Time Crystals


Do time crystals really exist? Phisically exist, that is. Many didn't believe time crystals could ever exist because of the odd properties the crystals should have in order to exist.

Space & time dynamics are mysterious and often surprises the scientific community. And this seem to happen with the new discoveries of time crystals.

However, now in a new paper published in Physical Review Letters, physicists from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and Microsoft Station Q (a Microsoft research lab located on the UCSB campus) have demonstrated that it may be possible for time crystals to physically exist.
The physicists have focused on the implication of time crystals that seems most surprising, which is that time crystals are predicted to spontaneously break a fundamental symmetry called "time-translation symmetry." To understand what this means, the researchers explain what spontaneous symmetry breaking is.

Source: phys.org

Time-Translation Symmetry

Now that's something great to read in the mainstream media. The concept of time translators is well known here at the time transportal. Perhaps a bit different compared to scientific time translation symmetry,   a time translator can be many things according to the time transportal.

A time translator can be a crystal as well. And it is completely logic that these crystals can resonate with the time & space dynamics. Like a quartz crystal is the nucleus of a quartz watch mechanism. So are the time crystals elements driving the wheels of the Space Time Mechanism of the Multiverse?

Wits University Scientists Predict the Existence of a New Boson
6 September, 2016 - The hypothesis describes the existence of a new boson and field, similar to the Higgs boson. However, where the Higgs boson in the Standard Model of Physics only interacts with known matter, the Madala boson interacts with Dark Matter, which makes about 27% of the Universe.

Source: eurekalert.org

Macroscopic (~16cm) halite crystal. The right-angles between crystal faces are due to the cubic symmetry of the atoms' arrangement. Source: wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystal#/media/File:Selpologne.jpg

The Same Atoms Exist in Two Places Nearly 2 Feet Apart Simultaneously
25 December, 2015. Quantum superposition is made even more perplexing by the fact that it can only occur when the particles are unobserved. Simply by observing a particle in two different quantum states, you cause what is known as wave function collapse and the particle again exists in only one state or the other (and in the case of superposition, only one physical location or the other). Therefore, measuring a particle in superposition is incredibly difficult.

Source: popularmechanics.com

Time Travel with Time Crystals?

Humanity is able to look further and deeper into the nano world and is more able to control matter in various stages. Imagine the capabilities in a hundred years from now. Will humanity be able to manipulate time crystals in such way that it will be possible to open doorways in the space time fabric? Or perhaps humanity already was capable to do this. Perhaps the ancients had their technology, with sound and intention.

In the holosphere as we are, we can approach this subject in a holistic way. And we see interaction of time crystals with sacred geometry. The ancestors understood this.

Back to the Time Crystal Future?

Crystal have been used for aeons. Crystals are an important part of the human body. And crystals exist in the space worlds.

They resonate at certain frequencies. Used in radios and watches. Crystals are everywhere and some say that the core of planet Earth is made of crystals. The discovery of the existence of time crystals is important in the world of the time transportal.

"In collaboration with experimental research groups, we are exploring the possibility of realizing Floquet time crystals in systems of cold atomic gases," said coauthor Chetan Nayak at Microsoft Station Q and UCSB

Source: phys.org

Mercury Connection

Will they also discover the use of Mercury in all this? As did the ancestors and recently the Nazi Third Reich with their anti-gravity and other exotic devices such as: The Bell, or 'Glocke'.

For now it's a mystery, which is unfolding and showing new mysteries, at the same time.

Cave of the Crystals - Gypsum crystals of the Naica cave. 300 metres (980 ft) below the surface in Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico.