Turkey Issues Gas Cut Waiver, Industrial Zones Exempted

Name: Turkish Industrial Zones.
Event: Power outages.
Date: 1.26.2022.
Location: Turkey, Earth, Space.
News Link: dailysabah.com - 1.24.2022.

Turkey issues gas cut waiver, sectors warn of hit amid power outage
Turkey exempted enterprises and facilities producing crucial products from the order to cut gas use after Iran announced a temporary halt in natural gas exports, while industrialists warned production would be seriously disrupted as they braced for related power outages.
The main electricity distribution company TEIAŞ said it would impose three days of power outages through Wednesday in the country’s organized industrial zones due to the shortages of gas. TEIAŞ said it verbally informed zone managers over the weekend.

Source: dailysabah.com - 1.24.2022.