In his latest video broadcast Simon Parkes not only reveals the origin of the pandemic, he also gives advise and in depth information regarding the COVID-19 bioweapon. It’s hard to know what is really going on in this world full of information overload, fake news, organizations and corporations pushing hidden agendas. Fortunately the world has an increase of people looking for a truth in all the chaos and confusion. Simon Parkes is a well known and respected person in the so called truth community. It’s not a real official community but individuals all over the world doing their part trying to inform and guide people duringRead More →

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Bio weapon, natural virus, hoax, 5G radiation, two COVID-19 strains, a distraction to round up the Cabal, alien invasion, fear harvest, sabotage of your enlightenment, alteration of the timeline or just a flu ? We´re going to connect more dots in this Holistic Timeline Overview Part Two. There are many theories about the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak and how it continues to spread around the globe. We have entered the third month of the world wide COVID-19 outbreak. Many countries have been affected. Not only with infected people but with economic issues as well. In the Holistic Timeline Overview Part 1 you can seeRead More →

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Today on 311 the W.H.O. made an important public announcement on this timeline: the COVID-19 outbreak is officially a pandemic. What are the connections with Fukushima and Madrid train bombings? We’re going to explore numbers and the 911 code embedded in the corona virus outbreak. The WHO, World Health Organisation, also known as Dr. Who to some, made an important announcement today 3.11.2020. Sooner or later something like this would have been announced on this timeline. The COVID-19 outbreak is now officially a global pandemic. World Health Organization Declares COVID-19 a ‘Pandemic.’ Here’s What That Means The World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11 declaredRead More →

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The rabbit hole is the best place to hide during a zombie apocalypse. Metaphorically speaking. This is a serious article. To whom this may concern. Not to spread fear. It may be too far-fetched or even reach the edge of sanity for some.   More Than 200> News Links and Counting. Check for regular updates.  Lots of Connecting Dots. Don’t believe everything. Do your own research. Pieces of a Puzzle The rabbit hole is term often used to describe certain matters that are going into the realms of the mysterious, strange knowledge and the mystical. It comes from Alice in Wonderland, a book written by Lewis Carroll.Read More →

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Last Update: 2.28.2020 | What are the dots to connect for: Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Wuhan Biolake & Vaccine Park, Eugenics, 5G Frequency, Patents, Military World Games, Omega Spray Plane, Raccoon City and Umbrella Corporation?  Holistic Timeline This is a holistic timeline overview of the Coronavirus event that started a while ago on this timeline. This overview contain various news links, articles and other dots that can perhaps connect to reveal a certain pattern or pieces to the grand puzzle. We at the time transportal do not necessarily agree with all information presented in this overview and we don’t claim all information to be true. We’re justRead More →

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Last update: 1.20.2020 | A Time Translator can be a person, a group, an idea, invention, discovery or a movement that has contributed to the collective mind and society of humanity regarding the aspects of the dynamics of time. A yellow umbrella and a fluorescent yellow vest. These are not props for a science fiction movie about a dystopian world after the Ragnarok Climate Climax. These are the main symbols of protests that peaked in the year 2019: the Hong Kong protests and the French Yellow Vests. There were many other protests worldwide in 2019. They were all part of a galactic awakening process and inRead More →

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A Russian satellite was hit by a micrometeorite. A few days later a fireball was spotted over Guam at night. And today another fireball was spotted above Saskatoon. On December 18, 2019 a the Russian weather observation satellite Meteor-M N2-2 was hit by a micrometeorite. The news surfaced on December 24 but the the event was reported on December 18. After the satellite was hit it lost control and changed its orbit. Then it started to rotate and there’s no further report about its fate. Meteor-M N2-2 is a polar-orbit weather satellite used to properly obtain information for weather forecasts and control over the ozoneRead More →

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The Russian Spektr-R RadioAstron space satellite is not responding. A week after a bright fireball was reported above New Zealand. The Spektr-R or RadioAstron is a Russian scientific satellite. The satellite was launched on 18 July 2011 from Baikonur Cosmodrome by a Zenit-3F launcher. The Skeptr-R was built to do research on the structure and dynamics of radio sources within and beyond our galaxy. Spektr-R is one of the instruments in the RadioAstron program, an international network of observatories led by the Astro Space Center of the Lebedev Physical Institute. The telescope is intended for radio-astrophysical observations of extragalactic objects with ultra-high resolution, as well as researching ofRead More →

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! NOTE: This article is not anti nor pro Trump. It´s not about the 911 attacks in 2001. This is about Trump the time translator who has a 911 code in various aspects. Time translators are persons, organisations, ideas, devices or other elements that are dots to connect in the time phenomena on Planet Earth. Donald J. Trump doesn’t need an introduction. People on this timeline on Earth know who this man is. Scroll down to the bottom of this article for an overview of the 911 code. We’ll have a little basic introduction anyway. Name: Donald John Trump. Born: June 14, 1946, New York City boroughRead More →

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The US Strategic Command posted a strange tweet just a few hours before the annual “ball drop” on top of One Times Square, a New York skyscraper, which marks the start of the new year. The U.S. Strategic Command oversees America’s nuclear and missile arsenal in the United States of America. The tweet was  accompanied by a video of a B-2 bomber dropping bombs. Luckily no video of a TR3B Astra was shown, which is much more scary. In their tweet they mentioned to drop something much bigger, compared to the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball. The Ball Drop happens every year on December 31Read More →

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