Time to Nuke Mars?

The plot of the movie Total Recall is about a machine creating an atmosphere on Mars. This machine is melting huge amounts of ice and creates steam that forms clouds in the sky. People of the Mars colonies finally can breathe on the surface of the planet.

This movie has a more eco-friendly approach of terraforming compared to the new plans for the red planet. To support life for the soon to be Earth colonies there must be some human friendly atmosphere, ofcourse, to nuke Mars seems to be an option.

Nukes can also be used to open or close portals and perhaps even trigger some time shift events which could lead to a time-loop.

Re-Colonize and Mars Recall?

What if humans originally came from Mars? And what if humans destroyed the red planet and went to planet Earth, perhaps millions years ago? There have always been a strong bond between Mars and Earth. The Roman Empire was practically based on symbolic ideas of Mars.

It's not such crazy idea that humans could destroy a planet, considering the current state of planet Earth. If humans came from Mars. And they will be colonizing the red planet. Or re-colonizing. Are we heading towards a time loop?

From a human colonization perspective, this is very good news. Smith’s new study estimates there are approximately 87,000 cubic kilometres of dry ice locked away at Mars’ north pole right now. That’s a heck of a lot of frozen CO2, all buried in one place. If we took Elon Musk’s off-the-cuff advice and nuked the pole, we could probably make the atmosphere much thicker and warmer pretty quickly.

Source: www.gizmodo.co.uk

Why Nuke 'M ?

If you're familiar with the Alternative III project then the plan to nuke Mars may come in a different perspective. It's getting more complex if humans already are on Mars.

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