Do time crystals really exist? Phisically exist, that is. Many didn’t believe time crystals could ever exist because of the odd properties the crystals should have in order toMore ⇒

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Date: 2015. Location: Missouri Ozarks, U.S.A. Coordinates: 35°51′49″N 93°29′35″W. Depth: 40 feet deep. Hole Dimensions: 70 feet wide. Cause: Heavy rain. An intriguing storyMore ⇒

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Date: Feb. 23, 2007  & May 30, 2010. Location: Guatemala City, Republic of Guatemala. Coordinates: 14°39′1.40″N 90°29′25″W. Depth: 100 m. (330 ft). Hole Dimensions:More ⇒

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The news stories of fireballs in the sky are increasing From dash cams to mobile phones, all are recording. And more and more videosMore ⇒

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The need for a perfect clock Scientists have been working on the most accurate clocks since time has been measured. From atomic clocks to electro magneticMore ⇒

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Most of the science papers, reports and articles are written in such way only scientists can understand it. Science was not always totally ‘open’More ⇒

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TV Series (2012–2015) Seasons: 4. Creator: Simon Barry. Stars: Rachel Nichols, Stephen Lobo, Victor Webster. Production Co: Reunion Pictures, Shaw Media. Episode Runtime:  45More ⇒

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Paycheck Year: 2003. Director: John Woo. Stars: Ben Affleck, Aaron Eckhart, Uma Thurman. Writers: Philip K. Dick (short story), Dean Georgaris (screenplay). Production Co:More ⇒

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What if the classified technologies are years ahead of the public sector? Perhaps a 1000 years? And if not; todays technologies are sometimes incredible asMore ⇒

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Mars Recall The plot of the movie Total Recall is about a machine creating an atmosphere on Mars. This machine is melting huge amounts of iceMore ⇒

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