People Ask Alexa: When Is The World Gonna End? Her Answer: Vax’d Zombie Apocalypse

Name: Alexa.
Event: Vax'd Zombie Apocalypse.
Date: 9.13.2021.
Location: Worldwide, Earth.
News Link: Auditors Of America LDOF - YouTube Channel - 1.18.2021.

Some people asked the Alexa (some kind of AI system connected to the Internet) the following question:

Alexa When is the world going to end? 

Alexa answered:

The world is going to end in 2021
The COVID-19 vaccine is going to take a dramatic turn.
And the ones who took the vaccines started a zombie apocalypse outbreak.
Be prepared get start early  so you can survive.

Source: Auditors Of America LDOF - YouTube Channel ⇒

We got this info via: - Alexa - Vaccines Cause Zombie-Like Apocalypse At End Of 2021 - 9.7.2021

We don't know if this some kind of glitch in the Matrix. Or an Alexa employee doing a digital prank.
It sure is something very interesting to hear, after we have collected zombie related news links since 2011 ⇒

Wow. Alexa When Is The World Gonna End?