane, here comes the rant! When the engineered infrastructure breakdown occurs, the government goes underground, FEMA declares martial law and the government retires under the aegis of the FRA (Federal Relocation Arc-200 underground survival centers). then they fly the remotely controlled silent disk craft, tell us we are "under alien attack, please remain in your homes, don't riot, let us handle this". They never have to use the army to control population because they have the phony "alien" attack, a "common enemy". Causing belief in "aliens" on Earth has been the largest mind control project since MK-ULTRA. They have caused all the dimwits to believe in aliens. Please don't misunderstand, there is plenty of intelligent "life" in this Galaxy, it just has not come here in the last 2 million years. Almost every "alien abductee" can be back engineered and shown to be a mind control victim. To those very few humans who have actually "seen" something strange, Thule Foundation states unequivocally that your sighting was "interdimensional" and not extraterrestrial. There are no extraterrestrials on Earth at this time. If they are not able to execute the Plan, massive population thinning will be blamed on acts of terrorism. Human version of bird flu designed. SARS for China, Hanta for Navajos. Note: Humans reading this who work for various intelligence organizations, NSA, CIA, DIA, FEMA, etc., homeland insecurity and social mind control experts, be aware that you have been compartmentalized. Wake up! You are a part of the greatest genocidal murder plot in recorded history, far more heinous than the holocaust. You are just a cog in the wheel for the rulers of planet Earth. Cannon fodder. They won't need you after the infrastructure breaks down, your usefulness will be over.
For information on the history and current day comments on silent flying disks. go to (LOOK Magazine article 1955) The aptly named "shadow government" is already in place, "practicing" survival underground.
Copyright © 1997-2014 Thule Foundation

Source: - Via the WayBack Machine ⇒

"Fact following fiction? Scientists plan mission to blow up an asteroid 'hurtling towards Earth'. Plan is similar to the plot of Hollywood film Armageddon."

Source: - 8.18.2011

"How a Nuclear Bomb Could Save Earth From an Asteroid."

Source: - 3.12.2012

"Russia's Armageddon plan to save Earth from collision with asteroid."

Source: - 12.30.2009

"A Space Laser Designed To Vaporize Dangerous Asteroids."

Source: - 7.22.2013

"Russia unable to join Europe’s meteorite warning system."

Source:  - 5.22.2013

LAST UPDATE: 9.17.2022

Fireball seen over UK confirmed as meteor after day of confusion
The fireball was visible above northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland as it blazed across the clear night sky just after 10pm on Wednesday night.
It travelled 300km above Wales, the Irish Sea and Belfast before crashing into the Atlantic near Islay, according to new calculations by the UK Meteor Network.

Source: - 9.15.2022

Another we-did-not-see-it-coming scenario?  

Asteroid impacts Earth just two hours after it was discovered
An asteroid struck the Earth over the weekend, just two hours after it was discovered.
Designated 2022 EB5, the small rocky object impacted the planet on March 11 north of Iceland, according to numerous astronomers online.

Source: - 3.14.2022

Playmobil Satellite Meteoroid Laser 9490

Playmobil Satellite Meteoroid Laser. Photo by: D. Camillo.

An interesting case of predictive programming. A Playmobil set with an action figure that can be attached to a satellite, armed with some rods or missiles. She's ready to smash the meteors with the satellite meteoroid laser.

May be it's just a coincidence. May be it's an artistic spark of imagination from the creative department at Playmobil?
Perhaps it could be some subliminal warning for the younger generations, created by a team of time travelers from the future?

Or is it the usual suspects: the shadow government deep state cabal, sending out predictive programming in the form of a toy. In order to normalize the threat of asteroids and meteors, to prepare the youth for The Plan?
Scroll down to read more about 'The Plan' ⇓

The number of this Playmobil set is: 9490.
4 is a double twin number. 2 + 2 = 4
And 2 is: 1 + 1.

See also: category The 911 Code ⇒

PLAYMOBIL Satellite Meteoroid Laser
Keep the mission on track and destroy any space debris that blocks your way with the satellite meteoroid laser!
Open the satellite solar panels to power the equipment and detect surrounding space matter
Then, use the lasers to destroy the break-apart meteoroid
Shatter the meteoroid by simultaneously pressing in the center on both sides
If the Astronaut needs to go out into space, secure him to the vessel with the connected arm attachment


Watch: Multiple Witnesses Film Mysterious Fireball Over Norwegian Community
Multiple witnesses in Norway captured footage of a mysterious fireball soaring through the sky and no one is quite sure what the odd object might have been. According to a local media report, the strange mass sighting occurred last Thursday afternoon in the community of Alta when several people noticed something out of the ordinary sailing over their heads.

Source: - 2.16.2022

Watch on YouTube ⇒

'It Appeared From Nowhere': Fireball Lighting Up UK Skies Wows Onlookers
A huge meteor has shot across UK skies stunning onlookers with its impressive green and blue trail.
More than 100 people reported sightings of the meteor on Saturday evening around 7 p.m. local time as the celestial body was tracked in the skies above England, Scotland, and North Wales.

Source: - 2.1.2022

See also:
Acid Rain, Multi-Year Winter, Tsunamis: Everything to Brace for If Giant Asteroid Hits Earth
- 1.31.2022

Do Look Up: Some Asteroids Can Creep Up on Earth Undetected, NASA Warns
NASA is currently working on a 2005 task outlined by the US Congress to catalogue and track an absolute majority of potentially dangerous NEOs – objects in space that come as close as 45 million kilometres to Earth's orbit around the Sun.
As opposed to what you might see in the Netflix satire "Don't Look Up", the US and specifically NASA goes to great lengths to monitor objects in space that might endanger Earth. And so, when a 100-metre asteroid, called 2019 OK, snuck up and surprised astronomers just 24 hours before passing 70,000 km from Earth (for comparison, the Moon circles the planet at a distance of 384,400 km) in 2019 they rushed to find out how it could have caught them unawares.

Source: - 1.16.2022

So, when a large Asteroid or Comet impact occurs, to execute 'The Plan', we can't blame NASA because they didn't saw it coming.

Previous Update 12.10.2021

We all know that Hollywood uses the silver screen for predictive programming, symbols and telling the truth in the form of fictional entertainment. The latest in the climate change agenda is a movie about a comet approaching Earth.
Very interesting themes during these strange days. We have not seen this movie but we think that 'don't look up', is a strange message.

Leonardo DiCaprio: How comet-themed 'Don't Look Up' shows climate crisis as an emergency
The Oscar-winning actor ("The Revenant", "Inception") is the lead for the cast of "Don't Look Up" (Netflix, Dec. 10), a dark satire about a deadly comet heading for Earth. Director Adam McKay ("The Big Short") has said the comet is meant to evoke how the global warming crisis is being politicized by anybody with the chance to do something about it.

Source: - 12.10.2021

Previous Update

Asteroids used to be compared with objects, such as: truck or refrigerator sized asteroids. And sometimes buildings like: an asteroid the size of the Eiffel Tower.

But as for now, size doesn't matter anymore when it comes to media reports on asteroids. It's the impact that defines it, according to media. The latest on the list of asteroids passing by Earth in December is a 'stronger than nuke' asteroid.

Interesting choice of words.

Large asteroid stronger than nuke heading towards Earth late December
2018 AH is estimated to be around 190 meters long, similar to the Tunguska asteroid, meaning it would be far more powerful than a nuclear bomb.

Source: - 11.27.2021

It's a bit scary that mainstream media is publishing more and more news, that resonates with the reason why we started this impact-article. And the latest impact-news is from todays Dailystar article.

Their news heading starts with: Armageddon. And they write about that governments are not doing enough against the thread of an asteroid impact. You and we, we all know when governments are not doing enough to prevent something, that it's not by accident or bad management. It's by design.
Scroll down to read more about: The Plan.

Ghislaine Maxwell's trial starts on 11.26.2021. It would be a nice outcome for some perpetrators if something huge would happen before the world knows about the depths of this trial. But we don't want to speculate on any doom and gloom. Trust the Plan?

Armageddon fears as expert warns 'no plans' to boost Earth's defence against asteroids
“Congress did put in law that the White House identify who should be responsible, but fully four subsequent administrations so far have blown off their request.
Expert Danica Remy said: “There are three million asteroids and we have not a freaking clue where they are and they are flying around us.

Source: - 11.21.2021

Previous Update

Bigger than the London Eye. Sounds very intense. And meanwhile the Sanderhin prepares for the arrival of the Messiah.

Huge asteroid bigger than London Eye set to crash into Earth's orbit this weekend
While that sounds very far away, light measurements currently take just 19 seconds to travel from the asteroid to earth – it measures around 190 metres in diameter.
If it does continue at the same trajectory, and passes earth, rather than landing on it, it can be seen at approximately 00.23 on Saturday, November 20 - although the best viewing point is not yet known.

Source: - 11.16.2021

"19 seconds to travel from the asteroid to earth..."

"around 190 metres in diameter..."

See also: The 911 Code category ⇒

We were used to refrigerator and bus size asteroids being announced in the media.
December 2021 is going to be different when it comes to asteroid sizes. Next month two Near Earth Objects with the size of buildings will approach our Crater Earth planet plane.

First there's the Eiffel Tower and the next one is the Burj Khalifa asteroid.
And on top of this all there's also: Kamo’oalewa, The quasi-moon.

Earth Has a Second Moon—For Another 300 Years, At Least
The quasi-moon—named Kamo’oalewa, after a Hawaiian word that refers to a moving celestial object—is not much to speak of, measuring less than 50 m (164 ft) across. It circles the Earth in a repeating corkscrew-like trajectory that brings it no closer than 40 to 100 times the 384,000 km (239,000 mi.) distance of our more familiar moon.

Source: - 11.11.2021

Asteroid the size of Eiffel Tower heading for Earth in December
Dubbed 4660 Nereus, or 1982 DB, this vaguely egg-shaped asteroid has a size of approximately 330 meters. But while considered potentially hazardous, it also has potential for exploration.

Source: - 11.9.2021

Asteroid the size of Burj Khalifa heading for Earth mid-December
Designated 163899 (2003 SD220), the massive asteroid is has a diameter of approximately 791 meters. But while considered potentially hazardous, it also has potential for exploration.

Source: - 11.9.2021

Another 'no one saw it coming' asteroid. The previous one was a warehouse-sized asteroid. And the latest near Earth asteroid is the size of a refrigerator.

Asteroid 2021 UA1 races closer to Earth than communications satellites - and NASA didn’t even know it was coming
Asteroid 2021 UA1 came within 3000km of Earth - which is further than where the International Space Station orbits but closer to our planet than a number of communications satellites.
And while it ended up posing no danger to Earth, the space rock wasn’t noticed until it had already flown past our planet.

Source: - 11.3.2021

The 10.8.2021 update is about a mainstream media article regarding the D.A.R.T. mission.
The NASA is planning for a: "demonstration of the kinetic impactor technique to change the motion of an asteroid in space", according to
Very interesting if you're familiar with a website from 1997 that wrote about: The Plan.

The object that hits will have been "tipped" in to collision course on purpose. The aryans who do it will claim it was an "accident".

Source: - 1997 (This website is currently not active)

The name of near-Earth asteroid system that is targeted by the DART mission is called: (65803) Didymos.
Didymos is a surname of the apostle Thomas. And Didymos means: two fold, twain, double, twin.
Twins and doubles are important symbols. Good examples may be: two towers or: twin towers, two pillars and the notorious number 11.

When we compute the number of the near-Earth asteroid system 65803, the the result is: 22, which is a twin number.
6 + 5 + 8 + 0 + 3 = 22
Other twin numbers are e.g.: 33, 55, 66, 77 ... and so on.

See also:
Didymus, double, i.e., twin, Greek: Δίδυμος, didymos (G1324) -
didymos -

The DART spacecraft is expected to encounter Didymos in September 2022. September is the 9th month.
In: 'The Plan', talked about by the old and classic website:, there's no mention of any numbers or symbols.
It's simply: The Plan, that we can see unfolding in the N.E.O. news.
Or is it all just fantasy and imagination?

NASA's DART mission will crash craft to redirect asteroid, scientists say
The mission, called the Double Asteroid Redirection Test, or DART, is led for NASA by the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.
"DART will be the first demonstration of the kinetic impactor technique to change the motion of an asteroid in space," the space agency said.

Source: - 10.7.2021

Comet traveling 84,000 mph is fast-approaching Earth very soon
The Rosetta spacecraft traveled with the comet for two years, and in during that time, it sent down Rosetta's lander that touched down on the surface of the comet. Now, 67P is on its way to making its closest approach with Earth for the next 193 years. Next closest approach will be in 2214.
67P will pass safely pass Earth between November 11 and November 12 at a distance of about 38 million miles.

Source: - 9.30.2021

• "Rosetta's lander that touched down on the surface of the comet."  Scroll down to read more about: The Plan ⇓

• P67 will pass Earth between 11.11.2021 and 11.12.2021.  See also: The 911 Code category ⇒ 

Warehouse-sized asteroid whipped by Earth and no one saw it coming
... the big asteroid -- catalogued as 2021 SG -- wasn't spotted until the day after it had already made its closest pass by our planet.

Source: - 9.24.2021

Potentially hazardous' asteroid traveling 21,000 mph towards Earth
For an asteroid to be considered "potentially hazardous," it must be classified as a "Near-Earth Object" (NEO), and for an asteroid (or comet) to be a NEO, it needs to "approaches our planet less than 1.3 times the distance from Earth to the Sun", per NASA.

Source: - 9.8.2021

Asteroid twice as big as Empire State Building to fly by Earth in Sept.
The asteroid will pass by approximately 366,000 kilometers away from the planet. This means it will fly closer to the Earth than the Moon, which is located 384,400 kilometers away from the planet.

Source: - 8.26.2021

The fireball and explosion gained a lot of attention on Twitter, with various onlookers sharing footage of the briefly-illuminated night sky.
Of course, those same posts were filled with conspiracy theories about aliens vessels and advanced orbital weaponry — who can blame them when they just watched that display?

Source: - 8.2.2021

Rumbling meteor lights up Norway, prompting search for meteorites
An “unusually large meteor” briefly lit up southern Norway on Sunday, creating a spectacular sound and light display as it rumbled across the sky, and a part of it may have hit Earth, possibly not far from the capital, Oslo, experts said.
Reports of sightings started arriving at around 1am, and the phenomenon was seen as far north as Trondheim. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.
A web camera in Holmestrand, south of Oslo, captured a fireball falling from the sky and erupting into a bright flash that lit up a marina.

Source: - 7.25.2021

Asteroid the size of Giza pyramid, Taj Mahal to pass 'close' to Earth
The 2008 GO20 asteroid is between 318 and 720 feet tall (220 meters) and has drawn comparisons to a number of famous world structures to convey just how big it is, including the Taj Mahal and the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Source: - 7.25.2021

Why an Asteroid Strike Is Like a Pandemic
Asteroids are like viruses in a sense: they number in the tens of millions but only a few types pose a threat to humans. For asteroids, it’s the “near-Earth” variety—those with orbits that come close to our own—that we must worry about.

Source: - 7.25.2021

An interesting article on: - "Why Is NASA Working So Hard To Learn How To Defend The Earth From Giant Asteroids? "

May be the answer can be found in:
H.A.M.M.E.R. Time – The Plan - Hypervelocity Asteroid Mitigation Mission for Emergency Response ⇒

Why Is NASA Working So Hard To Learn How To Defend The Earth From Giant Asteroids? 

Did you know that NASA is going to send a spacecraft on a suicide mission in an attempt to change the trajectory of a massive space rock?  The good news is that the space rock that NASA will be crashing this spacecraft into is not on a collision course with Earth.  It is only a test.  But why has NASA suddenly become so concerned with figuring out how to defend the Earth from giant asteroids?  Could it be possible that there is something heading toward Earth in the future that they haven’t told us about yet?

Source: - 7.5.2021

See also an infographic illustrating hyperinflation through history:

There Are 25K Asteroids Out There, and NASA Proved We Can’t Stop a Single One

As far as Earth scientists know, as of May 2021 there are 25,705 near-Earth asteroids circling our planet like sharks, at various distances.

Source: - 6.5.2021

Debris from Chinese rocket set to collide with Earth

The European Space Agency has confirmed China’s Long March 5B rocket – which was launched into the skies with much fanfare a mere week ago – has dropped into low Earth orbit.

US space research organisation the Aerospace Corporation has forecast the 18 tonne piece of ejected rocket will re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere at around 4am on Sunday, May 9, Greenwich Mean Time, which would be 2pm AEST.

The current trajectory puts the space junk just east of Australia and close to New Zealand’s North Island as it renters.

Source: - 5.8.2021

Debris from Chinese rocket set to collide with Earth

The European Space Agency has confirmed China’s Long March 5B rocket – which was launched into the skies with much fanfare a mere week ago – has dropped into low Earth orbit.

US space research organisation the Aerospace Corporation has forecast the 18 tonne piece of ejected rocket will re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere at around 4am on Sunday, May 9, Greenwich Mean Time, which would be 2pm AEST.

The current trajectory puts the space junk just east of Australia and close to New Zealand’s North Island as it renters.

Source: - 5.8.2021

Possible Meteor Spotted in Skies Over South Florida

Officials have not confirmed if the light was a meteor or a different source.

Source: - 4.13.2021

Flash of light seen in South Florida was likely an asteroid

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — The flash of light seen by many in South Florida Monday night was likely a chunk of an asteroid known as 2021 GW4.

Source: - 4.13.2021

UK meteor lights up night sky with sightings of 'fireball' reported across the country

A huge blaze was seen lighting up the night across the UK, as a meteor roared its way across the skies.

The meteor was visible for around 10 seconds shortly before 10 pm last night, and was caught on people's doorbell cameras across the country.

Source: - 3.1.2021

Asteroid bigger than the Statue of Liberty will fly past Earth on Christmas Day, NASA says

The space rock, dubbed '2020 VT4', was only spotted 15 hours after its closest approach by the Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System on Mauna Loa, Hawaii.

Source: - 12.24.2020

Huge ball of fire 'falls from the sky and crashes into a Chinese county', leaving locals stunned

It is not immediately clear what the ball of fire is, but local media are suggesting the possibility of a very bright meteor. No casualties have been reported.

Source: - 12.23.2020

The Arecibo telescope's 900-ton platform has crashed into its disk below and destroyed the iconic radio observatory

Losing Arecibo deals a major blow to efforts to protect Earth from hazardous asteroids and search for signs of intelligent alien life.

Source: - 12.01.2020

A Mysterious Object Is Hurtling Towards Earth, and Scientists Don't Know What It Is

The object, dubbed 2020 SO by astronomers, will come within "just" 31,605 miles of our planet at 3:50 a.m. ET on December 1, according to NASA's Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS.)

This is an "extremely close," albeit safe, approach ...

Source: - 11.30.2020

 Fireball explodes over northwest America - 'Biggest I have ever seen'

The meteor collided with Earth's atmosphere on October 26, with dozens of people in Canada and the USA spotting the phenomenon. Witnesses were amazed by the sighting, with some claiming it to be the biggest and brightest fireball they had ever witnessed.

Source: - 10.30.2020

Tracking down a fireball in the sky over Alaska

David Fee thinks it was a bolide, a fiery meteor that exploded in the atmosphere, probably above the quiet spruce swamps east of Kaltag and south of Galena.

Source: - 10.25.2020

Fireball: 'OUTSTANDING' fireball explodes over northern USA

On October 28, residents of Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois were treated to a "spectacular" fireball as the Sun was rising. So powerful was the fireball that people were able to see it, despite daylight beginning to take place.

Source: - 10.30.2020

2018 VP1 on 11 2

2018 VP1 is an Apollo near-Earth asteroid roughly 2 meters (7 feet) in diameter. The asteroid has a 0.41% chance (1 in 240) of impacting Earth on 2 November 2020 01:12 UT.


Neil deGrasse Tyson warns asteroid could hit Earth day before election

An asteroid with a diameter the size of a refrigerator could strike the Earth the day before the November election, according to celebrity scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson — but it’s not large enough to do any serious damage.

Source: - 10.18.2020

A dead Soviet satellite and a discarded Chinese rocket body just avoided colliding in space and exploding into dangerous debris

A dead Soviet satellite and a discarded Chinese rocket body sped toward each other in space this week, but avoided a catastrophic crash on Thursday night.

Source: - 10.16.2020

How You Can Watch Live As NASA ‘Kisses’ An Asteroid That Could Destroy Earth In The 22nd Century

On Tuesday, October 20, 2020, NASA will conduct one of the most daring missions in its 62-year history when it attempts a risky “touch-and-go” maneuver to “kiss” a near-Earth asteroid for five seconds.

Source: -  10.15.2020

NASA expert identifies mystery 'object' approaching earth

Instead of a cosmic rock, the newly discovered object appears to be an old rocket from a failed moon-landing mission 54 years ago that’s finally making its way back home, according to NASA’s leading asteroid expert.

Observations should soon help nail its actual identity.

Source: - 10.12.2020

NASA's Osiris-Rex about to land on asteroid Bennu: Here's what will happen

NASA's Osiris-Rex spacecraft will briefly touch down on a large asteroid next week and grab some rocks and dust from its surface to be returned to Earth for study.

Source: - 10.14.2020

This spacecraft is being readied for a one-way mission to deflect an asteroid

Can slamming into a space rock at 15,000 miles per hour prevent it from hitting Earth? The DART mission aims to find out.

Source: - 10.12.2020

Fireball booms over UK as residents describe 'the best I've ever seen'

A FIREBALL which hit over northern Europe was so bright that one eye witness in Britain described it as one of the "best and biggest" they'd ever seen.

Source: - 10.12.2020

Large asteroid will pass safely November 29, closer in subsequent flybys

A large asteroid will pass Earth at more than 11 times the moon’s distance on November 29, 2020, and will approach more closely in later flybys. Charts here for telescope users.

Source: - 10.6.2020

'Asteroid' filmed hurtling through the sky in Devon

Is it a bird, is it a plane? Watch the video below and see what you think

Source: - 10.12.2020

How to watch October's Orionids meteor shower — one of the best of the year

After a short hiatus from meteor activity, the annual Orionids meteor shower is back to bring shooting stars to the night sky.

Source: - 10.10.2020

At least 5 space rocks headed towards Earth this week, as Japan extends its Hayabusa2 asteroid-hunter mission

Before anyone can breathe a sigh of relief, however, three more Near-Earth Objects are expected to fly past on September 22.

At 50m in diameter, or as tall as the Arc de Triomphe, the largest of the three, named 2020 RD5, will pass the Earth at 61,000 kph at a mercifully safe distance of four million kilometers.

Not long after, the paltry-by-comparison 2020 SM2, measuring just 5.8m in diameter, or four Danny DeVitos stacked on top of one another, will zoom past Earth, just 1.2 million km away.

Bringing up the rear will be the 27-meter 2020 RB6, traveling at a staggering 71,000 kph, set to pass our planet at a ‘close approach’ distance of 2.5 million km.

Source: - 9.21.2020

Asteroid over 22 metres in diameter to pass by Earth on September 1: NASA

An asteroid with diameters between 22 and 49 metres will shoot pass Earth in a distance closer than Earth from the Moon on September 1, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Source: - 8.30.2020

Asteroid 2011 ES4 to make its closest approach to Earth, closer than any asteroid in next decade

First discovered in 2011, this asteroid passes by Earth every nine years.

Source: - 8.30.2020

No other asteroid is going to get closer to Earth in the next decade than the one set to fly by on September 1

In fact, Asteroid 11 ES 4 will be the only near-Earth object to venture in this close for another decade.
Only in 2032 will another asteroid — 2008 DB — come within the same distance of Earth.

Source: - 8.28.2020

NASA, FEMA, International Partners Plan Asteroid Impact Exercise

Source: - 4.24.2019


In 2016, NASA and FEMA created a plan for an asteroid impact to take place on September 20, 2020. This event could be considered the second 9/11 if it happens. Remember, Event 201 predicted not only the coronavirus pandemic, but the totalitarian takeover in the aftermath.

Source: - 7.23.2020

NASA and FEMA prepare for Sept 20 Asteroid impact in California, off coast: Documents reveal

The question we must now ask is: will the drill go live? Actual asteroid to make its close approach to Earth on Sept 20!

Source: - 8.21.2020

Meteor Or UFO Sighted Over Alta, Norway. February 10, 2022 (Three Separate Clips)

COVID-19 forces Earth's largest telescopes to close

More than 100 of Earth's largest telescopes are now closed, and astronomers are worried about the pandemic’s long-term impacts on their field.

Source: - 4.7.2020

Asteroid or Meteor: What's the Difference?

An asteroid is a small rocky object that orbits the Sun. Asteroids are smaller than a planet, but they are larger than the pebble-size objects we call meteoroids.