Europe Could Face Electricity Blackouts – Emergency Supply Alert Sent to UK Residents

Name: Europe, UK.
Event: Electricity Blackouts.
Date: 1.24.2022.
Location: United Kingdom, Europe, Earth, Space.
News Link: - 1.25.2022.

Worldwide, lot's of people are waking up from the plandemic hypnotic state.
There's no way back.
A severe (global) blackout could be one of the cards, for those who still want to control humanity.

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Millions of Britons at risk of energy blackouts as emergency supply alert sent
Energy experts suggest Europe could face electricity blackouts over the coming months if average temperatures fall. According to analysts at the investment bank Goldman Sachs, while Europe has enough gas supplies stored up to get through winter, a drop in temperature could see storage levels fall to record lows.

Source: - 1.24.2022.