The Zombie Links – Year 2011

Year 2011

Are these the weirdest engagement photos ever? Couple's zombie-themed shoot becomes overnight internet sensation

Source: - 8.22.2011

Woman charged with grabbing stranger's infant from stroller, slamming him, attempting to eat his arm

Source: - 7.27.2011

Man and woman fill vacant home with dead animals

Source: - 8.24.2011

Fort Drum soldier diagnosed with rabies

Source:  - 8.24.2011

Roach on the Zombie American Consumer and Debt Forgiveness

Source: - 8.25.2011

Vampire-themed Cruise Planned For Southeast Alaska

Source: - 8.26.2011

Bride of the Bizarre: Zombies, Pillowy Brides and Wedding Night Ghosts

Source: - 8.24.2011

"Zombie's Day Out" provides a light-hearted look at the undead

Source: - 8.26.1011

New Craze for New Moms: Eat the Placenta

Source: - 8.22.2011

NOTE: A mother eating placenta of her child may not be so strange for human nature. But this news article surfaced in the Zombie meme mainstream media timeline.

Pro-life groups call for Pepsi boycott over aborted fetal cell lines

May 30, 2011 - "Scores of prolife groups are calling for a public boycott of food giant, PepsiCo, due to its partnership with Senomyx, a biotech company that uses aborted fetal cells in the research and development of artificial flavor enhancers."

Source: - 5.30.2011

Filming starts in Glasgow for Brad Pitt zombie movie

Source: - 8.14.2011

NOTE: This filming started just after the London (and England) riots in 2011.

Hurricane Irene Could Sprout Bumper Crop Of Magic Mushrooms

Source: - 8.27.2011

Orange Goo At Alaska Village Was Fungal Spores

Source: - 8.18.2011

Fungus is world's largest living organism

June 11, 2007 - “With some estimates placing the fungus' age at 8,000 years old, the natural organism has had plenty of time to spread throughout the region as other life forms unknowingly moved above.”


Spiritless Humans 

Source: - 4.27.2009

Scientists create aliens. Nobody panics

"An international group of scientists created the bacteria, the DNA of which contains the substance that does not exist on Earth. The synthetic monster, which is absolutely safe for our biosphere, was derived from common E. coli bacteria. Biologists say that the technology used in the experiment can help humans model and recreate extraterrestrial organisms.

The group of molecular biologists from Germany, France, Belgium and the USA created the bacteria that contains a non-existent substance. This substance has never been discovered either on planet Earth

or in space. This is a man-made compound that became known as 5-chlorouracil."

Source: - 01.09.2011

Zombies, Run! iPhone app will keep you running, literally 

Source: - 9.14.2011

There Has Been An Unsettling Rise In Zombie Outbreaks Among Animals 

Source: - 9.15.2011

Rabies Alarm on Svalbard

Source: - 9.21.2011

NOTE: Svalbard is the location of the Global Seed Vault.
See also: Svalbard Global Seed Vault 10 Years ⇒

Wall Street protesters dress as zombies in NYC

Source: - 10.31.2011

Teen's Murder Defense: I am a Vampire. And a Werewolf

Source: - 9.30.2011

Is it possible that some Hollywood stars actually are covert CIA operatives?

Yesterday a team of Hungary's Anti-Terrorism Unit. (TEK) stormed the filming set of "World War Z", a movie produced and starred by Brad Pitt. The agents seized tons of fully-functional weapons and ammo,

Source: - 10.12.2011

NOTE: 'World War Z' is a Zombie movie.

12-kg puffball mushroom found in Russia’s Perm region

Source: - 10.13.2011

Zombie training? OWS Atlanta turns into collective hypnosis 'one voice' weirdness

Occupy Wall Street protesters are undergoing collectivist zombie training in Atlanta, where a large group was caught on film engaging in a weird sort of "one voice" hypnotic chanting ritual that characterizes the key principles of both Communism and Socialism. Watch the video at:

Source: - 10.10.2011

Unrelenting Sex Drive May Signal Deadly Rabies

Source: - 10.20.2011

Breaking down during Breaking Dawn: Twilight birthing scene triggers wave of seizures in theaters across the U.S.

Twi-hards now have more to worry about than the end of the popular vampire franchise. A scene in the new ‘Twilight’ movie is triggering seizures in movie theatres around the country.

Source: - 11.25.2011

Zombie" Ants Found With New Mind-Control Fungi

The fungus species can infect an ant, take over its brain, and then kill the insect once it moves to a location ideal for the fungi to grow and spread their spores.”

Source: - 3.5.2011

Symbology and Synchronicity


One of the most famous Zombie movies is 'Resident Evil'. The storyline is; A pharma corporation has made a virus that makes people go zombie. The virus has escaped. A young female is resistent to this virus and she battles the zombies. The logo of the this corporation is a red and white 'double cross'. Very similar to the Knights Templar cross. The name of this corporation is: Umbrella. (NOTE: An umbrella is a tool to cover the rain). Link to an image of this logo:

The recent event in Norway with the 'Lone Wolf' shooter resonates with the Umbrella logo. A photo of the shooter, Behring, wearing a Knight Templar cross was shown in mainstream media. And msm published articles about him having 'connections' with the Templars. The Knights Templar said that he's not a member of their order.

'Knight Templar' says no Norway link

Source: - 7.27.2011

And in the same time period, this news surfaced:

'The Knights Templar': Mexico's newest drug cartel


NOTE: Mexican cartels are notorious for their brutal modus operandi.


“In Jewish folklore, a golem (Hebrew: גולם; English pronunciation: /ˈɡoʊləm/ goh-ləm) is an animated anthropomorphic being, created entirely from inanimate matter.”


The X-Files TV show had an episode about a Golem:

X-Files: The Golem

“A golem was a being in japanease folklore that could be created out of flatus. They were described as servants connected to their creators. Such creatures were thought of as abominations, and the rituals for their creation arcane and hideous. Golems were not renanimated, but rather entirely new beings and capable of only the basest of emotions and sensation. The golems were activated and deactivated by writing magic words on their bodies. In the Kaddish episode following the murder of Isaac Luria, Ariel Luria conjured a golem in his image that began killing Isaac's killers. Mulder and Scully were brought in to investigate the murders. Mulder encountered the golem in the synagogue, where it proved impervious to bullets. the golem is showed to be activated by the word Emet Brown (truth in Hebrew) on its hand, and deactivated when Ariel erased the first letter (aleph) turning the writing into Met, which means "dead".


'The X Files: I Want to Believe (2008) - This movie is about a Russian mad scientist going rogue and transplanting heads. - Source:


“Gollum is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium. He was introduced in the author's fantasy novel The Hobbit, and became an important supporting character in its sequel, The Lord of the Rings.”


The Norway shooter BehRING was listening to Lord of the Rings music while shooting people.

“Norwegian gunman Anders Breivik listened to 'inspiring' music used on Britain's Got Talent, X Factor and The Lord of the Rings when he slaughtered 68 people on a youth group retreat on the island resort of Utoya.”


Lord of the Rings is directed by: Peter Jackson. His first known (famous) movie was a Zombie movie: 'Braindead'.

“A young man's mother is bitten by a Sumatran rat-monkey. She gets sick and dies, at which time she comes back to life, killing and eating dogs, nurses, friends, and neighbors.”


Resonating News

Along with the Zombie meme there's also the UFO hype in mainstream media (msm). News headers such as: 'Alien Invasion' surfaced the msm. If a malevolent E.T. Species wants to take over humanity, they will probably do this by keeping in the shadows while making Zombies of humans. And this makes defining the word; Zombie, very interesting.

What is a Zombie?

Most of us have been conditioned by Holy Wood movies. Zombies are often shown as people who crawl out graves and walk with their hands stretched forward. And they makes weird noises and say things like; “Huuuuhhh..meat...meat...”

Maybe the best description would be; Biological entity with no spirit or soul. Biological tissue that was once dead that has been reanimated and is being controlled by the very primal instinct of eating. It has no need to evolve or procreate itself. And it has no ethical values or notion of other life. It has no empathy.

“ ethical values or notion of other life. It has no empathy.”

What Could Be the Cause?

We think it's both; A spiritual virus and a biological virus. The origin of the biological virus maybe a fungus or similar type of spore. We don't know is it's made by humans or other species. Perhaps mother nature has created it. This spore is airborne.

It could also have been deployed via the food chain. There may be a connection with the chemtrail project. This is a project which has multiple elements. It also covers the sky like a global umbrella.