The rabbit hole is the best place to hide during a zombie apocalypse. Metaphorically speaking. This is a serious article. To whom this may concern. Not to spread fear. It may be too far-fetched or even reach the edge of sanity for some.  

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Pieces of a Puzzle

The rabbit hole is term often used to describe certain matters that are going into the realms of the mysterious, strange knowledge and the mystical.
It comes from Alice in Wonderland, a book written by Lewis Carroll. Alice enters the rabbit hole and she discovers a world hidden from the surface.

She starts to explore and learns many new things that maybe strange for outsiders. Things that can be understood when innerstand, in the rabbit hole.
We all are asking questions about this world. And you, me, we all have a piece of the puzzle.

During a zombie apocalypse the primal defense is: knowledge about the situation. How odd and strange the content may be; knowledge is what it is. One must know where zombies came from. How the outbreak started.

And what possibilities one has to survive in a hostile world.

The Silver Screen Zombie

Ζombies are best known from Hollywood movies. The term zombie may be derived from the first zombie movie made in 1932: White Zombie. Many of us have seen a zombie movie. Some of them are the B (budget)-movie type of cinema with almost funny effects, decors and actors. And other movies are more realistic, often made with a much larger budget.

The Haitian culture is familiar with zombies via their voodoo (vodou) religion, which is a blend of Christianity - especially the worship of Maria - and local beliefs and practices. The voodoo idea of a zombie is a person who was giving some sort of spell (via a potion) to turn him or her into a 'living dead' person, suitable to be enslaved.

The Serpent and the Rainbow

A Harvard Scientist's Astonishing Journey into the Secret Societies of Haitian Voodoo, Zombies, and Magic is a 1985 book by anthropologist and researcher Wade Davis. He investigated Haitian Vodou and the process of making zombies. He studied ethnobotanical poisons, discovering their use in a reported case of a contemporary zombie, Clairvius Narcisse.


In movies we can see various type of zombies. Ranging from living-dead people crawling out of graves, bio-lab experiments that went wrong (or right, depending on perception) and turning large populations into zombies. To supernatural type of zombies, for example in the series Game of Thrones as described a few scrolls further in this article. It needs no explanation that this subject in not a happy story (also depending on perception) and that one must approach it with certain armor, for the mind, body and soul.

White Zombie. 1932

A young man turns to a witch doctor to lure the woman he loves away from her fiancé,
but instead turns her into a zombie slave.


The Tragic, Forgotten History of Zombies

But the zombie myth is far older and more rooted in history than the blinkered arc of American pop culture suggests. It first appeared in Haiti in the 17th and 18th centuries, when the country was known as Saint-Domingue and ruled by France, which hauled in African slaves to work on sugar plantations. Slavery in Saint-Domingue under the French was extremely brutal: Half of the slaves brought in from Africa were worked to death within a few years, which only led to the capture and import of more. In the hundreds of years since, the zombie myth has been widely appropriated by American pop culture in a way that whitewashes its origins—and turns the undead into a platform for escapist fantasy.

After the Haitian Revolution in 1804 and the end of French colonialism, the zombie became a part of Haiti’s folklore. The myth evolved slightly and was folded into the Voodoo religion, with Haitians believing zombies were corpses reanimated by shamans and voodoo priests. Sorcerers, known as bokor, used their bewitched undead as free labor or to carry out nefarious tasks.

Source: - 10.28.2015

What is Zombie?

There are various types of zombies, especially in movies. We can't say there's one clear definition of a zombie. The basics to describe them could be:

A person who has lost many or even all of his or hers human values, characteristics and qualities and is existing* in a state of total apathy, with the urgent need for raw flesh and meat to eat, often from other humans who have not yet become a zombie. When the zombie takes a bite, the healthy human also will turn into a zombie.

* Is existing the same as living? We can say: a rock exist. And we can ask: is it alive? Philosophical questions.

Natural Zombie 

Nature has some zombies as well, for example: types of insects who invade another species and turn them into mindless drones, to be used for various purposes. Or fungi who are into mind control.

"A fungal parasite that infects ants and manipulates their behavior to benefit the fungus' reproduction accomplishes this feat without infecting the ants' brains, according to a study led by Penn State researchers.

Instead, Ophiocordyceps unilateralis sensu lato — a complex of species sometimes called "zombie ant fungus" — surrounds and invades muscle fibers throughout the ant's body, and fungal cells form a 3-D network that may enable them to collectively control host behavior, the researchers said."


Different Types of Zombies

A theme often used in zombie movies is that of a virus stemming from rabies. The disease that is sometimes found in dogs, squirrels and other (domestic) animals.

"For instance, rabies—a viral disease that infects the central nervous system—can drive people to be violently mad, according to Samita Andreansky, a virologist at the University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine in Florida who also appears in the documentary."


From the supernatural to down to earth examples. There may be 4 main types of zombies.

1. The 'Living Dead' Zombie

They were dead and buried and due to certain events they are able to walk and hunt for meat.

In movies you can see them crawling out of graves or wandering around shopping malls.  Sometimes in the supernatural realms (of movies).  They were re-animated by a phenomena such as a cosmic ray, a comet with strange stuff or an alien element.

2. The Voudou Zombie

This is a very realistic type of zombie. A voodoo priest has given a person a potion which makes this person to become submissive, without any self awareness and total loss of the Atman or what psychologists would like to describe as: Ich. Also known as: Ego. Which is necessary for a person for self realization and discovery of the world around. Not to be confused with: ego-ism, total self-centerism.

By The Way - There's an interesting connection with Atman and Batman. The man who dressed himself in a bat suit. Bats are known for consuming blood to survive. Atman is Batman, minus the letter B. The capital letter B is a joint venture of the numbers 1 and 3. One can say: Batman is the 13 Atman.

"Atman is the immortal aspect of our mortal existence, the individual Self, which is hidden in every object of creation including humans. It is the microcosm which represents the macrocosm in each of us, imparting to us divine qualities and possibilities and providing us with consciousness and the reason to exist and experience the pains and pleasures of earthly life."


3. The Lab & Biotech Zombies

They were 'normal' humans and due to some event (by accident) a virus was released from a high security lab or something like that.

This is a more realistic scenario these days. Instead of a lab accident event, there are other things that can trigger a zombie (outbreak) such as:  environmental biotech disaster, certain electromagnetic or other types of ELF waves, contaminated (GMO) food, Narcotics and vaccinations with the wrong formula, depending on perception.

4. Tech-Heg Cybernation and The Borg

Humans and other entities who have been hijacked, mind controlled and altered by Artificial Intelligence technological hegemony.

One of the best examples may be The Borg Collective from the Star Trek series and movies. This is a life form which is notorious in the Star Trek universe. It takes over other life forms and inject them with nano technology in order to adapt them into the collective of The Borg. The so called Borg drones, entities who have been assimilated, have been equipped with Borg technology, which make them look like man-machine beings. Only a few can escape the Borg and regain his or hers original life form. Seven of Nine is one of the people who have been liberated and freed from the Borg.

Entities who have been assimilated into the Borg Collective don't have free will anymore and lost all awareness of the self identity, the Atman.

These types of techno zombies, could be part of the Artificial Replicating Viral Intelligence or: ARVI. Like some zombies in movies the ARVI also has the need to assimilate or infect another (healthy) being and make them part of it's hive collective social structure.

The Borg

"The Borg were a pseudo-species of cybernetic beings, or cyborgs, from the Delta Quadrant. No single individual truly existed within the Borg Collective (with the exception of the Borg Queen), as all Borg were linked into a hive mind. Their ultimate goal was the attainment of 'perfection' through the forcible assimilation of diverse sentient species, technologies, and knowledge. As a result, the Borg were among the most powerful and feared entities in the galaxy, without really being a true species at all."


An Internet meme.

What is Life and Living?

Another type of zombies, which are more difficult to define, are some of today's humans. Not easy to point out or 'label' because they appear normal. Except for one basic element: the lack of awareness and consciousness.

You may have seen these types; constantly watching their phone.
Not aware of their surroundings. Many people have seen them. There are memes about them on the internet, like the one here on the left.

I don't mean to say the so called cellphone zombies are real zombies.
Raw meat eating, senseless drones wandering through the night.

What is consciousness, am I aware and conscious? Who am I to judge other people's abilities and (lack of) awareness? I don't want to judge, I'm trying to find out and research what zombies are on this present timeline.

"Consider your origin; you were not born to live like brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge."
Dante Alighieri - The Divine Comedy

Life is Life

What is Life? Is it necessary to explore, discover, learn and inspire? Or is it all but an illusion? Perhaps the most scary type of zombies are those who choose to be zombiefied - via cellphones and other technotronics - by free will. But is it really choosing and free will? How many know the rabbit hole?

What will the future look like after several (de)generations? Your future. Our future.

Cellphones, GMO, Vaccines, Extreme Low Frequencies (ELF), HAARP, Cell towers, Smart Dust. Readers know about these stranger things and this needs no further explanation.  Zombie Apocalypse (ZA) may perhaps look a bit different compared to the movies.

Vampyrs and Cannibals

The zombie likes to eat raw flesh. May be they also like the fear energy that is resonating in the meat from their victims. Some humans like this with animal flesh. Filled with the stress-hormones.  Some say they love animals. Do zombies love healthy humans?

Blood is a primal ingredient. It brings the zombie subject to the realms of the Nosferatu and cannibals. Vampires are not necessarily zombies. They don't (always) have the lack or absence of consciousness. Some Vampires are very sophisticated and well planned. Some people prefer the human flesh without being a zombie. But I have included Vampire and Cannibal news links in this research overview as well because there's a small line between these subjects. There are dots to connect. It's advised not to eat any Idiocracy type of human. Also; do not consume smart humans, they're needed to keep the system going. Except for those who are Good Will Hunting. Which meat is best to consume? Don't ask me. I'm vega. But Ronnie McDonnie the clown may have an answer. Talking about clowns...

Clowns and Clones

What is a clown? Is it funny? Recently there has been an increase of  'scary clown' themes in the mainstream media. One of the most famous is the scary clown from Stephen King's 'It' novel and movie, which had a remake in 2017.

Pale skin. Red lips. White red eyes. Clumsy walk. And funny for some people. The same with zombies. Some zombie movies are (almost) funny with those growling and odd walking people, with a pale skin and blood on their lips.  Are clowns zombies?

What about clones. Do they have consciousness, awareness and the Atman contained in them? Or are clones perhaps GMO units with a mind-matrix imprint?

Interesting note regarding the McDonalds clown and meat. The Dutch name for Citizen is: Burger.

Human Meat Found In McDonald’s Meat Factory

"... inspectors have allegedly found human meat and horse meat in the freezer’s of an Oklahoma City McDonald’s meat factory. Human meat was also recovered in several trucks that were on their way to deliver the patties to the fast food restaurants. According to various reports, authorities have inspected factories and restaurants across the country and have found human meat in 90% of the locations. "


Is it a stranger thing that after reading the human meat found at McDonalds news, some people still have an appetite for the ham-burger?

Zombie movies that are worth watching due to their information and symbolic signatures:

Resident Evil (2002)

Pumping action and heroic figures. An A.I. mainframe going berserk and releasing zombie like virus into a high-tech underground bio facility. The message is loud and clear for those who can hear. These movies are pieces to the puzzle. Don't shoot the messenger.

A special military unit fights a powerful, out-of-control supercomputer and hundreds of scientists who have mutated into flesh-eating creatures after a laboratory accident.


The Crazies (2010)

Not a typical zombie themed movie but for sure it's a must see. Take notice to one of the most important elements (of this movie), just a few frames from the start, when an airplane with a white trail...

About the inhabitants of a small Iowa town suddenly plagued by insanity and then death after a mysterious toxin contaminates their water supply.


Helix (2014 - 2015) TV Series

This is not really about zombies but they appear as part of a bigger plot. Helix is a big piece of the puzzle.

A team of scientists are thrust into a potentially life-or-death situation when they arrive in the Arctic to secretly investigate what could be an outbreak of a strange disease in a secluded international research facility.


World War Z (2013)

A future documentary?  The way they try to find the cure and how it's done is interesting.

Former United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself.


I'm Legend (2007)

The post-zombie apocalypse world.

Years after a plague kills most of humanity and transforms the rest into monsters, the sole survivor in New York City struggles valiantly to find a cure.


It needs no further explanation that movies and TV series always had some sort of educational task. Also very useful to to mask and place things behind a veil.

DECAY. The CERN LHC Zombie Movie

The people from CERN, LHC, the particle and dimensional portal machine, made a zombie movie. That's right, you read it well. It may sound odd and like a stranger thing but the LHC machine is deep in the rabbit hole. Why?

Because the nucleus of the matter, or anti-matter, can be found. And may be an Alice in Wonderland as well.

"DECAY is a zombie film made and set at the LHC, by physics PhD students. It is available for free online, under a Creative Commons license."



Wait a sec... ALICE was the name of an experiment at CERN? Are we going off topic here or deeper into the rabbit hole?

"ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) is a heavy-ion detector on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) ring. It is designed to study the physics of strongly interacting matter at extreme energy densities, where a phase of matter called quark-gluon plasma forms." - Source: - Photo: A section of the LHC rabbit hole.

USELESS EATER is another name that can be used to describe a zombie. For those who have been doing research and study of the this timeline may have heard or read that name before.  The CERN LHC is like a giant rabbit hole and surely no useless eater is behind the wheel of this machine. The CERN LHC machine and personnel are no part of any Idiocracy on this timeline because they're trying to do things that are perhaps crazy for some, but could pave a way for an alternative timeline.  If the machine is used well, which also depends on perception. At the time transportal we wonder: Will this machine use less Ether, as well? We're serious with this question. Ether is important. The LHC machine has been blamed for numerous things: earthquakes, tornado's, holes in the sky and even creating (tiny) black holes and portals. All eyes on this facility and meanwhile it's always a better choice regarding investment and strategy to make more than one.  Creating portal(s) may be less important, depending on perception and point of view?

There are various wild stories on the web regarding strange events that took place at this particle machine. I think it's always handy to make a full spectrum of info. Just look on the web for LHC dimension portals and search queries like that. The big question is: what will come through the portal; ALICE or the White Walkers?

Game of Thrones - G.O.T.

Here's a mainstream media news link regarding a giant wall that's has been found... somewhere in the North.

Those who have seen the series Game of Thrones (GOT) will recognize some things from these news links.

"Mysterious Great Wall of Siberia built by unknown civilisation 2000 years ago found

The giant ramparts, compared in significance to Hadrian's Wall, guarded the Altai Mountains against attack from the steppes
to the north and were built by an unknown civilisation."

Source: - 8.14.2017

"New big walls discovered in Siberia
During a little paragliding and walking through surrounding valleys they saw many towers and walls, giving potential for hundreds of new routes in this compact area."

Source: - 9.29.2014

The G.O.T. Wall

"The White Walkers are an ancient race of humanoid ice creatures, who come from the Far North of Westeros.
After remaining hidden for thousands of years, they have returned and been sighted by several sworn brothers of the Night's Watch and countless wildlings. However, most who live south of the Wall believe them to be nothing more than creatures of legend."


"The Wall is a colossal fortification which stretches for 100 leagues (300 miles) along the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms, defending the realm from the wildlings who live beyond. The Wall is reported to be over 700 feet tall and is made of solid ice. It was supposedly constructed using both magic and mundane means some eight millennia ago, in the aftermath of the Long Night to defend the realm against the White Walkers who apparently dwell in the far north, though they are now considered myths by most."


In G.O.T. the White Walkers turn many people into zombie like creatures. They have a whole army of them and one of their main goals seem to be expansion of their zombie dominion. G.O.T. is looking like a great fantasy adventure and it has many important symbols and signs with similarities of/on our timeline. Various feuding families and territories are forced to work together in order to fight and conquer the White Walker's zombie army.

The Umbrella Corporation

This is the name of the company that is doing gen-tech (on humans) in the Resident Evil movies. Their logo consists of a red and a white cross, like an open umbrella as seen from the top. It also looks like the Maltese cross.

''The Soviet government built a large chemical plant in the Caucasus some time before its collapse.
In 1998, it was purchased from the Russians by Umbrella, and was used for the research and production
of Bio Organic Weapons for the black market. Some time after July, the T-A.L.O.S. project was moved here
from the defunct Arklay Laboratory.''


Source: Resident Evil Umbrella Corp Wallpaper

Very Strange Things

When flight MH370 and later MH17 crashed, there were rumors online that MH17 (crashed in the Ukraine)  in fact was the MH370 (still missing) airplane and the bodies found of MH17 at the crash site were already dead (days) before the actual plane crash. Also stories regarding bio weapons and even the possibility of contaminated bodies. I don't go further into this as you can research these things for yourself on the internet (no not all info websites are aluminium hats) if you want to.

I do not necessarily agree with this MH370 and MH17 story. But... there's something very strange to all this.

Very strange indeed, don't you think?

Also interesting to note: Milla Jovovich, the actress who plays the main character in Resident Evil, is from the Ukraine.

Is The Umbrella Corporation Real?

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