The 911 Code

This is not especially about the 911 attacks in 2001. The numbers 9 and 11 can be found in various events and people in history.

Event: U.S. – 2nd Co-Op City Power Outage, Same Building in NYC. Name: New York City, Power Outage. Date: 2.28.2021. Location: New York, United States of America, Earth. News Link: – 2.28.2021. 2nd Co-Op City Power Outage AffectsRead More →

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Event: U.S. – Power Outage in Lakeview. Name: Lakeview, Power Outage. Date: 2.26.2021. Location: Lakeview, United States of America, Earth. News Link: – 2.26.2021. More than 6,000 homes without power in Lakeview, Entergy reports The outage began aroundRead More →

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During these times of pandemics, censorships, power outages and sabotage, a new 911 code appeared. The February 2021 earthquake in Fukushima and the quake in 2011 are two interesting 911 number events. On February 13 2021, anRead More →

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Today on 311 the W.H.O. made an important public announcement on this timeline: the COVID-19 outbreak is officially a pandemic. What are the connections with Fukushima and Madrid train bombings? We’re going to explore numbers and theRead More →

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What happened that thursday evening just after Christmas?  The sky above the Astoria neighborhood of Queens NYC was filled with a turquoise bluish light. It was something like a supernova above the Big Apple. On that sameRead More →

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