The Turkish television channel Beyaz has broadcasted a brand new interview with Kaan Sarıaydın of Mavi Gazetem. What's the story behind the Ever Given container ship? Are the rumors of human trafficking based on real facts? What about the White Hats and the Black Hats? The Evergreen cargo truck blockade? The exploding satellite and oil refinery? We're going to look into the situation regarding the Ever Given container ship.

Update 4.30.2021

Evergreen's Secret 2nd Part
The Turkish television channel Beyaz has broadcasted a brand new interview with Kaan Sarıaydın of Mavi Gazetem (My Blue Newspaper).

The television broadcast on Turkish television 'Evergreen's Secret 2nd Part: The Plan to poison the Land! Kaan Sariaydin Revealed All!' is a follow up to the previous interview with Kaan Sarıaydın (see update here below).
Kaan Sariaydin elaborates further on the events regarding the Ever Given and the so called Techno Weapon that was taken off the ship and neutralized by the Nationalist Powers.

The Global Structure

Kaan Sariaydin also explains more about what he calls: a Global Structure. Perhaps we can compare this with what some patriots, Qanons and conspiracy theorists call: the Cabal. And Benjamin Fulford refers to this group also as: The cabal, but he calls them The Kazharian Maffia, as well.

In the Turkish television broadcast, Kaan Sariaydin doesn't hold back and is very clear in what he says about this Global Structure. He refers to the Holy Book (The Quran, for Turkish people who are Muslim) that it's written about this Global Structure as the stateless.

This structure has got people from all backgrounds, races, religions, nationalities and sects.
Yes there is a concentration of a certain group of people in this Structure but we don't necessarily need to get in detail about this today.
But it's a global structure above all states.
They have Supranational formations (organizations),
You know their top organizations (companies), the National Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the World Health Organization, and these are actually their main Terrorist Organizations.

Source: 'Evergreen's Secret 2nd Part: The Plan to poison the Land! Kaan Sariaydin Revealed All!' - YouTube
[starting from 0:40 time mark]

Television Broadcast

The television host lady Ferda Yildirim Yilmazoglu, who is at the table with Kaan Sarıaydın looks a bit amazed when Kaan is talking about the Global Structure. And that's a human thing to do. Because the information can be shocking to some, depending on how much you already know about the plans for world domination.
Ferda Yildirim Yilmazoglu is professionally keeping her role and Kaan Sariaydin continues explaining further on the events surrounding the Ever Given.

It's really great to see a television host letting the guest doing his talk. And Ferda Yildirim Yilmazoglu is asking the right questions, at the right moment. This is truly a blessing in the world of media. We can only hope and expect that more (mainstream) media will be inspired by this format, style and modus operandi of Ferda Yildirim Yilmazoglu and Beyaz, and give people like Kaan Sarıaydın broadcast airtime. Because the amount of people who are 'waking up' is still growing. There's a demand for quality television airtime with real information.

All they do is spread terror and Panic to humanity; oppress, colonize and enslave nations.
This is it! Nationalist states rebelled against this Structure

Source: 'Evergreen's Secret 2nd Part: The Plan to poison the Land! Kaan Sariaydin Revealed All!' - YouTube

For me it's amazing to see this video. And I can imagine for some of the readers here as well.
Whether you're a patriot, a Qanon, a conspiracy theorist or a person who also distrusts (some of) the global organizations, the fact that this was shown on a national television channel is something unique, and perhaps shocking and amazing during these times of censorship.

Talking about ships, Kaan is also explaining more about the strange move that the Ever Green containership made before she entered the Suez Canal. While he explains this, the television network Beyaz is showing satellite position images of the Ever Green, from the website on screen.

Brain Drain

A few minutes into the interview Kaan is talking about how this Global Structure (the Cabal) is using people for it's organizations.

There's a project going on where Global Capitalists Structures have employed their personnel, CEOs, Heads of States,
including the level below them called intellegenzia, which covers law, academia etc. to take action against humanity.

Source: 'Evergreen's Secret 2nd Part: The Plan to poison the Land! Kaan Sariaydin Revealed All!' - YouTube

We can ask our self; what is the price for betraying humanity? What was done to some people that they (had to) decide to work on the destruction of cultures, societies, nature and lives? When I say: Epstein, I think it will ring a bell for many. Epstein and Maxwell who blackmailed politicians, Head of States and other people.
Of course blackmailing doesn't necessarily has to be the action taken against some people. There are people who like the idea of destruction of some other's lives and property. Perhaps motivated by religious or cult-like beliefs. Promises that were made.

Kaan the Game Changer ?

May be you're also a person that follows the news and videos of well known speakers in the so called 'Truth Movement'. Names like: David Icke, Simon Parkes, Benjamin Fulford, Roger Stone, Laura Eisenhower, Doug Billings, Kerry Cassidy, Miles Johnston and many more. Names known for their (regular) updates and point of views on world events.

Some of them are 'in-the-know', have contacts with White Hats, whistleblowers, agents, people inside alphabet groups and organizations. And most of them are from English speaking countries, the United States, Australia, Canada and United Kingdom. But none of them has ever been on national television - a few times - in a serious news program and being taken seriously, as far as I know. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I don't know of any well-known Truth Movement people who were on a television channel a few times, perhaps David Icke (when he was a football player)?

The Turkish television channel Beyaz did what not many mainstream media television channels did. They invited Kaan Sarıaydın and let him explain the real events surrounding the Ever Given and world events as a whole. And they didn't made fun of him or call him names like 'conspiracy theorist'.

Kaan brings a story that is not often heard of. A group of so called: Nationalist Powers, that are in a battle against the Globalists. And if you're following world events, from the alternative Truth media or the mainstream, you may notice that there are many dots to connect. Not only with certain groups, such as Q and the Qanons, The White Hats or the Dragon Society but other things and events as well. Kaan Sarıaydın is a bringer of big pieces of the grand puzzle, he's shows things in a different perspective and he's a game changer.

Plan B

Kaan Sarıaydın is being questioned by the television host Ferda Yildirim Yilmazoglu about Plan B. And Kaan Sarıaydın is explaining step-by-step what Plan B exactly was and what is at stake.

We strongly recommend you to watch the whole interview. If you have not seen the previous parts, then we advise your to start from the first videos.

You can find the video playlist on the website of: Mavi Gazetem

'Evergreen's Secret 2nd Part: The Plan to poison the Land! Kaan Sariaydin Revealed All!' - - 4.27.2021

'Evergreen's Secret 2nd Part: The Plan to poison the Land! Kaan Sariaydin Revealed All!' - On YouTube

Update 4.17.2021

Mavi Gazetem

Mavi Gazetem is a Turkish online newspaper. It means; My Blue Newspaper, according to Google translation. Mavi Gazetem gained worldwide fame, almost instantly. This was due to several articles written by: Kaan Sarıaydın.
He wrote about the real things that happened at the Suez Canal and the Ever Given. Things that were not mentioned in mainstream media, until Kaan Sariaydin was invited to speak about this subject on Turkish television.

Now Firstly, this was a good Slap on Globalists face, by the Nationalist Powers!

Here Firstly World Trade (Monopolies) aka Global Powers lost $10 billion a day FIRST SLAP
SECOND SLAP no one (no media) spoke about this apart from us (

We will expand on this story further, Today I will explain today how all this happened (how it was planned and set up)

I am not a Conspiracy Theorist, never been ...

Source: The Secret Contents of Ever Given – Evergreen Container Ship – Translated Video By Kaan Sariaydin -

This is of course quite unique in todays world; a professional writer and speaker who is invited on national television to speak about a complete different version of a world event. And he is taken seriously by the television host.
This television interview with Kaan Sarıaydın was also published on YouTube and with the speed of the Internet it went viral as soon the video was published online. Many websites and blogs started to write about the Mavi Gazetem video.

I was a bit disappointed to see the number of views of this video. Today April 4, it says: 173.268 views on the YouTube channel of Mavi Gazetem. Not much views for a video that brings a global news-update that will completely shock the world. But you may know that videos with real news, not according to the mainstream narrative, get their view numbers pushed down by the censor-shippers. And it does not represent the total of views. The Mavi Gazetem video was was shared, spoken about and mirrored by various other channels and websites.

The Climate Change Weapon

According Kaan Sarıaydın the events surrounding the Ever Given blockade in the Suez Canal is something completely different as what the mainstream media told us. In his article: The Secret Contents of Ever Given – Evergreen Container Ship – Translated Video By Kaan Sariaydin, he wrote:

These individuals must have felt very sad about what happened (to the Evergreen containers). There is a Divine Power and Allah (God) has also got a plan.

It doesn’t always happen as you (Globalists) have planned!

The Contents of those containers had the Chemicals that would activate the Second Techno Weapon which works with 5G Radiation Beams and transforms earth’s soil using Special Information Technologies.

Wow you are saying all this Gear and Technologies were loaded on this Ship?

Yes, Yes all those contents were seized, destroyed and this (catastrophe) was prevented.
This was planned and produced over the last 30 years.

Nationalist United and landed a massive slap (blow) to Global Capitalist Powers and prevented their World plans.

Source: The Secret Contents of Ever Given – Evergreen Container Ship – Translated Video By Kaan Sariaydin -

Kaan Sarıaydın is talking about National Powers that carried out an operation against Global Powers in the Suez Canal. They had a secret mission to stop a plan that was in the making for 30 years by the Globalists. The Ever Given contained the ingredients for this 'La Bombe Surprise'. But the plot ended not as the Globalized had planned.

Kaan Sarıaydı is talking about:

  • National Powers carried out an operation against Global Powers in the Suez Canal.
  • These National Powers are: Turkey, Israel, Egypt, and Qatar.
  • The Ever Given was blocked on purpose.
  • The Ever Given carried a 2nd technological weapon.
  • The 1st technological weapon was COVID-19.
  • The Ever Given carried (some) containers with chemical substances (the 2nd weapon).
  • These substances would have been transported to relevant 5G transmitters.
  • These substances react on 5G beams and transform the soil of the Earth.
  • The plan of the Globalists was to spread infestations to animals and crops via the Earth's soil.
  • The Globalist had a 30 year plan for complete domination of the worlds' food sources.
  • The climate change agenda was also included in this plan.
  • The National Powers have stopped the Ever Green ship that carried the substances of the 2nd techno weapon.

Ever Given Green GATES

I think that none of the readers here will be surprised when the the name of one of the biggest usual suspects is mentioned: Bill Gates. We all know him from his plans to block out the sun and to promote synthetic meat. We all know him also for his love for vaccines, being pushed to the people. Recently the mainstream media was writing about that Mr. Gates was buying large properties of land.

Bill Gates is now the largest farmland owner in America

The land is owned both directly and indirectly by Cascade Investment, the Seattle-area firm that Gates ...

It’s uncertain why Gates has invested in so much farmland or how his tracts are currently being used. Cascade did not immediately respond to a phone message Friday, and the company declined to comment to The Land Report “other than to say that Cascade is very supportive of sustainable farming,” the outlet said.

Source: - 1.16.2021

The Climate Change Weapon, Yes this containers carried the substances (Weapons) that would accelerate the Climate Change!!!

What is It?

Without going into (too much) detail, let me tell you in a few words:

Mr Bill Gates have got his fingers in this pie

Very Simple actually! As we all know, for years he has been working on vaccines.
Recently he has been crazy about buying land, he has just bought 56,000 decares, which is 56 million m2 land just in Turkey
Today there was an announcement that He bought over 1 million decares in Arizona
He has been buying immense quantities of land and the reason was the following…

Source: The Secret Contents of Ever Given – Evergreen Container Ship – Translated Video By Kaan Sariaydin -

Big Piece of the Puzzle

We all suspected that the Ever Given was not stuck by accident. And many websites, videos and blogs have mentioned that it was a computer hack on the navigation systems of the Ever Given. This sounds very logic since these huge ships mostly sail by computer navigation systems.

We wrote in this article (scroll down) that there was a huge possibility that the containers on the Ever Given also contained weapons. But we could not expect that this was a type of weapon that goes beyond the imagination of sane humans. Only those who have no feelings, connection and empathy towards their surrounding, nature and fellow humans can think of a plan to pollute the soil and destroy flora and fauna, to gain power.

The Human Mind

Humans are capable of great thing but also bad things. Of course this can be a very sinister plan coming form a human mind, but it has to be organized in such way that those involved, all the people making that plan, don't get harmed.
And this brings us to other possibilities, such as:

  • Are these people living on another planet or in another place, so they don't care if Earth is wrecked and destroyed? See also: Crater in the Greater Earth ⇒
  • Are they living in huge underground cities, where they can shelter and survive whilst their plan is being executed on the surface?
  • Was it planned by an Artificial Intelligence?
  • Was it planned by aliens or inter-dimensional life forms, such as archons?

Or was it indeed planned by humans who have a strange and twisted way to view the creations of God, nature, animals, flowers, plans,  in such twisted way that they want to destroy it?

The information provided by Kaan Sarıaydın is not only amazing but it also makes a lot of sense.
When we connect all dots and pieces of the puzzle on the right place, things become more clear regarding the Ever Given event. And Kaan Sarıaydı has provided us with a huge piece of the puzzle.

The Globalists had a plan in the making for 30 years to get total world domination via the food supply and climate change. Kaan Sarıaydın also connects the dots with the Ever Given event and the April Climate Conference.

... Covid was about to come to an end and I have been telling this for a while.

It was planned to end (this spring) in readiness for the April Climate Conference. There is a Climate Conference end of April.

This Climate Conference main theme, I am actually quite sad talking about this, is about Ox’s Gas. Even our Deputy Minister of Agriculture made a speech about how we should move to away from Beef Farming to sheep farming claiming that this will reduce Greenhouses gases

Source: The Secret Contents of Ever Given – Evergreen Container Ship – Translated Video By Kaan Sariaydin -

Empty Lake

The position of the Ever Given on April 17, 2021. No other ships in the lake. - Source:

Today April 17, 2021, the Ever Given is still at anchor in the lake in the Suez Canal, according to the website Not only that; the Ever Given is completely alone in that lake, in the Suez Canal. No other ships nearby. Only a bunch of ship at the entry of the canal. A while ago, when I checked, there were also other ships in that lake, traveling through the Suez Canal, but not today. I don't know since when this situation is going on, because I have not checked for about a week.


The Netherlands, also known as: Holland, is known for it's knowledge of water things, such as: ships, dams, dykes and canals. Holland is also known for it's cheese, flowers and agriculture. The next destination for the Ever Given (if she will sail again) is Rotterdam, the main shipping port of Holland and one of the biggest in Europe. A very interesting place for those who want to execute a sinister plan to pollute the environment with a technical weapon brought by a huge containership. Further in this article you can read more about Holland, The Netherlands and the Ever Given situation.

5G - Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

In the year 2020, at the beginning of the plandemic, there were rumors that 5G electromagnetic waves were the cause of the corona virus pandemic. In Wuhan, the place where it started, the were installing and testing 5G transmission towers all over the place. These rumors, of which were based on scientific facts according to some, caused a wave of 5G towers being burned in various countries. Also in The Netherlands some 5G towers were burned down. Some people said that this was done on purpose by the Cabal/Black Hats to make the 5G conspiracy theorists look bad.

For more on 5G and climate change, see also: Ragnarok Climate Climax ⇒
For more on 5G and the COVID-19 pandemic, see also: Corona Virus 2019-nCoV and H1N1 Bird Flu – Holistic Timeline Overview ⇒

Five telecom towers torched in possible 5G-conspiracy arson protest

The fires come as telecom providers in the Netherlands are facing increased public animosity at the construction of new 5G towers over unconfirmed health concerns. In other parts of the world, recent weeks have also seen an upsurge in arson attacks on telecommunications towers, with conspiracy theorists spreading unproven allegations that new 5G technology is damaging to the environment and personal health, and can be directly linked to the rapid spread of Covid-19.

Source: - 4.11.2020


In May 2017 president Donald Trump sent out a tweet that caused a stir in the media. He wrote about a strange name written in capitals: COVFEFE. Soon patriots found out that it has to do with a formula:

Iron Cobalt Vanadium Alloy
Linear Formula: FeCoV / CoFeV
Compound Formula CoFeV

And this formula is a shield or coating against the negative effects of 5G radiation.
You can read more about this subject in:  The Q Continuum Future Proves Past – Lock Down Look Up ⇒

We very much would like to encourage you to read the articles of Kaan Sarıaydı regarding the Ever Given and his other articles as well. We wonder if this story will be shown in more mainstream media.

A very special thanks for Kaan Sarıaydı for bringing this information to the world.

UPDATE 4.5.2021

Simon Parkes did a new update regarding the Ever Given event. Simon is a so called insider or someone who is 'in the know'. Her receives information from the White Hats intel community.  He had more than 3 million followers on YouTube before he got de-plat formed (censored) from YouTube and Facebook.

Many of the people who are following the Ever Given event may have noticed that Simon was 'silent for a while. He did no new updates except a short update regarding an exploding satellite, which was also a White Hats job. You can read about this in this article. According to the new video update from Simon from 4.4.2021 there were indeed people and especially children being trafficked in the containers on the Ever Given.

The White Hats hacked the navigation computer of the Ever Given. All these ships sail on navigation computers. It was not some accident by the captain and his crew. The White Hats rescued children. Unfortunately some children were already deceased before they could be rescued. The White Hats made sure that the ship was in the Suez Canal for days which caused a huge financial blow to the Cabal, who use ships as the Ever Given for human, weapons and narcotics trafficking.

You can see the full video update on: ⇒

Let's Pray or Meditate (what suits you best), for the trafficked people and children.

On Tuesday, March 23 2021 a large containership got stuck in the Suez Canal in Egypt. The ship ran aground after heavy winds and a sandstorm. The ship hit the side of the Suez Canal due to poor visibility and navigation issues and the ship is now wedged diagonally across the canal which caused a blockade of the Suez Canal.

This situation caused a huge traffic jam of ships who planned to travel through the Suez Canal. Various large oil tankers, sailing under different flags, were waiting in the Suez Canal and many cargo ships as well.

On Monday March 29, the Ever Given was refloated and Suez Canal is open again.
The destination of the Ever Given is Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The situation was very intense. Hundreds of cargo ships were waiting to travel through the Suez Canal. People started to get worried if there will be enough supplies for the coming weeks; food, clothing and toilet paper. The same worries people had when the pandemic started in the beginning of the year 2020.

! Because the Ever Given container ship is a developing situation, we'll add updates when needed. Check for regular updates. If you have not done yet: subscribe to notifications and you'll receive a notification when a new update was added to this evolving story.

Some details:

Name of the ship: EVER GIVEN.
Type: Container ship.
Built: 2018.
Container Capacity: 20.000 containers
Owner: Shoei Kisen Kaisha.
Registered owner: Luster Maritime/Higaki Sangyo.
Shipping Company: Evergreen Marine Corp.
Callsign H3RC.
Length / Beam 400 / 59 m.
Voyage Number: 1129-011W.
IMO: 9811000.
Current status: Unclear / Developing.
Departed from: Container port Tanjung Pelepas, Iskandar Puteri, Malaysia.
Next Destination: Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 4.8.2021.
Final Destination: Hamburg, Germany, 4.10.2021.

See also:
The Vessel Schedules of EVER GIVEN -
Position and Voyage Data -

Bolloré Logistics is constantly checking on the position of involved vessels (SEE ATTACHED LIST) including those that have been re-routed via the Cape of Good Hope and calculating their estimated date of arrival.

Source: - Attached list on their website.

Tugs, tides and 200,000 tons: experts fear Ever Given may be stuck in Suez for weeks

Taiwan’s Evergreen Marine Corp, which leased the vessel, said the Dutch firm Smit Salvage and Japan’s Nippon Salvage had been appointed by the ship’s owner and would work alongside its captain and the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) on a plan to refloat the ship and let traffic resume on one of the world’s key trade routes.

“The type of soil we’re dealing with is very difficult to manage, as are the tides which affect the vessel due to its size and its cargo load,” he said. Asked when the ship could be afloat again, Rabie suggested it was possible “today or tomorrow, depending on the ship’s responsiveness to the tides”.

“The containers are a problem as they’re stacked so tall – there aren’t many cranes in the world that can reach that high,” he said. “You need very big and heavy equipment, and you can’t fly it in. You have to put a crane on a barge and bring it in, as there isn’t capacity nearby. The tugboats, the barge and the crane, all the equipment needs to come in from both sides, but there’s no room in the canal for them to move it through.”

Source: - 3.25.2021

Why the Suez Canal Is So Important

The canal is in Egypt, connecting Port Said on the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean via the Egyptian city of Suez on the Red Sea. The passage enables more direct shipping between Europe and Asia, eliminating the need to circumnavigate Africa and cutting voyage times by days or weeks.

Source: - 3.25.2021

Suez Canal blockage is delaying an estimated $400 million an hour in goods

The stranded mega-container vessel, Ever Given in the Suez Canal, is holding up an estimated $400 million an hour in trade, based on the approximate value of goods that are moved through the Suez every day, according to shipping data and news company Lloyd’s List.

Lloyd’s values the canal’s westbound traffic at roughly $5.1 billion a day, and eastbound traffic at around $4.5 billion a day. The blockage is further stressing an already strained supply chain, said Jon Gold, vice president of supply chain and customs policy for the National Retail Federation.

Source: - 3.25.2021

Suez Canal traffic jam seen from space

The enormous Ever Given container ship, wedged in Egypt’s Suez Canal, is visible in new images captured by the Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission.

Source: - 3.26.2021

Suez Blockage Sets Shipping Rates Racing, Oil And Gas Tankers Diverted

More than 30 oil tankers have been waiting at either side of the canal to pass through since Tuesday, shipping data on Refinitiv showed.

"Around 20% of Asia's naphtha is supplied by the Mediterranean and Black Sea via the Suez Canal," said Sri Paravaikkarasu, director for Asia oil at FGE, adding that re-routing ships around the Cape of Good Hope could pile about two more weeks to the voyage and more than 800 tons of fuel consumption for Suezmax tankers.

Source: - 3.26.2021

Satellite image of Ever Given blocking the Suez Canal, March 24th, 2021. Image is about 2.64 kilometers wide.. Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2021. Source:


There are some interesting numbers, especially the numbers 9 and 11 as you can see in the details of the Ever Given.

Voyage Number: 1129-011W. IMO: 9811000.

According to Wikipedia, the event happened at 07:40 Eastern European Time.
7 + 4 = 11. We see often the number 11 appearing in events and in movies as well. For more info regarding the Ever Given, see: ⇒

Although it's interesting to see the 9 and 11 appearing in these numbers, we're not going further into the numbers of the Ever Given right now. May be later.
See also: Category: The 911 Code ⇒

Let's take a look into the Ever Given and Evergreen rumors.

There are various rumors going around on the Internet, especially social media such as Facebook, Telegram and Twitter, regarding container ships and human trafficking.  Rumors on the web are nothing new nor special.
In this case (or should we say; container) there are some interesting dots to connect.

The Rumors
  • There's a large human trafficking network active in the world.
  • Many children are being trafficked.
  • These networks have powerful connections or are run by powerful people.
  • People from different layers of society and especially some people who are part of multinationals, elites, politics, royalty are taking part in human trafficking organizations.
  • These networks make use of various elements of the global infrastructure.
  • Some shipping containers are used for human trafficking.
  • The Evergreen company is one of those companies.
  • Children are abducted and shipped worldwide.
  • Pedophiles and pedovores can 'order' children via certain companies and even via various websites.
  • Hillary Clinton is part of the Evergreen company.
  • The Secret Service codename for Hillary Clinton is: Evergreen.
  • The callsign of the Ever Given container ship is: H3RC. Without the number 3 it's: HRC, which are the initials of Hillary Clinton.
  • There are nuclear weapons in some of the containers.
  • The Ever Given drew a form before she entered the Suez Canal. Some people say it's a symbol of a phallus.
    Some say it's a key symbol.

White Hats and Black HatsThe White Hats and the Black Hats

The rumors include the existence of two opposite groups: the White Hats and the Black Hats.

The Black Hats

The Black Hats is a group of people who are busy trying to destroy (a large part of) the human race. They are working for the New World Order. The Black Hats are working in and with various illegal organizations. Their activities include things such as: politics, weapons, narcotics, human trafficking and especially children who are traded, voter frauds and pandemics.

The Black Hats are people from all kinds of layers in society, for example: elites, the military, intelligence communities, politics, media, scientists and royalty. The Black Hats are run by the Cabal. A very powerful group who have control over (some of) the world societies, with ancient roots going back to the times of Babylon and perhaps older.

The White Hats

White Hats is a name for people who are involved in activities that are beneficial for the world. They want to solve the world problems and inform the people of the Earth about the real state of the world. And they are working to dismantle the worldwide human trafficking organizations.

White Hats are also people from a variety of classes in society: elites, the military, intelligence communities, politics, media, scientists, royalty and so on.

Some people say that the name of White Hats in the military and intelligence communities go by the name of: Q.
You can also read more about Q, White and Black Hats in our article: The Q Continuum Future Proves Past – Lock Down Look Up ⇒

To add more confusion to the whole: some of the White Hats work undercover in Black Hats organizations and vice versa. One can say that this will result in a hat with a chessboard pattern.

Various Different Rumors
The Black Hats Did It
  • One of the rumors is that the Black Hats have created the Suez Canal event to block a large part of the international chain supply, such as: oil, food and clothing. To enforce global crisis and even World War III. And to continue their way of life which is now under pressure due to the mass awakening of people worldwide.

The White Hats Did It
  • The other rumor is that the White Hats created the Suez event.
    The container ship is leased by Evergreen and it has many Evergreen containers as payload. Some of the containers contain trafficked people and children. By 'grounding' this ship on purpose, the plan of the White Hats is that the containers will be taken off the ship to be inspected. The media will be recording this event. And the world will see that people and children are in some of the containers. This will result in a domino effect and the people of the world will be shown about the global human trafficking networks and its connections.
There are some illogic elements in these two versions of rumors

If the Black Hats caused the Suez Canal blockade then they them self would be vulnerable in that situation.
Their containers with weapons, children and drugs would be waiting at the Suez Canal for days, causing extra problems for them.

If the White Hats caused the Suez Canal hold up, then this would also not make much sense. If the plan was to remove the containers from the ship, so people could open these containers, then it would be a huge operation. A giant floating crane has to arrive at the scene in order to remove the containers. This would take days, perhaps weeks or months.

But things have changed during the writing of this article. The Ever Given is now in a lake in the Suez Canal, waiting to be inspected. May be this lake is big enough for a floating crane to unload the Ever Given. Or perhaps it can be done from land, at the lake?

Greengate ContainerMay be the Suez Canal event was a real accident?

We can conclude that there's one thing the White Hats succeeded in doing (if they caused the canal blockade), which is: another push for the awakening of mankind. Because the name Evergreen in combination with lots of containers was seen all over the world via the mainstream media who reported on the event.
Are we talking about Ever Given Green Gate? Or just: Greengate.

Internet Memes

During the Suez Canal blockade there were many memes on the internet.


This meme is about the call sign of the ship looking at the Ever Given. The call sign is: WMDQ. Some people think it means: Weapons of Mass Destruction Q.

Many memes as you can see. And this is just a small example of what's going on on the Internet. May be one of the reasons that there's a lot of censor-shipment these days?

Perhaps there's less or different type of censorship at the moment because it's interesting to see that a well known British newspaper Metro wrote an article about the strange sailing pattern of the Ever Green. Some say it's a depiction of a phallus and some say it's represents a key.

The Ever Green shipping route of 3.23.2021 before she entered the Suez Canal. Source:
Suez Birth Canal

And there's also the theory of the Suez Birth Canal. The Ever Green drew the form of a phallus and then entered the Birth Canal of Suez as a start for a new birth. Or perhaps it was more sinister. A symbol for 'fck you' and then entering the canal and creating a blockade that almost lasted for a week.

Was it really like Idiocracy ⇒ 
Or was there a deeper, perhaps esoteric or occult, meaning behind the Suez Canal gate? What about the name Ever Green?

Is it somewhat a strange type of humor when a ship named Ever Given draws a phallus symbol? Or was it a key symbol?


Cargo ship drew giant penis in Red Sea before wedging itself in Suez Canal

The enormous cargo ship currently blocking 10% of the world’s trade in the Suez Canal had just drawn a giant penis in the Red Sea.

Source: - 3.26.2021

Are The Rumors Real?

Many of those memes talk about human trafficking and transport of illegal items via containerships. Let's dive deeper into the sea of rumors and connect some dots.

Is Human Trafficking Real?

This needs no further explanation: of course its real. Organized human trafficking of men, women and children is happening on a worldwide scale on a daily base. But for those who may in doubt, here are some links and examples.

U.S.: Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking and Slavery

Human Rights Watch Testimony Before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee

Wendy Patten, HRW's U.S. Advocacy Director, testifies to the U.S. Senate about Human Rights Watch's work on Human trafficking worldwide and makes suggestions as to how the U.S. government can better prosecute traffickers and protect victims of trafficking in the United States.

Source: - Human Rights Watch - 6.6.2004

Trump says people think of human trafficking as ‘ancient art’

U.S. President Donald Trump said Monday that people think of human trafficking as an “ancient art” but claimed there are more now than any time before because of the internet.

Source: -  VIDEO 2.11.2019

As you may know: some people say that Trump vowed to end global human trafficking. There are many videos (of speeches) of Trump mentioning human trafficking. And these happens to be the words he spoke, never or seldom reported by mainstream media. Their task was to make him look like a stupid bad orange man. Was this because of Trump mentioning human trafficking a few times? Is this the reason for the social media censor-ship of Trump?

High Profiles Involved in Trafficking?

When asking the question if high profile people, like elites, royals and politicians, are involved in human trafficking, some notorious names come to mind, such as:

  • Jeffrey Epstein
  • Ghislaine Maxwell
  • Prìηce Aηdrew
  • Marc Dutroux

Those names were, and still are being mentioned in the media regarding reports of human trafficking. Prìηce Aηdrew was not directly involved, according to media. But he was good friends with Epstein. The other names have strong connections with high level people. You can look this information up on the internet, if it's not censor-shipped, yet.

The situation seem to change. Today 31 of March, a news article appeared on the Independent website, an Irish mainstream media newspaper. It says that Prìηce Aηdrew may be "dragged into the criminal case against Ghislaine Maxwell".

Prince Andrew may be dragged into trial over link to Epstein

Prince Andrew is at risk of being dragged into the criminal case against Ghislaine Maxwell after a New York court charged the socialite with two new sex trafficking charges.

Source: - 3.31.2021

Ghislaine Maxwell trained underage girls as sex slaves, documents allege

Unsealed testimony from 2015 case reveals series of claims about Briton’s role in Epstein sex-trafficking ring.

Source: - 7.31.2020

Epstein confidant Ghislaine Maxwell faces new sex trafficking charges

Federal prosecutors on Monday expanded the criminal case against Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's longtime confidant, charging her for the first time with sex trafficking.

Source: - 3.31.2021

Embed from Getty Images

Tenerife, Mort du magnat et homme politique britannique Robert Maxwell. Ici, sa fille Ghislaine Maxwell sur le yacht de son père "Le Lady Ghislaine". Elle sera, au début des années 2000, la compagne de l'homme d'affaires Jeffrey Epstein (Photo by Mathieu Polak/Sygma/Sygma via Getty Images)

The Dutroux Case and The White March

The Dutroux in case from Belgium is complex. It's not directly about child trafficking via shipping containers.
We're trying to explain it as short as possible: two girls in the age of 8 were kidnapped in 1995 . The investigation lead to a Belgian guy Marc Dutroux. The police found a dungeon under his house.

Dutroux was arrested and convicted for these crimes. But the Belgian people didn't like how the case was handled. There were many things pointing to a cover up with high profile people involved. Dutroux was just a pawn. A man who abducted kids on demand of some people who remained in the shadows. Dutroux always said that he never abused the abducted kids. Somehow this could be true: he was absolutely not allowed to touch the 'items' that were ordered by some people. His accomplice's name was: Bernard Weinstein. You may heard that name before and you may ask: are these related to each other? You can look for the answer online, if it's not yet censor-sh... well, you know what we mean by now.

The whole case resulted in a mass demonstration in Brussels on 20 October 1996 of 300.000 people (some say there were more people). People demanded a better justice system and the end of the cover up. The people were all dressed in white: The White March, for truth.

This was a strong case pointing to the direction of organized human trafficking were high profile people were involved.

In 1996, Dutroux was arrested on suspicion of having kidnapped, tortured and sexually abused six girls aged between 8 and 19, four of whom died. His widely publicized trial took place in 2004. Dutroux was convicted of all charges, along with the murder of a suspected former accomplice, and sentenced to life imprisonment.

A number of shortcomings in the Dutroux investigation caused widespread discontent in Belgium with the country's criminal justice system, and the ensuing scandal was one of the reasons for the reorganisation of Belgium's law enforcement agencies and widespread allegations of corruption and infiltration of the Belgian justice system by a criminal enterprise. In the White March, 300,000 Belgian citizens protested the mishandling of the case.

Source: Marc Dutroux -

Belgium's silent heart of darkness

Something is rotten in the state of Belgium. Six years after the arrest of Marc Dutroux, the country's notorious paedophile, no date has been set for his trial and the case remains painfully unresolved.

Source: - 5.5.2002

The Making of The White March: The Mass Media as a Mobilizing Alternative to Movement Organizations

The White March in Brussels on October 20, 1996 left many social scientists speechless. They witnessed by far the largest demonstration in Belgian history, 300,000 participants, but were struck by the total absence of any mobilization machinery.

Source: PDF file

Confronting An Atrocity: The Dutroux Case

... on Sunday October 20th with over 300,000 children and adults marching through Brussels. The
march was both a commemoration and a protest, a remembrance of the young women and a
demand for truth and justice. The rail companies and unions provided subsidised transport
throughout Belgium and public transport in Brussels was free all day.

Source: - Confronting An Atrocity: The Dutroux Case - Printed in Trouble and Strife, 1998, 36 - PDF File

White March

After Marc Dutroux was arrested on 13 August 1996, and the kidnapped girls Sabine Dardenne and Laetitia Delhez were freed from his basement on 15 August, commotion started. In subsequent days, the dead bodies of four other kidnapped girls were found buried in various properties that Dutroux had owned. At first, the anger amongst the Belgian people was directed mainly at Dutroux himself, but it quickly targeted the police, the justice department and the politicians as well. Many Belgians denounced the police and government for botching the investigation into the earlier kidnappings and failing to arrest Dutroux earlier, allowing him to kill off the first four victims.


Organized Human Trafficking: A Conspiracy Theory ?

The Dutroux, Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein are strong examples of cases pointing to the direction of organized human trafficking where high profile people are involved.

When we look into their stories and stories of victims of human trafficking, we can come to the conclusion that indeed some high profile people are involved. Whether they are a part of the organization structure or a consumer of human trafficking, the fact is that it can not be labelled as so called: conspiracy theories but rather as conspiracy facts.

Ever Given Green and H3RC

As mentioned before in this article: the callsign of the Ever Given container ship is: H3RC. And HRC are the initials of Hillary Clinton. One of the rumors is: HRC is involved in organized human trafficking and she's also involved in the Evergreen company. These rumors become interesting when her Secret Service name is a dot to connect. All people involved in U.S. political arena have an official Secret Service code name. The Secret Service codename of HRC happens to be: Evergreen.

What are the odds? Is this just a coincidence? It's not a conspiracy theory, you can look up the Secret Service code name of HRC for yourself in the list of Secret Service code names on ⇒

So here we have some interesting dots to connect which are based on facts:

  • The containership Ever Given is from the Company Evergreen.
  • The callsign of the Ever Given is: H3RC.
  • The initials of Hillary Clinton is: HRC.
  • The Secret Service codename of HRC is: Evergreen.

We could not find a connection between The Clinton Foundation, HRC and the Evergreen company. This doesn't have to mean that there isn't any. May be it is, may be not, may be you can find it.

Fact Check

When a rumor has too many views or has a strong impact on society, the fact checkers start to debunk it.  So is the case with this Evergreen and HRC rumor. When you type in a search engine: Clinton Evergreen, you'll get many fact checking websites. For example:

Conspiracy Theorists Try to Connect Ever Given Ship, Hillary Clinton, and Child Trafficking


In Plain Sight ?

Of course it would be too obvious to leave your initials behind when you're involved in human trafficking. May be some one or group wanted to leave breadcrumbs behind in the Suez Canal, perhaps it's all but coincidences? We have written  about some examples about hiding secrets in plain sight in our article: Crater Earth ⇒

Can People be Trafficked via Shipping Containers?

This is also a question that really doesn't need to be asked: of course people can fit inside a shipping container.
But we want to make an overview as complete as possible, so here we'll also go through some examples.

According to a mainstream media article from ABC, human trafficking is a "multi-billion-dollar business". This is another proof (from the media) that massive worldwide human trafficking networks are real.

The Blacklist

In one of the episodes of the Netflix series The Blacklist you can see the main character Raymond Reddington travelling in a luxurious shipping container on a large cargo ship. The main character is a rich notorious criminal who has access to this type of travel on international waters. Blacklist is interesting to watch. Raymond Reddington is not only a high level criminal, he's also 'in the know' and is trying to fight an organization called: The Cabal, who wants total world domination.

See also:
REDDINGTON way to home ( container scene) THE BLACKLIST - On YouTube ⇒
The Blacklist -

Bodies found in Essex container just 'tip of the iceberg' for multi-billion-dollar business

Police in the UK and Belgium are now investigating a multinational people-smuggling operation most likely based out of Northern Ireland.

Source: - 10.25.2019

Use Natural Acids on Humans to Detect Trafficking, Smuggling Victims in Cargo

In a joint effort between University of Waterloo and Teknoscan Systems Inc. (TSI), specific organic acids emitted from humans were monitored as an effective method to discover the presence of hidden people in enclosures like containers and trucks. The method involves sampling the air from the inside of the enclosure through the air vent and enriching the collected vapor trace on a nano-carbon-coated sample card. The enriched sampled is immediately analyzed for the specific acid metabolites lactic and pyruvic acids and the results reported in a span of 1-2 minutes.

Source: - 1.4.2019

Torture Containers

This sounds like something from a bad horror movie or another conspiracy theory. Sadly it's not a theory. In the year 2020 Dutch policed discovered various sound proof shipping containers that were built to torture people inside the containers. They were found inside a warehouse and it's not clear if these containers were also meant for transportation.

Police found a soundproofed torture chamber hidden in a shipping container on the Dutch-Belgian border

In a joint effort between University of Waterloo and Teknoscan Systems Inc. (TSI), specific organic acids emitted from humans were monitored as an effective method to discover the presence of hidden people in enclosures like containers and trucks. The method involves sampling the air from the inside of the enclosure through the air vent and enriching the collected vapor trace on a nano-carbon-coated sample card. The enriched sampled is immediately analyzed for the specific acid metabolites lactic and pyruvic acids and the results reported in a span of 1-2 minutes.

Source: - 7.8.2020

Can Weapons be Hidden in Shipping Containers?

Container Missile LaunchShipping containers are built to carry all types of cargo. If it fits inside the container then it can be transported. This includes weapons as well.

We don't really need to give examples of weapons being smuggled via ship containers because this is a well known fact.Things are getting very serious when the ship container becomes a weapon it self. According the Sofrip, a website for military grade news, weaponized ship containers are used by many nations.
See also:
Israel Tests Sea Launched LORA Missile from Cargo Ship - YouTube ⇒


... not all new weapons leverage cutting edge technology — in fact, some of the most versatile and troubling new systems are based on a combination of tried and true tech, which has been around for some time, and good old fashioned tomfoolery. Such is the case with “containerized” weapon systems.

Source: - 11.18.2019

China is building long-range cruise missiles launched from ship containers

... not all new weapons leverage cutting edge technology — in fact, some of the most versatile and troubling new systems are based on a combination of tried and true tech, which has been around for some time, and good old fashioned tomfoolery. Such is the case with “containerized” weapon systems.

Source: - 4.8.2019



In the year 2020 the Internet was filled with memes and rumors regarding the so called Wayfair conspiracy theory.
Wayfair is a web shop that sells furniture and home decorations.

Some people discovered that this web shop had ridiculously high prices for cupboards. A white cupboard for more than $12.000 for example. These were simple cupboards, not gold plated with gemstones, or anything like that.
Just simple furniture sold for extremely high prices.

Things were getting sinister when people discovered that the names of these cupboards were also the names of some missing children.

On the picture left you can see the names Yaritza and Samiyah. Names of missing children as you can see in the pictures here below.

All items sold in web shops have a so called SKU number, some sort of product identification number.
People also discovered that when the SKU numbers of these cupboards were typed into uncensored search engines; pictures of (almost) naked children were shown as search results. People came to the conclusion that a web shop like Wayfair can be used to order and traffic children.

Of course the mainstream media and especially the fact checkers labelled this as: conspiracy theories. One can say that this is all but coincidences and that child traffickers would never put the 'items' they sell in the open, on a website.

But we know about the trick of 'hiding things in plain sight'.

The Wayfair conspiracy theory reached the shores of the mainstream, and that was one of many so called 'red pills' that was delivered.

Here are some examples of Wayfair memes from the Internet:

The strange price of Wayfair’s stock: Is it evidence of human trafficking?

Social media has been plagued with conspiracy theories about online retailer Wayfair. It all started when someone noticed how prices for some products were suspiciously high and posted an anonymous question in a forum asking if Wayfair could be involved in human trafficking.

This sparked the theory that these high prices weren’t due to the supposed products themselves, but the fact that vendors were actually listing & selling kidnapped child sex slaves. Some people even Googled the products’ names and matched them to missing minors with the same names as the items.

Source: - 7.31.2021

Do your research: A deeper look into the Wayfair conspiracy

“Well how about the fact that if you look up the SKU # of any of these products named after girls, you will see that the image results on any uncensored search engine (like yandex) show images of children in bikinis. What do you make of that?”

The pricey cabinets had female names, such as Yaritza and Neriah, names of girls who had gone missing. The theory posits that Wayfair kidnaps kids and sells them inside the furniture box.


Other Events That Took Place
Satellite image of Ever Given blocking the Suez Canal, March 24th, 2021. Image is about 2.64 kilometers wide.. Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2021. Source:

In the same week of the Suez Canal Ever Given Green event, other things happened as well. Things that might be interesting and perhaps more dots to connect.

The Evergreen truck that was causing a traffic jam in China may be one of the strangest coincidences during the Ever Given event, if it was a coincidence.


Trucks, Trains, Oil, Ships and Satellites
  • An Evergreen truck caused a blockade on a highway in China. The truck is almost exactly positioned on the highway the same way as the Ever Given in the Suez Canal. The accident happened at 09:55 local time.
    9+ 5 + 5 = 19. Here we have the numbers 9 and 1 again. And a twin number (55).
    See also: Category: The 911 Code ⇒
  • A train collision in Sohag, Egypt, about 360.11 mi / 579.54 km driving from the Suez Canal.
    This may be just an accident, but it happened in the same week as the Suez Canal event and it was not an accident; a person caused it.
  • A satellite that was destroyed and debris from the explosion was visible on the ground, according to Simon Parkes. Various people recorded this on their phone, perhaps they were thinking it was a meteor.
    According to the website, "it was likely SpaceX debris falling and burning up in Earth's atmosphere". On their website you can see videos of falling debris that looks like the video on Simon Parkes website, of the satellite explosion.
  • An explosion and large fire at an oil refinery in Indonesia on the same day that the Ever Given was about to continue her journey.

Truck carrying Evergreen container causes traffic jam in China: picture goes viral

According to information from the traffic monitor footage, the accident occurred shortly before 9:55 am today on the Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway in Nanjing.

Following the accident, the truck was left askew across the road, almost completely blocking traffic, leading to comparisons with the Evergreen container ship currently blocking the Suez Canal.

Source: - 3.26.2021

Egypt: Train collision kills 32 after emergency brakes triggered

Egypt’s railway authority said the trains collided after emergency brakes were triggered by “unknown individuals” near the city of Sohag, about 500km (260 miles) south of the capital Cairo.

The brakes caused one of the trains to stop and the other to crash into it from behind, and the authority is conducting further investigations, it said.

Source: - 3.26.2021

Satellite Destroyed...

Source: - Various videos of this event on his webpage - 3.28.2021

Fire at Pertamina's Balongan oil refinery will not impact operations: CEO

The massive blaze broke out at one of the country's biggest oil refineries after a huge explosion turned the sprawling complex into a raging inferno.

Source: - 3.29.2021

Falling SpaceX debris puts on a light show in the sky

If you live in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, you may have seen a strange meteor streaking across the sky Thursday night (March 25). But that was no chunk of asteroid or comet — it was likely SpaceX debris falling and burning up in Earth's atmosphere, experts say.

Source: - 3.26.2021


Where is the Ever Given ?

There are some things unclear at this moment. Is the Ever Given back en route or is she still at anchor in the Suez Canal? According to some websites dedicated to finding and locating vessels, the Ever Green is not moving.

See also: The current position of the Ever Given at: and:

We made a screen images from the marine websites, of the current position of the Ever Given on March 31, 2021.

Ever Given
A screen image from: - 3.31.2021
A screen image from: - 3.31.2021


The Plot Thickens. Next Stop: Rotterdam ?

According to the sailing schedule of the Ever Given, the next stop should be the port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
It should arrive in Rotterdam on April 8 2021, at 02:00 local time.

See also: The Ever Given sailing schedule

But things are getting more intense and confusing when we read news from The Netherlands, regarding the arrival of the Ever Given, according to an article from the Dutch local version of Businessinsider. A short overview of what the article of Businessinsider said on March 30 about the current situation:

  • The Ever Given is waiting in a lake, where the Suez Canal is passing through.
  • She's waiting to be inspected to determine if she still can continue her journey to Rotterdam.
  • May be the cargo of the Ever Given has to be inspected.
  • Evergreen, the company that is leasing the Ever Given said in a statement that they're trying to find out whether the Ever Given can continue her journey to Rotterdam.
  • The sailing time between the Suez Canal and Rotterdam can vary between one week and more than two week, depending on the speed of the ship.
  • The Rotterdam container terminal ECT are making preparations for the many ships that are arriving from the Suez Canal.
  • Unloading a big ship as the Ever Given can take few days.
  • The data recorder of the Ever Green will be inspected as well.
  • On top of this: the Dutch labor union FNV are threatening with strikes of harbor employees, if they are not getting better working conditions.

So this means: Ever Given is not sailing. She's waiting to be inspected. If she's finally arrives in Rotterdam, it may take more time than usual to unload the ship, due to strikes of employees at the Rotterdam port.

With 20,000 containers, the Ever Given is waiting for inspection at an artificial lake - the question is how that cargo gets to Rotterdam

Evergreen, the company that leases the ship, wrote in a statement on Monday that it is being examined to what extent it is still seaworthy and can continue its journey to the initial final destination of Rotterdam.

The sailing time between the Suez Canal and Rotterdam can vary from more than a week to more than two weeks, depending on the speed of a ship, among other things.

Incidentally, the FNV trade union threatens strikes in the port of Rotterdam if the fleet arrives from the Suez Canal. According to union leader Niek Stam of FNV, lashers, who fasten and unload containers, can put down the work to reinforce the demands for a better collective labor agreement.

Investigation into the causes of the accident has also begun. The International Maritime Organization has acquired the ship's data recorder, the maritime equivalent of the black box. The Suez Canal Authority is also expected to start its own investigation soon , Lloyd's List reports .

Source: - 3.30.2021

The Notorious Netherlands

The Flag of The NetherlandsIf the sailing route of the Ever Given goes as planned, she will be at the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands to unload (some of) her cargo.

The Netherlands is notorious for child trafficking, child pºr∩ and a pedophile 'political' party. And necrophilia is not punished by law in the Netherlands.

Please don't think all Dutch people are perverts. By far most of the Dutch population thinks these things are an abomination.


The overhaul of the “pedophile” party causes a real outcry in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the refounding of the PNVD (Partij voor Naastenliefde, Vrijheid en Diversiteit, “Party for charity, freedom and diversity”) is going very badly. The political party wants in particular to suppress the sexual majority and to legalize the possession of child pornography.

The refounding of a political party created controversy in the Netherlands. The PNVD (Party for Charity, Freedom and Diversity), also called a “pedophile party” by the Dutch, wants in particular the abolition of the sexual majority at 16 and the legalization of the possession of child pornography. The party also wants to legalize zoophilia as well as necrophilia (if the deceased has given his consent).

Source: - 9.7.2020

Why is there so much child porn on Dutch servers?

Recent figures show that a large part of the international child pornography is on Dutch servers. Why does our country play such a major role in the spread of online child abuse?

Source: - 4.26.2019

Grapperhaus does not want to criminalize necrophilia by law

Various MPs and experts want the criminal offense or sexual abuse of the deceased in our country. But despite requests from a chief public prosecutor and three relatives of a victim, Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security refuses to change the law in this area, the AD reports .

(translated from Dutch to English by Google)

Source: - 3.13.2021

General Flynn Said Something About NL

Lieutenant General Michael Thomas Flynn, a retired United States Army lieutenant general and known for his sympathy with the Q movement, has something very interesting, according to a Tweet from 2017 by Roger Stone.

So we have a giant cargo ship with 20.000 containers, possibly going to the port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, a notorious country. And two U.S. political figures who are saying something about:  "High Level Pedophiles ... Netherlands".

See also:
Roger Stone on
General Flynn on ⇒
The Q Continuum Future Proves Past – Lock Down Look Up ⇒



We don't really have a conclusion regarding the Ever Given right now, because the situation is still developing.
We do have a conclusion on the other things that we talked about in this article and we can say that these are not conspiracy theories and these things are:

  • The callsign of the Ever Given is H3RC.
  • The Ever Given is leased by the Evergreen company.
  • HRC are the initials of Hillary Clinton.
  • The Secret Service code name for Hillary Clinton is: Evergreen.
  • Human trafficking is real.
  • Organized global human trafficking is real.
  • Many children are being trafficked.
  • Involvement of high profile people in human trafficking is real.
  • Shipping containers are being used for human trafficking.
  • The situation the Ever Given and the Suez Canal is surrounded by strange events.

The Story Continues

The Ever Givens has 20.000 containers on board. Changes are that people are being smuggled in one or more containers on the Ever Given. We hope you fully agree when we finish this article, for now, with the following words: free the people and



We know that there's much more tot this story than we have mentioned. Missing submarines, a New Financial System and other things. We'll like to encourage you to look for more information because it's out there. From whistleblowers, eyewitnesses and people who are 'in the know'.  Look beyond the censored media. Perhaps there's info regarding all this on BitChute, Telegram, MeWe and all the other sites,

Because this is a developing situation, we'll add updates when needed. Check for regular updates.
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