In his song: 'New World' he warned us for he vax. He talked about chemtrails on television. And in: 'One Song' he has an important message for the world.

We think it would be a great time to shine a spotlight on The Artist Formerly Known As Prince. Of course he had lots of spotlights during his career as a world famous pop icon. We going to focus with a so called: 'truth light' on some of his messages that are resonating with today's world.

He doesn't need any introduction. Some know him for his somewhat 'erotic' music. Or for his rebellious type of songs.
And some know him for his spiritual work.

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He's a true artists. Touching the hearts and emotions of many  listeners of his music. And his feelings for this world can be seen and heard throughout his career, as a steady line of conscious artistic expressions. Let's start with the first lines of the lyrics of his song: 'America'.

Aristocrats on a mountain climb
Making money, losing time
Communism is just a word
But if the government turn over
It'll be the only word that's heard

Source: Prince And The Revolution – America
Label: Paisley Park – 9 20389-0 A, Paisley Park – 0-20389
Released: 1985. Copyright © – Warner Bros. Records Inc.

The lyrics of the 1985 song: 'America' are still loud and clear. On today's social media you can find lots of memes and posts from people trying to warn others about a 'communist' type of global dominance that's in the making, cloaked as a pandemic. You may have seen those memes and posts.

Humane Genome Ownership and Chemtrails

As far as we know: Prince was the only celebrity who addressed the chemtrail subject during a television interview.
This is something special. A famous person talking about something that was considered by many as a: conspiracy theory.
It showed his worries regarding the worldwide chemtrail spraying in the sky, as you can see in the interview.

He also talks about ownership of a person's creative work and creations, referring to the music industry and the human genomes and DNA.

In the future it will be unconscionable* to even think you can take somebody's... creation and claim ownership of it.
See: unfortunately this discussion is going to start to barrel into a discussion about the human genome and the DNA and all the rest of it.
When it gets there... there we gonna be... in the deep-water.
See, so it's better to start the conversation now before we get into ... God talk, you know.

Source: Prince and Chemtrails - Larry Keen Channel on YouTube ⇒
Transcripted by: Time Transportal.
* unconscionable. We're not sure if that's what he said.

The television host Tavis Smiley is asking Prince to tell something about his song: 'Dreamer'.
And Prince starts to talk about chemtrails:

When I saw the State of Black Union, Dick Gregory really moved me and a lot of my friends,
that showed to everybody that comes over to my house, especially white folks,
because... they need to hear... that!
You know, so that they know more about all of us.
Because... what he said affects all of us.
He said something that really hit home about ... this ... phenomena of Chemtrails.
And ... You know when I was a kid I use to see these trails in the sky all the time.
And, so that's cool, a jet just went over.
And then you start to see a whole bunch of them.
And next thing you know everybody in your neighborhood was fighting an allergy and you didn't know why.
Okay... and... you really didn't know why!
I mean, everybody was fighting ...
So he... he started to riffing about the Chemtrails...
And he started to say things that hit home so hard.
And I would recommend that everybody try to get what he said... online or where ever...
And try to get a copy of it and just listen to it.
Because the... I was so moved I had to write the song.

Source: Prince and Chemtrails - Larry Keen Channel on YouTube ⇒
Transcripted by: Time Transportal.

The whole interview can be found on YouTube:
27th & 28th April 2009 ~ Tavis Smiley ~ Complete 2 Night Interview - The Prince Encyclopedia ⇒

Prince and chemtrails

Colonized Mind
Upload: the master race idea
Genetically disposed 2 rule the world
Download: a future full of isolated
Full of isolated boys and girls
Upload: a 2-party system
The lesser of 2 dangers
Illusion of choice
Download: a veiled form of fascism
Nothing really ever changes
U never had a voice
If you look, you're sure gonna find
Throughout mankind's history
A colonized mind
The one in power makes law
Under which the colonized fall
Without God, it's just the blind leading the blind

Source: Prince – Colonized Mind
Album: Lotusflower
Label: Because Music – BEC5156206

Released: Apr 7, 2017. Copyright © – NPG Records.

The song 'Colonized Mind' has a clear message for today and the future, as you can see.
And when it comes to the future, Prince may have seen it, or had some vision or foreknowledge about the future.
He sings about future-things in his song: 'The Future'.
And in the song: 'New World' he sings about a vax that can track you. Sounds familiar in these days of the New Normal and the plans of the NWO? Here's a fragment of the lyrics of:

New World 
When U wanna find some isolation
But the tracker U got from vaccination (Keeps playin')
Keeps playin' - "U'll never walk alone" (Over and over)
They're always listening, especially on the phone
When the lines blur every boy and girl
How we gonna make it in this brave new world?
Love 4 one another - New world
Love 4 one another - New world
Wait a minute
New world
Did U hear about the new pill? It feels like sex!
Guaranteed 2 thrill with no ill side-effects
A pill that will stop the wrinkles, a pill that will stop the pain
A pill that will make a baby never seek political gain
What's it all 4 when U can alter biology?
Who or what, then my friend, will U and I be?

Source: Prince – New World
New World lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.


Some people say that Prince is still alive and didn't passed away in 2016. They say that he's in some sort of witness protection program to testify against very bad people of the entertainment industry. Many readers here know about the 'dirty empire' and the tentacles of this empire reaching into Silicon Valley, Hollywood and the music industry.

In his song: 'Silicon' Prince is bringing a message that is somewhat abstract and clear, at the same time. You can read the lyrics of this song from different points of view. And in the spotlight of today's world, this song can have a deeper meaning as he's mentioning: a virus that can boot and log on...
Here's a fragment of the lyrics:

On a magical rope of silicon
U can bet that they'll be chillin' in Babylon
Thinking about a way that they can split the proton
While U eating all the bloody chicken and dead prawn
Mickey D. shake and a filet mignon
Swearing up and down U the picture of health, now come on!
Just a rope of silicon (Dance)
Just a rope of silicon
Rope of silicon
U're just a rope of silicon (U)
2 the slaughterhouse
Leave that blood alone
Don't U know that dead blood kills interferons
Making the immune system victim 2 whereupon
Any known virus can boot up and log on

Source: Prince – Silicon
Label: NPG Records
Released: Mar 29, 2004. Copyright © – NPG Music Club

One Song

On YouTube there's an official: The Artist Formerly Known As Prince video channel. Interesting is that most videos have been uploaded 3 years ago. That would be: 2018. Prince passed away on April 21, 2016. May be one of his friends or colleagues started this YouTube channel. May be he's still alive and well and helping the so called: White Hats with their mission?

We're pretty sure that it's an official The Artist Formerly Known As Prince YouTube channel because his symbol (logo) is on that channel. As you know: you can't use his symbol (or any other company logo) without official permission due to copyright restrictions. So this channel must be the real official The Artist Formerly Known As Prince channel.

One of very interesting, and in our opinion beautiful song is: 'One Song'. It's worth a watch and listen to, because he talks (not singing) for a few minutes about our state of the world and our connection with God.

1999, and the illusion continues
One begs to ask, "when will it end?"
Unnatural disasters happen seemingly every week
Train crashes, shootings, nuclear accidents
Is there any place of refuge one can flee from this insanity?
Very few of mankind's creations are designed to make you feel good
Unless you get pleasure from seeing the human body
Desecrated by guns, explosions, fights
And any other things these so-called "artists" create
In the name of freedom, many have used art as a means to destroy the human mind
As an excuse to continue we hear "Art reflects society"
How many times has this lie been repeated: "creations are not real"
They say and yet any one of these people can call to mind
Images and complete scenes of horror in graphic detail
They will carry these so-called "unreal" creations around with them for the rest of their lives
These images are now a part of their being
In the name of recreation these people in fact are recreating themselves in their own images
Society then reflects art

Source: Prince – One Song
Copyright © – NPG Music Club

Watch the video 'One Song' on YouTube ⇒

One Song was initially streamed as a video only on beginning 1 January 2000, directly following the pay-per-view broadcast of Rave Un2 the Year 2000 (replacing all other content on the site; see One Song for more details). The following year, the video was released for download as part of NPG Music Club Edition # 6. Both versions include an introductory monologue lasting around 5:50, reflecting [image of the Prince symbol]* spiritual beliefs, before the song itself begins. No audio version of the track has been released.

While specific recording dates are not known, basic tracking is believed to have taken place in late 1999 at Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, Minnesota. It is not known if the song was intended for any project beyond introducing the new millennium.

* Due to copyright restrictions we did not show the Prince symbol.

Your Mental Energy Flow

We have often asked our self and other people: how can we have world peace if we still enjoy watching violent, wars and murders on television? Millions of people worldwide watch violent television (or something like Netflix) series in bed, before they go to sleep. Some people do this every day. People enter their sleep cycle with violent images in their mind.
The human mind is filled with a lot of violence from the media. Of course some violent scenes are part of a storyline in a movie or series. But many movies and series are only about violent scenes.

How would the world look like if people watch peaceful documentaries about this beautiful Planet Earth, before they go to sleep? And wake up in the morning without the 'violent media hang-over'. But a nice natural atmosphere of yesterdays nature documentary instead? Of course: there's 'violence' in nature documentaries.
Animals hunting other animals.
But still this is much different compared to movie scenes that are designed to bring as much violence as possible, showing human carnage.

How would things be different if humans stop doing this? Stop putting your mental energy in watching violent television series and movies? There's only one way to find out. Stop putting your energy in violent media. And tell your brothers and sisters, fellow humans to do the same.

Things will change because everything starts from the (human) mind.

Prince gave mankind a (small) push towards 'consciousness'. He made full use of his talents and art.
He tried to show us some elements that are a danger to the human future, and the world as a whole.

It's often difficult and not easy for artists these days, to be able to express them self.
We would like to say: keep making art. Make music. Draw. Paint. Design. Dance.
It's important during these strange days.

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The Artist Formerly Known As Prince and His Messages for Today’s World
Written by: Thomas I. Voûte and the Time Transportal Team. 2021.

We would like to give thanks to: The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, for his work.
Thank you Prince, where ever you are

Parts/fragments of Prince's lyrics in this article were published as: Fair Use.
Any copyright infringement is NOT intended.

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