US Military in Doubt if 5G Interfere With Military Airplanes

Name: US Military.
Event: 5G Rollout.
Date: 1.21.2022.
Location: United States of America, Earth, Space.
News Link: - 1.21.2022.

Not only the US Military has it's doubts on the safety of 5G, some US Airline companies have their doubts as well.

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Why the 5G rollout in the US is causing airline cancellations
Top US airlines on Sunday wrote to the Biden administration stating that 5G services deployment around airports should be banned because it may interfere with sensitive airplane instruments such as altimeters and significantly hamper low-visibility operations. Frequencies within the C-band being used for the 5G services are near airwaves used for aviation communication . Following this, several airlines around the world including Air India have curtailed flights to the US. As a temporary measure, AT&T and Verizon voluntarily limited 5G deployment near certain airports.

Source: - 1.19.2022.

The Military Isn't Sure Whether 5G Cell Phones Interfere with its Planes
The problem lies with the radio frequencies that the latest 5G cell phone technology, rolled out this week by Verizon and AT&T, operates on. As with all cell phones, tiny radios in 5G phones will talk to massive radios mounted on cell towers. But unlike in previous cell phone generations, the frequency they will use is nearly the same as the radio waves that radar altimeters use to measure a plane’s altitude.

Source: - 1.21.2022.