Time Translators

A Time Translator can be a person, a group, an idea, invention, discovery or a movement that has contributed to the collective mind and society of humanity regarding the aspects of the dynamics of time. This can be in various ways, such as; art, science, music, poetry, literature and so on.

In fact each and every one on Earth is a Time Translator. We're all in process of translating our own  meanings of time throughout our daily life. This can be big things and small things. We all trying to figure out the dynamics of time in one way or another.

The Walks of Life

Here at the Time Transportal we place some Time Translators in the spotlight due to their guidance, teachings or any other contribution towards the exploration of time. These can be famous people on the big stage of this world but unknown people doing their part as well. A Translator of Time can be many things, from people to machines. From ideas to movements.

Hong Kong Protests & French Yellow Vests

Michel de Nostredame


Jiddu Krishnamurti