200-metre Sinkhole in Florence

image-550x220-feat-florDate: May 25, 2016.
Location: Florence, Italy.
Coordinates: 43°47′N 11°15′E.
Depth: Not very deep.
Hole Dimensions: 182m-long.
Cause: Broken pipe.

Florence has a large stretching sinkhole next to the river Arno. Some cars almost sunk into the sinkhole and two buildings were evacuated. Access to the neighborhood was restricted. The cause was a broken pipe.
Flag of Florence.
Flag of Florence.

A huge sinkhole measuring 200 by seven metres opened up in Florence on Wednesday morning, engulfing 20 parked cars.

The incident occurred at around 6:15am, right in the centre of the Tuscan city, between Ponte Vecchio and Ponte Le Grazie.

Source: www.thelocal.it/20160525/200-metre-sinkhole-swallows-cars-in-central-florence