These are indeed some very interesting times. A pilot project cross-over trial has been initiated. Healthy volunteers will receive lab-grown blood.

Of course this is groundbreaking, for the public domain. And if things work out for the best, then it can be a great step forward for humanity. Or will humanity be divided in: Basic Humans and the Restored Humans? Some people say that a division like tis is already happening and they call the un-vaccinated humans: the pure bloods, as an opposite of vaxxed humans who's blood have been tainted by all kinds of exotic nano-thingies.

Imagine a nearby future, where a large part of humans have lab-grown blood in their veins. They also reproduce, which probably will result in babies with lab-grown blood, received from their mothers.

Are we witnessing the birth of a new generation of humans? And meanwhile, many people are trying to warn people of the dangers of Transhumanism. Is lab-grown blood dangerous? We don't know yet, because it's still in the test-phase in the public domain.

What we found interesting in this blood-project is the way the scientists will monitor the volunteers or patients.

Lab-Grown Blood Used For First Time In Human Patients
The cells are labelled with a tracer element by the Radiopharmacy Unit at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital so they can be tracked through the recipient’s body when they are transfused.

Source: - 11.7.2022

Science is amazing, isn't it? And the interesting part is that one can also make all kinds of combinations and variations. Somehow we directly had to think about an invention by Kodak, years ago.

Wear your chip or eat it
Just recently Kodak filed a patent for edible RFID chips. They’re designed for monitoring a patient’s gastric tract. The chips are covered in a harmless gelatin, which eventually dissolves. These RFID chips embed deep in the body and can be read by a scanner. After swallowing a tag a patient need only sit next to a radio source and receiver.

Source: - 6.24.2007

The Future

Of course edible RFID chips may have nothing to do with the Restored Humans project. But if you're fascinated by the workings of this world and how the future will look like, then things like nano-RFID chips and lab-grown blood cells can be an inspiration for new concepts and even science-fiction movie scenarios.

Recovery and survival of stem cell originated red cells
Randomised, single blind, cross-over design to compare the recovery and survival of red blood cells manufactured from CD34+ cells isolated from adult blood compared with standard donated red blood cells. The order in which each recipient receives the standard or manufactured red blood cells is randomised and recipients will be blinded to that order.
This trial is currently recruiting.


Things can be used for the good or the bad. Stones can be used as tools, or as building materials for a house. Or it can be used to destroy windows or even harm a person. The same with these novel discoveries and experiments. Lab-grown blood and the many possibilities on how to use it or misuse it.

This is the first time in the world that red blood cells that have been grown in a laboratory have been given to another person as part of a trial into blood transfusion. (1)
If proved safe and effective, manufactured blood cells could in time revolutionise treatments for people with blood disorders such as sickle cell and rare blood types. It can be difficult to find enough well-matched donated blood for some people with these disorders.
The trial is studying the lifespan of the lab grown cells compared with infusions of standard red blood cells from the same donor. The lab-grown blood cells are all fresh, so the trial team expect them to perform better than a similar transfusion of standard donated red cells, which contains cells of varying ages.

Source: - 11.7.2022

They are currently recruiting. If you want to be one of the first Restored Humans, then this is your change.

We would not volunteer for medical experiments, because this moment on this timeline is already filled with all kinds public (medical) experiments. Most of them are being done without the public knowledge and approval. We're processing global events time line key frames in the time transportal, and we're curious about the beginnings of the the Restored Humans Independence Movement, in the present time.