The Zombie Links – Year 2016

Year 2016

Mosquitoes Are Spreading a Rare Virus Around the World

Since Zika is so rare, scientists are still figuring out the basics. “There are no really good diagnostics for the virus at the moment,” says Alain Kohl, a mosquito-borne disease researcher at the University of Glasgow.

Source: - 1.6.2016

Dining With Cannibals: Why Eating Human Brains Can Kill You

"Why is cannibalism detrimental to the body?"

Source: - 1.20.2016

Vaccine study shapes plan to wipe out rabies in free-roaming dogs

Rabies could be eradicated from street dogs in India with the help of a new smartphone app, a study has shown.

Source: - 1.28.2016

Russian scientists discover aggression causes new nerve cells to be generated in brain

A group of neurobiologists from Russia and the United States have proven experimentally that aggression has an influence on the production of new nerve cells in the brain.

Source: - 2.3.2016

UN nuclear agency suggests using radiation to fight Zika mosquitos

Source: - 2.14.2016

Alert! There's a dangerous new viral outbreak: Zika conspiracy theories

It alleged that the UK-based small company Oxitec, which began releasing genetically engineered male-sterile mosquitoes in 2011 in north-eastern Brazil in order to combat dengue disease, may have inadvertently caused the Zika outbreak. Oxitec’s approach involves releasing non-biting males - which have been genetically engineered to carry a gene that is lethal to their offspring - to mate with wild females.

Source: - 2.14.2016

Brazilian government nullifies private property rights in fight against Zika ... Homes and property no longer 'private'

Source: - 2.10.2016

1973: Laboratory infection with Zika virus after vaccination against yellow fever

Source: link.springer.comDecember 1973

Genetically modified mosquitoes released in Brazil in 2015 linked to the current Zika epidemic?

Source: - 1.25.2016

A plea for open science on Zika

Sharing has been a touchy topic in previous outbreaks and epidemics, including SARS, MERS, and Ebola. Countries are sometimes reticent to share data or samples with foreign researchers or organizations; Indonesia, for instance, refused to share influenza strains with WHO for some time because it feared it would not benefit if the viruses were used to produce a pandemic vaccine.

Souce: - 2.10.2016

Amazon updates its terms of service to cover the zombie apocalypse

Updated terms of use ban game engine from use for anything ‘life or safety-critical’ except in advent of reanimated human corpses

Source: - 2.11.2016

Climate change to increase risk and transmission of parasitic infections

Research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that host immunity will have the final say in the battle against parasites, as climate change worsens.

Source: - 2.16.2016

Strange Earth Organisms Have Somehow Survived Living Outside The ISS

Source: - 3.27.2016

Trial starts to bring ‘dead’ 27-year-old car crash victim back to life

A 27-year-old car crash victim is the first participant of a groundbreaking trial to see if it possible to regenerate the brains of clinically dead people.

The patient was declared brain dead on Sunday evening and is now being treated with stem cells, laser therapy and nerve stimulation techniques at Anupam Hospital, Rudrapur, India, to see if is possible to restore brain function.

Source: - 5.9.2016

Chinese Tech Giant Readies for Robot Overlords and Cloud Zombies

Huawei representatives suggest uploading your grandparents to the cloud while plotting the defense of humanity against swarms of killer robots.

Source: - 11.5.2016

Bubonic plague detected on chipmunk at Lake Tahoe campsite

A flea taken from a chipmunk at a campground near the shores of California's south Lake Tahoe area has tested positive for Bubonic plague, according to US Forest Service officials.

Source: - 6.9.2016

Mysterious 'zombie bee' scourge reaches southern US

The mysterious "zombie bee" parasite that kills honeybees has reached the southern United States after scientists confirmed a case in Virginia about an hour outside Roanoke, researchers announced this week.

Source: - 6.23.2016

Russia sends military planes, biohazard troops to fight Siberian anthrax outbreak

The Russian military are assisting the local authorities in dealing with a deadly anthrax outbreak. The occurrence in western Siberia has already killed 1,500 reindeer, which are used as livestock by the indigenous people

Source: - 7.31.2016

'Zombie' Anthrax Outbreak in Siberia

An outbreak of anthrax that has killed more than 2,000 reindeer and sickened 13 people in Siberia has been linked to 75-year-old anthrax spores released by melting permafrost.

Source: - 8.2.2016

Billionaire Peter Thiel thinks young people’s blood can keep him young forever

“I’m looking into parabiosis stuff,” Thiel told Bercovici, “where they [injected] the young blood into older mice and they found that had a massive rejuvenating effect. … I think there are a lot of these things that have been strangely underexplored.”

Source: - 8.1.2016

Anthrax outbreak in Sweden kills nine animals

Soure: - 8.2.2016

How to stop a zombie apocalypse – with science

Would a pre-emptive or selective cull be the only way to stop the spread of zombies?

Source: - 9.5.2016

The Siberian plague
As global warming melts the permafrost, anthrax and other pathogens arise from their centuries-old slumber
Source: - September 2016

Analysis of Burger Market Finds Unwanted Ingredients: Rat and Human DNA

Source: - 5.10.2016

Self-Cannibalization: Nobel Prize In Medicine Goes To “Self-Eating” Cells

Autophagy literally means “self-eating.” It was first observed in the 1960s, when researchers observed that living cells “recycled” its own waste, destroying subcellular parts of itself and transporting them to other regions of the cell. Studying these mechanisms was difficult, and very little was known about them until Ohsumi’s groundbreaking experiments in the early 1990s.

Source: - 10.5.2016

A Medieval strain of leprosy is infecting squirrels in the UK

Only three animals – including humans – are susceptible to the disease

Source: - 11.10.2016

Synthetic cannabis is behind a 'zombie outbreak' in the US

Synthetic cannabis – also referred to as "fake pot" – is behind a "zombie outbreak" in the US, a medical journal has revealed.

Source: - 12.182016