The Russian Spektr-R RadioAstron space satellite is not responding. A week after a bright fireball was reported above New Zealand. The Spektr-R or RadioAstron is a Russian scientific satellite. The satellite was launched on 18 July 2011 from Baikonur Cosmodrome by a Zenit-3F launcher. The Skeptr-R was built to do research on the ...
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! NOTE: This article is not anti nor pro Trump. It´s not about the 911 attacks in 2001. This is about Trump the time translator who has a 911 code in various aspects. Time translators are persons, organisations, ideas, devices or other elements that are dots to connect in the time phenomena ...
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The US Strategic Command posted a strange tweet just a few hours before the annual "ball drop" on top of One Times Square, a New York skyscraper, which marks the start of the new year. The U.S. Strategic Command oversees America’s nuclear and missile arsenal in the United States of ...
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What happened that thursday evening just after Christmas?  The sky above the Astoria neighborhood of Queens NYC was filled with a turquoise bluish light. It was something like a supernova above the Big Apple. On that same day December 27 2018 in Kenner Louisiana another explosion of an electric transformer ...
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On Saturday December 22nd 2018, around 9.30pm local time the area on the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra was hit by a Tsunami wave. It's possible that a combination of underwater landslides triggered by an eruption of Anak Krakatoa volcano
and high tides around the full moon caused the ...
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There was some rumble in the world of modelling kits. Revell, one of the most famous hobbyist brands had to apologize for a new model kit: a model of the notorious Haunebu Nazi Flying Disc. The story of so called Nazi UFO's or Flying Discs is now less obscure as ...
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One Earth Year



Timeline Traveler Keyframes
  • Roswell Event. Around July 4, 1947.   71 years in the past.
  • Year 2000 - Y2K. January 1, 2000.  19 years in the past.
  • Year 2012. December 20, 2012.  7 years in the past.
  • Philadelphia Experiment. October 28, 1943.  75 years in the past.
  • 911 Attacks USA. September 11, 2001. 18 years in the past.