TV Series: Continuum

TV Series (2012–2015) Seasons: 4.
Creator: Simon Barry.
Stars: Rachel Nichols, Stephen Lobo, Victor Webster.
Production Co: Reunion Pictures, Shaw Media.
Episode Runtime:  45 min.
Storyline Timeframe: Future 2077, Present 21st century.
Story Location: United States of America, Planet Earth.
Language: English. More info:

2077. My time, my city, my family. When terrorists killed thousands of innocents, they were condemned to die. They had other plans.
A time travel device sent us all back 65 years.
I want to get home, but I can't be sure what I will return to if history is changed.
Their plan? To corrupt and control the present in order to win the future.
What they didn't plan on, was me.

- Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols)

A Continuous Watch

That's what we think of the TV series Continuum. It's an absolutely must see, and not only for the time travel and teleport fans. It has all the ingredients of a rock solid plot; down to earth high-tech futuristic devices and technology, a terrorist rebel group who wants to overthrow the power of the multinationals and big industry, a Protector from the future, a genius kid and much more.

The Plot in Short

The main character is Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) who lives in the year 2077 and works as a Protector, a police officer. We follow her adventures as she's sent back to the past, which is present day in Vancouver. She travelled to the past by accident when she had to guard an execution of several members of a terrorist group known as: Liber8.

These Liber8 terrorists are bent on breaking down the power of the big companies who have everything in control in the future. Liber8 blew up multiple buildings and killed thousands of people.

These members sabotaged their execution with a time travel device and were able to escape to the past.


At first Kiera thought that sending her back was by accident. But when she starts to discover more information she realizes that it was all orchestrated by a a teen genius Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen) she met in her new timeline; in the past.

Alec is the most powerful man in Kiera's world, the future. His hi-tech company Sadtech runs everything in a future where there's no privacy, no freedom. And where every part of human life is connected to the system, that Alec created.

Because Kiera served as a soldier and works as an Protector, she's implanted with a microchip that is able to connect to a mainframe. This implant can also give her extra enhancements such as: scanning an area for certain elements or chemicals, reading a person's eye and pupil to detect if that person is lying.
She also wears a special Protector suit that can render her invisible. It can also create a strong magnetic field that can bounce off bullets. This suit works with a holographic user interface that can be controlled from her wrist. When she's sent into the past she's still wearing this suit and she also has her Protector gun with her.
this gun is a device that can fold out and has several functions such as: stopping a moving car and shooting an energy pulse-beam.

When she arrived in the past her implant doesn't seem to work. Of course she's unable to connect to the mainframe system, which did not yet exist in the past.
Suddenly she hears someone talking to her in her head, via her brain implant.
That's when she met Alec. The young tech-genius. He has already made a prototype of the future mainframe system and with this he's able to communicate with Kiera's implant.

Alec and Kiera are finding out about the plan of the future Alec to change the course of history.

It's Just a Matter of Time

Continuum plot is complicated and therefor we'll not go further in detail of the storyline. What we like to say is; Amazing. The timeline dynamics that are shown. The technology that look real. It's just a matter of time for these technologies are being used in the public domain. No over-the-top sci-fi tech. And sometimes even a (short) explanation of the technology, how it works.

The characters are well chosen. And they show strong human emotions that fit in their timeline. For example: the people from 2077 (Kiera and the Liber8 terrorists) have some typical, but not over-acted, emotions and way of doing things. They clearly show how they see the past with future eyes. Also very basic emotions, which make these characters even more interesting.

It's nice how flash-forwards and flashbacks are used to show the story of Alec Sadler and his development. And the inner conflicts he's fighting. Not wanting to become the tech-tyrant of the future but trying to be himself.

Each character has his or hers story. And when the plot evolves, some more interesting characters show up, like; The Freelancers. A guild of time travelers who are working on the continuum of the main timeline.

Continuum could be a Documentary

The events and characters could be real. The future system that is shown in Continuum could become a reality. And the past, that is the path to that future timeline, is like today's world, which is the present.

Continuum is an important state of the art time capsule.

Interesting Symbolism
Some names of present and future companies in the TV series have the same kind of names as today's large companies.