Food & Supply Chain Crisis Chaos – Update 12.27.2022 – Rotten Christmas Turkeys in the UK – Arsenic and Lead in Spices – Burned Down Food Facilities in 2022

According to mainstream media, we're all heading towards a global food crisis. When observing society and todays world, we can see that this may be the case. The big question is: was it planned?

Here are some news articles regarding things that could connect some dots in the 2022 food crisis situation.
Some headlines of mainstream media (MSM) news articles sound like wishful thinking. And perhaps that's exactly the case, when you know that MSM is pushing the WEF narrative. "You will own nothing..." and all that.

We're all in the middle of a Hegelian Dialectic situation. And this moment on the timeline may be the: problem and reaction phase, waiting for the: solution phase, which can be anything during these rollercoaster days.

UPDATE 12.27.2022
Families claim Christmas Day was ‘ruined’ by ‘rotten turkeys’ from supermarkets
Brits across the country have claimed Christmas was ruined after discovering their turkeys were rotten.
Many took to social media to post photos showing dark colours under the skin and general discolouring.

Source: - 12.26.2022

Walmart Is Under Fire After a Report Alleged High Levels of Arsenic and Lead in Its Spices
The mega-retailer's Great Value store-brand has over 150 herbs, spices, and seasoning mixes in its inventory, and many commonly used spices (like garlic powder and paprika) are being sold for $1, making it a great value, as promised. But cost aside, are these spices that you want to have on-hand? After a report alleged that there were high levels of arsenic, lead, and cadmium in some Walmart spices, the retailer is facing a new lawsuit.

Source: - 12.22.2022

These Are the 20+ Food Facilities That Have Burned in 2022
Every year, a small percentage of food facilities are destroyed in industrial accidents.
But 2022 has been ESPECIALLY ACTIVE, with over 20 fires at food facilities so far—a much higher figure than average.
It’s gotten a lot of people wondering—including some of the country’s largest media outlets—what the heck is going on?

Source: - 6.10.2022

This list was from June, 2022.

People heading for Channel Tunnel told to take food and prepare for long queue
People travelling to France via the Channel Tunnel have been advised to bring food and drink as lengthy queues continue at the Port of Dover. Roads in Kent have been hit by long delays in recent days due to a shortage of ferries caused by the suspension of sailings by P&O Ferries after it sacked nearly 800 seafarers without notice.

Source: - 4.9.2022

Eurotunnel train breakdown causes further travel chaos
Easter holidaymakers and lorry drivers travelling to mainland Europe faced further delays on Monday on the chaotic cross-Channel route after a Eurotunnel Le Shuttle train broke down in the tunnel.

Source: - 4.4.2022

Calais, notorious for its refugee tent camps, hosts Ukrainians at a hostel by the beach
Few places have come to symbolize Europe’s restrictive immigration policies better than Calais. And now, as the first refugees from Ukraine arrive, few places more vividly illustrate the differential treatment refugees are receiving.

Source: - 3.17.2022

COVID curbs bite at Chinese ports, threatening global supply chains
SINGAPORE, March 16 (Reuters) - The queues of container ships outside major Chinese ports are lengthening by the day as COVID-19 outbreaks in manufacturing export hubs threaten to unleash a fresh wave of global supply chain shocks, ship owners, logistics firms and analysts say.

Source: - 3.16.2022

More container ships wait off US East Coast, West Coast backlog down
“As of today, 609,287 waiting TEU capacity was bound for the US,” MarineTraffic reports. “Of this, 186K are currently off the U.S. West Coast and 273K off the East.” They calculated that 15 box ships were waiting off the port limits at San Pedro Bay while there were 18 containerships off Charleston, South Carolina, and 12 vessels at Norfolk, Virginia.

Source: - 4.11.2022

477 Bulkers Are Stuck Waiting To Enter China
There were 222 bulkers waiting off Shanghai as of April 11, 15% higher than a month earlier, according to Bloomberg shipping data. At Ningbo-Zhoushan there were 134 carriers, 0.8% higher than last month, while further north, the combined ports of Rizhao, Dongjiakou and Qingdao saw a 33% increase to 121 vessels.
Adding to the snarl, there were 197 container ships either loading or waiting to load in Shanghai’s combined anchorage with Ningbo, a 17% increase from a month ago.

Source: - 4.11.2022

US imports now Gulf-bound as port congestion worsens on the east coast
In response to congestion and concerns over likely further disruption at west coast gateways, many shifted some imports from Asia to the east coast – only to find congestion there getting worse than on the Pacific coast.

Source: - 4.11.2022

50,000 tons of Israeli produce may be destroyed due to Ukraine War
Israeli farmers are destroying thousands of tons of fresh vegetables as produce exports to Russia and Ukraine have ground to a halt due to the ongoing war.
For more stories from The Media Line go to
Carrots, celery, potatoes, radishes, and more: Up to 50,000 tons of agricultural products are rotting in warehouses or facing certain destruction. Payments for goods have also stopped on account of the plummeting value of the ruble and sanctions in response to the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Source: - 4.4.2022

A new global food crisis is building
In the space of a few weeks, the number of countries slapping on food-export restrictions jumped by 25%

Source: - 4.8.2022

The Food Crisis and Food Security: Towards a New World Food Order?
The first Millennium Development Goal, which calls for cutting the percentage of hungry people by half by 2015, is clearly out of reach. But the food crisis might lead to a new world food order based on the three pillars of food assistance, food security and the right to food.


Russia is targeting wheat stocks in Ukraine, worsening global food crisis, EU says
EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said Russia's warships were blockading ships full of wheat and "bombing and destroying stocks of wheat and preventing this wheat from being exported."
"They are bombing Ukrainian cities and provoking hunger in the world. They are provoking hunger in the world by blocking the exports of wheat and by destroying the storage of wheat in Ukraine," he added, urging people not to blame sanctions.

Source: - 4.12.2022

When an EU foreign policy chief is urging people: "not to blame sanctions",  we know we have to read those words with a grain of salt.

Supply chain crisis: 'Shocking' national baby formula shortage forces rationing at major retail chain
The supply chain crisis has prompted Walgreens – the second-largest pharmacy store chain in the United States behind CVS – to limit the amount of baby formula that customers can purchase.

Source: - 4.9.2022

Shanghai’s lockdown is making the supply chain look like 2020 again
Shanghai, which is under a citywide lockdown that is causing food panics and quarantined apartment-block residents to scream from their windows en masse, are also requiring truck drivers to take covid tests before being allowed to enter the city. Some drivers, according to the Wall Street Journal, are avoiding Shanghai altogether for fear that they will end up in quarantine.

Source: - 4.11.2022

Tired of shortages when you go shopping? Climate change is going to screw up the supply chain even worse than COVID has.
We're already seeing climate disasters such as extreme precipitation, drought, and heat add to the inflation of the past few years. These climate disruptions have flown under the radar thanks to the pandemic, but they won't stay invisible forever.

Source: - 4.12.2022

How Synthetic Biology Can Help Fix the Supply Chain Crisis
It all happens in a brewery-like environment. Production organism cells (yeast, for instance) are typically grown and fed in a fermenter, and the downstream output (purified protein, for example) is harvested. Beyond the biotech industry, where synthetic biology was first adopted, falling costs are promoting its use to create materials that improve the quality of products such as pet food, watch straps and cement. Now, the retreat of globalization may be a catalyst for broader adoption.

Source: - 4.8.2022

Farming union hits out over Welsh and UK Government’s lack of engagement on Ukraine supply chain crisis
The Farmers’ Union of Wales has, for a second time, written to the Welsh Government urging them to instigate actions within their control to alleviate some of the pressures of the Ukraine war on Welsh farmers and consumers.

Source: - 4.12.2022

A loaf of bread meets global inflation
The increased costs are daunting. Fountain lists them: flour up 24% in the past year, forcing him to look beyond his Lothian mill supplier; butter for his croissants is up 20%; nuts, mainly walnuts, up 80%, the same rise as electricity to power the ovens, with a bill equivalent to 90 average households; the wage bill is up 10% including the hike in employer National Insurance contributions; diesel for his three vans is up 35%, and rent just rose 12%.

Source: - 4.13.2022

Coordinated policy response is needed to address the new layer of global food crisis raised by war in Ukraine
Rome, Italy. April 07, 2022. The war in Ukraine is creating a new layer of global food crisis placed on top of existing crises stemming from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, multiple conflicts and protracted crises, deep inequalities and climate change. For this reason, the Coordination Committee of the CSIPM requested an Extraordinary Plenary Session of the UN Committee on World Food Security, through an Open Letter addressed to its Chairperson Gabriel Ferrero, Ambassador at Large for Global Food Security of Spain.

Source: - 4.7.2022


East Africa faces crises as fuel, commodity prices go up raising the cost of living
The cost of living is rising. Inflation is at 6.29 percent in Kenya, 3.2 percent in Uganda, 4.2 percent in Rwanda, 3.8 percent in Tanzania, 13.3 percent in Burundi, 25 percent in South Sudan and five percent in DR Congo.

Source: - 4.9.2022

The invasion of Ukraine is supercharging food insecurity in the Middle East and North Africa
The ongoing conflict is disrupting the supply chains of cereals and oilseeds, increasing food prices, and is expected to significantly raise domestic production costs in the agricultural sector. Russia and Ukraine comprise over 30% of global trade in wheat, 32% of barley, 17% of maize and over half of sunflower oils, seeds and animal feed.

Source: - 4.12.2022

Is that a wishful-thinking-headline from Green Peas?

Farmers Paid to Destroy Crops

There were rumors on social media, in video and some websites that some farmers in the United States were paid to destroy their crops. When doing an online search in Google, we found lots of articles from the usual 'independent' fact checkers, all trying to debunk the story and labelling it as: internet hoax and conspiracy theory.

Department of Ag warns against TikTok trend, destroying crops
The Nebraska Department of Agriculture has issued a rare warning about a viral trend on social media.
They're sounding the alarm about a series of TikTok videos where farmers falsely claim they are being paid to destroy their crops.

Source: - 8.25.2021

How the farm reforms will destroy India’s farmers and food security?
Though India has seen the backdoor entry of corporate-controlled contract farming for years, especially in potato farming, poultry, etc, it’s the first time that the state’s rights are overridden by the Central Government with the forceful implementation of the corporate farming system. The Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement of Price Assurance and Farm Services Bill, 2020 opens the gateway to contract farming in India. The BJP is propagating that contract farming will provide the farmers with a better price and economic prosperity. But that’s not the case.

Source: - 10.16.2021

Coronavirus Forces Farmers to Destroy Their Crops
Farmer Carl Grooms has been planning harvests for decades but now he is getting ready to plow under his nearly ripe peppers and beans because there is no market to buy them—and he doesn’t want to watch them rot.

Source: - 4.26.2020

A NEW, DEADLY bird flu is infecting birds in the US and may not go away
Some 24 million poultry birds like chicken and turkeys have already been lost, either because they died from the virus or were killed to prevent its spread. But unlike a similar bird flu outbreak seven years ago, this one is unlikely to just burn itself out.
That’s because this particular flu virus seems capable of hanging around in populations of wild birds, which can pass the virus on to poultry farms. While chickens and turkeys with the virus quickly sicken and die, some waterfowl can remain healthy with the virus and carry it long distances.

Source: - 4.10.2021

UP-4 biological project in Ukraine: USA was building bioweapon against the Slavs
"Due to the fact that Ukraine has a unique geographical position where transcontinental migration routes intersect, they were studying 145 biological species within the framework of this project,” he said, adding that at least two species of migratory birds were identified, the migration routes of which pass through the territory Russia.
According to Kirillov, it was planned to spread particularly dangerous infectious diseases with the help of birds. In particular, it goes about highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza and Newcastle disease.

Source: - 3.10.2022

Easter eggs price hike? Bird flu, inflation cause egg prices to rise ahead of holiday and Passover
Egg prices are expected to continue to rise just in time for Easter as more states are hit by an outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza A.

Source: - April 2021

Bird flu is killing millions of chickens and turkeys across the US
The virus of concern in this outbreak is a Eurasian H5N1 HPAI virus that causes high mortality and severe clinical signs in domesticated poultry. Scientists who monitor wild bird flocks have also detected a reassortant virus that contains genes from both the Eurasian H5 and low pathogenic North American viruses. This happens when multiple strains of the virus circulating in the bird population exchange genes to create a new strain of the virus, much as new strains of COVID-19 like omicron and delta have emerged during the ongoing pandemic.

Source: - 4.7.2021

"... much as new strains of COVID-19 like omicron and delta have emerged during the ongoing pandemic."

We don't know if this means that the proof is in the pudding or they're trying to put their eggs in one basket.
And the way the cookie crumbles is that more and more people are aware of the p⌊andem¡c. One doesn't have to go bananas when reading the mainstream media narrative, which sound more and more coconuts these days.

Some say: Let Them Eat Cake, but they can't have your cake and eat it too. Unless you're the cake.

Food shortages and vaxxed Zombies. Are these the perfect ingredients for a Zerious Zituation?
And what about the big letter Z on Russian army vehicles, during the denaZification project?

It may be not like two peas in a pod when we jump from the food-and-supply-chain subject to the Zombie Zituation.
Although we don't spill the beans when we say that we think that most visitors of the timetransportal know that it's all connected and planned.

See also:

Fmr CDC Director: Bird Flu is the Real Pandemic - C19 was just practice
Former CDC Director Robert Redfield has stated that Bird Flu will jump to humans and be highly fatal in the coming "Great Pandemic," for which C19 was a mere warm-up.

Source: Ice Age Farmer - - 4.10.2021

Food & Supply Chain Crisis Chaos

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