No Alarm Error


3.6.2018. 20:20 CET

The cause of the alarm error in the Netherlands has been identified according to an article published today by a Dutch website Limburg is one of the provinces that experienced the no-alarm error.

Clock Frequency

Most of the electricity in the Netherlands comes from Kosovo and Serbia. These two countries are involved is some issue. The delivery of electricity has been used as some pressure tactic in this issue. The Netherlands received less electricity since January 2018. This is causing digital clocks to run slower, even 6 minutes behind the main timeline. The frequency of electricity in Kosovo and Serbia is lower compared to the Dutch electricity frequency. That's why clocks started to run slower. Sure things getting more interesting.
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Sirens didn't work due to slow running clocks


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3.6.2018. 14:27 CET

Silence in the Dutch Mountains 

Alarm test system error in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is the 4th country this year that experienced an alarm error.
This time it was not an error of a sudden false alarm but a no-alarm situation instead. 

In the Netherlands there's a monthly test schedule of the national alarm system. Every first Monday of the month, at 12:00 the alarm system will do a test. These acoustic tests can be heard all over the country. They sound like trumpets
increasing their volume in a sinus type of wave.

The first Monday of March 2018 at 12:00 the monthly alarm test was scheduled, just like every month. Many Dutch people were surprised when they noticed the silence at 12:00 on Monday the 5th of March. No alarm was heard in several provinces throughout the nation.

The following provinces experienced the no-alarm situation: North Holland, Noord-Limburg, Gelderland, Utrecht and a part of Zuid-Holland.

The fire department of Amsterdam and Amstelland (the Amsterdam area) announced via Twitter that a technical issue was the cause of the error. They don't know how long the issue would take to resolve. And if any emergency situation would occur, they will provide information via NL-Alert, a text messaging service.

"They are still trying to establish the cause of the breakdown." 

Source: - 3.5.2018

The Fourth Alarm Situation This Year

  • The 1st alarm alert error was in Hawaii. On January 13th, 2018 a false alarm was sent.
    People received text messages regarding a North Korean missile attack. See also: Hawaii Missile Alert Error
  • The 2nd alarm alert error was in Japan on January 16th, 2018.
    Japan's public broadcaster sent news alerts that North Korea has launched missile.
  • The 3rd alarm alert error was on February the 6th, 2018 for the residents of the US East and Gulf Coasts and the Caribbean. A text message was sent to cellphones regarding a Tsunami.
  • The 4th alarm alert error, The Netherlands on March 5, 2018. Instead of the monthly alarm system test sound, nothing was heard in several provinces.

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The Big Q

The question is of course: are these just coincidences? Or is there more to all these alarm errors?



Four errors in various countries, in only 3 months. Perhaps there's a certain pattern.
These events may be dots to connect and only to reveal it's meaning after certain alchemic procedures of analyzing information are applied?

 What 2018 may bring more on alarm (error) events?
In the mean time: Stay tuned!