Tanks Protecting Banks in China?

Various protests broke out in the city of Zhengzhou, the capital of the province of Henan in China. Customers were not allowed to withdraw their cash.

Thousands of customers were denied access to their accounts because of a 'system upgrade' in April 2022. This resulted in a bank run. Is this a test event? Are the usual suspects, planning to deploy these bank-tactics in other countries?

Will there be a day when there's a tank in front of your bank when you want to take your money? Or the other way around: a bank in front of your tank?

As of 2022, there are over 1,600 rural banks in China, located in 31 provinces, accounting for about 36% of the total number of banking financial institutions in the country.[4][5] According to the statistics of the People's Bank of China, as of the second quarter of 2021, a total of 122 rural banks were high-risk institutions, occupying about 29% of all high-risk institutions.[4]
Frozen accounts
In April 2022, four rural banks in the Henan province stopped allowing customers to withdraw cash because "the banks were upgrading their systems".[6] Thousands were denied access to their accounts, triggering a bank run as customers of the four bank attempted to withdraw their funds en-masse.[7][8]
Later, however, it was noted that Sun Zhenfu, the main stockholder of the banks, had already been arrested by the government for "serious financial crimes" in March,[9][10] and an investigation by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) wrote that a private investment company collaborated with the banks to illicitly attract public funds via online platforms.[11]
Customers started mounting small protests. A larger protest, involving thousands, took place on 23 May before being curtailed by police.[8] The South China Morning Post and BBC reported fears that by June the Health Code system was being abused.[12][8] By turning potential protesters' to code red they could be prevented from travelling.
On July 10, a protest in Zhengzhou, attended by hundreds turned violent. An uniformed group ran into the people protesting and started to physically assault.[8]

Source: wikipedia.org

China to Repay More Victims Next Week in Biggest Bank Scam
Chinese authorities will repay more victims of the nation’s biggest bank scam as it seeks to placate angry customers who have been denied access to tens of billions of yuan of deposits for months.

Source: bloomberg.com - 7.21.2022

Intimidation, crackdowns blow the lid off Chinese rural banking scandal
Covid app turns ‘red’ – and sparks national outcry

... But when the authorities began using China’s mandatory anti-Covid app for less than sanitary purposes, they crossed a threshold.
The Chinese Covid-19 prevention app displays a "green" status for those who are not sick and "red" for those infected with the virus as well as contact cases. Several customers of the troubled banks discovered that their status had suddenly turned “red”, severely restricting their ability to travel and preventing them from ... protesting.

Source: france24.com - 7.14.2022

Henan bank crisis savers must ‘wait patiently’ for compensation amid systemic risk, social instability concerns
Customers caught up in one of China’s biggest banking scandals have been asked to “wait patiently” to receive their compensation amid growing concerns over systemic risks and social instability.

Source: scmp.com - 7.18.2022

Video Shows Tanks Protecting Crisis-Hit Banks In China, Internet Says "History Repeats Itself"
A video showing tanks lined up on a road in China has shocked the internet. Quoting local media outlets, users on Reddit say that the footage is from Rizhao, in Shandong Province and the tanks have been deployed to protect the local branch of a bank at the heart of a scandal. The issue first surfaced in April when South China Morning Post (SCMP), in an article, said that residents of Henan and Anhui provinces were denied access to the bank accounts due to a "system upgrade".

Source: ndtv.com - 7.21.2022

The situation changed when tanks arrived at the scene. The local people soon realized that the tanks were protecting the banks.

This is because the Henan branch of the Bank of China declaring that people's savings in their branch are now 'investment products' and can't be withdrawn.

Source: r/Damnthatsinteresting - reddit.com - 7.21.2022

Another Shock Test?

Are the tanks in front of the banks in China a 'shock test?' for the world to see? Just like the fake plandemic footages from beginning 2020, from China? People collapsing on the streets in China, to announce the plandemic.

The tanks in front of the banks footage looks real. Are the usual suspects waiting for the worldwide reaction. Waiting to decide their next move? Do you expect a tank in front of your bank? Is this real news?

Did the Chinese government really deploy tanks to suppress protesters in Henan province?
A video of tanks in China went viral on July 18, 2022, with social media users claiming it shows the Chinese government suppressing protesters in Henan over the ongoing banking scandals.
However, the video was actually filmed in Rizhao City in Shandong province and according to our sources, the tanks were deployed as part of military drills.

Source: observers.france24.com - 7.21.2022