Electric Time Frequency Deviations

Frequency Flux in the Grid. Since January 2018 Continental European Power System experienced power deviations. One transmission system operator of the interconnected system has a shortage in supply.

These Frequency Deviations are also the cause of the national system alert error in the Netherlands on March 5 2018. It's surprising - or not so surprising depending on point of view - that some of the clocks of these alarm systems are running on electricity frequency and some of them seem not to have a back up power supply. The irony it seems that in any case of a blackout of the power grid, some of the nation's alert system wont work.

"The power deviations have led to a slight drop in the electric frequency. This in turn has also affected those electric clocks that are steered by the frequency of the power system and not by a quartz crystal: they show currently a delay of 5 minutes. TSOs will set up a compensation program to correct the time in the future."

Source: entsoe.eu (european network of transmission system operators for electricity)

In the Netherlands were various reports of people. They noticed that their clocks in ovens and other electric household appliances were running 5 minutes slow. Europe has agreements on the frequency of electricity grid which must be around 50 hertz.

The countries Kosovo and Serbia have issues and conflicts with each other. They're using the delivery of electricity as a means of applying pressure, causing small deviations in the frequency of electricity.

"TSOs will set up a compensation program to correct the time in the future."

Source: entsoe.eu

Quartz clocks and other time meassure devices were not affected by these frequency deviations in electricity. We don't know what type of clocks other facilities and installations have for their devices and machines.

Are nuclear reactors equipped with clocks steered by electricity or quartz crystals?

What about traffic lights, bridges, air control towers and internet server rooms cooling fans? Will we get a hype like the Y2K computer bug? Is this a serious situation?
Frequency deviations in the electricity grid in Europe. Causing clocks, steered by electricity to run slower. Was there some unknown event or phenomena that caused this effect? Something like the Etna Time Shift?

Frequencies are very important. Even small changes can cause great effects. European electric clocks starting to run 5 minutes slower, is surely a fascinating thing.

Are clocks in the Euro stock markets steered by the frequency of the power system or quartz crystals?

Screenshots (still) from the movie: Trading Places (1983). Clock in trading hall just before the end of the trading day.

Image source: Moviescreenshots.blogspot.com