Ancient Ice on Mars

Mars is old and so is it's ice

Finally the news is in the public domain: there was water on the red planet. And there's still water overthere in the form of ancient ice.

The ancient Arctic ice on planet Earth contains tiny old life forms.
Could this be the same with ice on Mars? And when humans will colonize Mars, will there be life forms coming from the ancient ice on Mars? Is it benevolent life? If not; then perhaps the plan to nuke Mars is not such bad idea after all? Or will the nukes also destroy important time capsules on planet Mars?

Ice is a Time Capsule

In time travel and portal subjects, water is a primal element.
The stages of water  - especially steam - are interesting to observe. Frozen water can hold particles and elements of life in it. A perfect time capsule, because ice can melt and disclose what has been hidden. Something which time capsules are made for; to open and disclose after a period of time.

We found an accelerated accumulation rate of ice in the uppermost 100 to 300 meters of the polar cap," Isaac Smith, a postdoctoral researcher at SwRI, said in a press release.ecise measurements of time, they could judge your location more accurately.