Black Hole Hologram

Are black holes time & space portals to other dimensions?

One of the most mysterious things in space, of this time. Black holes have been an inspiration for many science fiction novels and movies. And many theories regarding these large objects have been published.

This mystery may become even more complex with new insights into the gravitational waves within the black holes. It looks like it's actually a 2D projection of some kind. A holographic projection.

This makes the holographic Universe idea more realistic.
A multiverse where time and space are fabric that can stretch and have qualities not yet known to mankind.

Their calculations suggest that although these powerful celestial bodies are though to have three dimensions, they may in fact be two dimensional projections.

Their results are consistent with a theory known as the holography hypothesis, which suggests the universe itself may be a two dimensional surface that we cannot see.

In a black hole all the objects that fall into it would be entirely contained in fluctuations in this surface.


Black Hole & Wormhole. The Same Time Vortex ?

According to some scientists; black holes can take all matter and even light into it's center. Something like a cosmic vacuum cleaner.

But ofcourse, this is a human perspective on this matter.  Our perspectives, under-standings and inner-standings will definitely change when the mechanics of black holes and wormholes are known in the public domain.

For now we may fantasize what's in the black hole. Or perhaps; what's on?