Sinkhole Ottawa & Vortex Flag?

image-550x220-sink-ottawaDate: June 8, 2016.
Location: Ottawa, Canada.
Coordinates: 45° 19′ NB, 75° 40′ WL.
Depth: Unknown.
Hole Dimensions: Unknown.
Cause: Next to construction site.

On June 8, 2016 a massive sinkhole appeared downtown Ottawa causing a collapse of the road and forcing people to evacuate. A gas leak was detected.

The sinkhole appeared at about 10:30 a.m. ET Wednesday near the corner of Rideau Street and Sussex Drive at a light rail construction site. It's about two blocks east of the Château Laurier hotel.


Vortex Flag

The flag of the city of Ottawa is interesting. It shows some kind of vortex spiral along with green and blue, probably symbolizing land and water. The vortex consist of 3 basic lines at the top moving towards a spiral. It seem that the spiral's movement is inwards.

Flag of the city of Ottawa, Ontario.
Flag of the city of Ottawa, Ontario.

The symbol on this flag may fuel a spark for those interested in the energetic and synergetic workings of the planet Earth, Ley-Lines and Vile Vortices. And it could be getting more interesting according to the following:

Space research satellites (Alouette and ISIS) were built in Ottawa and launched in the US.