5th Force of Nature Detected?

Sciene is always finding and discovering new things. The Universe is filled with verses that still need to be read by humanity. All is in motion. And just when we thought we know it all, then some new discovery will stretch our minds.

All around the world science is in progress. Newspapers are publishing more news items regarding quantum mechanics and nanotechnology.  Sci-fi movies are showing exotic futuristic technologies. And people are getting more interested in these matters and anti-matters.

A new force has been detected and this could not be done without the use of time measurement devices.

Evidence of this fifth force was spotted last year, when a team from the Hungarian Academy of Science reported that they'd fired protons at lithium-7, and in the fall out, had detected a brand new super-light boson that was only 34 times heavier than an electron.

Source: sciencealert.com