Eric Clapton: ‘Subliminal Messages Are Convincing People to Fall In Line’

Name: Eric Clapton.
Event: ‘Subliminal Messages'
Date: 1.26.2022.
Location: United States of America, Earth, Space.
News Link: - 1.26.2022.

Eric Clapton is not only a musical maestro, he seem to be an honest person as well.
It takes a degree of braveness and honesty, to talk about vax damage, in public.
And of course the mainstream media is trying to debunk and play-down his situation.

And Eric Clapton went a level further, a step beyond, by saying that ‘Subliminal Messages' are used to convince people to get the clotshot.

You and I, we know what he means. Interesting is that mainstream media picked this up an published about it.

Vaccine Skeptic Eric Clapton Claims ‘Subliminal’ Messages Are Convincing People to Fall In Line
After months of railing against COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccines, and refusing to play shows that require vaccination proof, Eric Clapton has seemingly embraced a controversial theory claiming that secret messages are allegedly being hidden inside YouTube videos with the goal of driving mass compliance with COVID precautions. The 76-year-old rock icon pointed to the theory as an explanation for his divisive views on the global pandemic that has killed more than 5.6 million people worldwide.

Source: - 1.24.2022.