Army Reserve Soldiers Were Training For ‘America’s Worst Day’

Name: Army Reserve Soldiers.
Event: Training For ‘America’s Worst Day’
Date: 4.22.2021
Location: United States of America, Earth.
News Link: - 4.29.2021

It's not really new news, but we think worth mentioning during these times of prep and all that.

Army Reserve Soldiers train for ‘America’s worst day’
More than 200 Army Reserve Soldiers of the 307th Chemical Company, Bell, California, trained for the worst of the worst during a nuclear attack scenario as part of Guardian Response, a multicomponent Homeland Emergency Response Exercise held at Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, Indiana, April 22.
The complex, mass-casualty training event took place in a hypothetical environment, where a simulated nuclear event occurred in a major U.S. city. The mission included three main objectives handling casualties: recognizance, decontamination and medical treatment.

Source: - 4.29.2021