Missile Alert Echo

NEW UPDATE: 2.6.2018

Missile Island Alert Echo.

Another false alert was sent.
This time it was for the residents of the US East and Gulf Coasts and the Caribbean.

They received a tsunami waring alert on their cellphones on February the 6th, 2018. After they clicked on the alert a text message appeared:

"a test to determine transmission times involved in the dissemination of tsunami information."


The National Weather Service said in a statement that "the test message was distributed by at least one private sector company."

There were no reports of panic. The National Weather Service made sure everything was cool. They issued clarifications saying there was no danger.


See also:  False tsunami alert sent to US coasts - phys.org - 6.2.2018

This was the third false alert this year. In these dynamic times various explanations can be found. SkyNet. Rogue units. Mad scientist. Cyber attack. Martians. Extremists. An employee who spilled coffee.
Or perhaps time travelers. Working with the art of time dynamics. - End of news update 6.2.2018.

The year 2018 started with a ping. Sort of

Two missile alerts occured. Triggering some mass hysteria. Followed by various explanations in the mainstream media.


The Hawaii Missile Alert

The now famous, Hawaii Missile alert occured on saturday January 13th, 2018. Mainstream media (msm) is reporting this as an one-man mistake. An employee of the Hawaii emergency management started the alarm. He thought that a real missile attack (from North Korea) was taking place. In fact, it was a drill. But it took 38 minutes
for them to correct the situation.

"While starting a Saturday shift at the emergency operations center in a former bunker in Honolulu’s Diamond Head crater on 13 January, the man said, a co-worker took a phone call over the US Pacific Command secure line that sounded like a real warning, he said."


Source: theguardian.com



A more personal profile of the 'mistake-man' is now shown by the msm.  A man who is known for having problems performing his job, according to his colleagues. A man who has made a mistake causing panic on Hawaii.
This will form an image for the public of a man who was trying to do his job and made a mistake.
Making things easy for the mass is often a better option.
They don't have to worry whether it was SkyNet or a rogue unit. Or even the North Koreans causing these type of panic-events.

Let's keep things simple. Especially when there was another missile alert just a few days after the Hawaii Missile Alert.


The Japan Missile Alert

On tuesday January 16th, 2018 Japan's public broadcaster has sent news alerts that North Korea has launched missile.
The Japanese were much faster with correcting the alert. It took them only 5 minutes.

"NHK’s 6.55pm alert said: “North Korea appears to have launched a missile ... The government urges people to take shelter inside buildings or underground.”


Source: independent.co.uk


January 2018 started with two missile alerts happening in the same week. In two different countries.
And both countries are islands. Perhaps all coincidences or just an example of bad management of missile alert systems.

In anyway, both events return interesting data-reports for those who observe these things. And if the North Koreans are really behind these events, they wont have much use for these reports. New systems and protocols will be in place. And these have to be tested as well. One 2 three... testing 1 2 3...