The Strange Case of the Facebook 2020 Error Page During the 2021 Blackout and the Domain Name Update on 9.22

Why was an error page dated 2020 showing on the Facebook homepage during the 2021 blackout? And why did they updated their domain name on 9.22?

It may be a ridiculous question: why was the error page dated 2020?
It doesn't make sense, for world's biggest social media platform.

On October 4, 2021 there was a sudden blackout of Facebook and other social media platforms.
You can read about it all, in our previous article with a very long name:
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Facebook was offline for a few hours. The internet browsers didn't show any website. It showed the standard browser message instead: this website could not be found.
About 30 minutes before Facebook came back online, a Facebook message was shown instead of the standard browser message. We mentioned this in our previous article with that long name. And we thought we should dive a little deeper into this strange time transportal effect of the 2020 Error page mystery.

As you can see, it says: Facebook © 2020.
If you have your own website or blog then you know that you can change the date of your site. The date is often shown at the footer of sites and blogs. On the time transportal website you can see the date: 2016 - 2021.
We change this by hand, after a new year has arrived. But this can also be done automatically with a (Java) script or with a plugin, if you use a CMS website such as Joomla, WordPress or one of the well known website CMS systems.

The Big Question

Why was the year 2020 shown on the Facebook page? We can imagine that it was a chaotic day for Facebook and their employees. The whole website was totally offline. Someone had to put on an error message as fast as possible.
Did they found an old error page and they just put it online, no matter what date was shown on that page?

Facebook is world's biggest social media platform. Would they adjust the year (date) by hand? Or would they use a script?
So, when the year 2022 starts on January the 1st, 2022, a Facebook employee will go into the source files of the website, and change the year 2021 to: 2022 by hand? Or would the social media giant do this with a script or other code in the file, to let the website automatically change the year?

It would be logic if this process was done automatically. And if you would use such a script, you can also make the right date or year appear correctly for different time zones. This would also be the case for an error page. If that error page can load this year and date script automatically.

It's strange isn't it? The error page with 2020, during a 'social media blackout' in the year 2021.

The Wayback Machine
Screen image from the Wayback Machine of the Facebook page just after the blackout.

In the Wayback Machine you can search for old websites and previous versions of existing websites. You can also find the previous versions the homepage of, including the versions just after the blackout.

You can look this up for yourself, go to:*/

Choose October 4, 2021 (the day of the Facebook blackout) on the calendar.
If you move your mouse over this date, you'll see a small window with time stamps. These are the time stamps of the Wayback Machine, when it saved an image of Approximately 1 image per 5 seconds.

The last time stamp before the blackout was at: 15:28:10. Then there's a few hours of no images that have been made.
This is the actual time when Facebook was totally offline.

Then the time starts again, typed in red, at: 21:09:53.
The red typed time stamps are the Facebook pages with the error 2020 page. You can click on one of these red typed time stamps to see the historical page. Was Updated On 2021-09-22

Another strange thing is the last update of the domain name: This was on: 9.22.2021.
The number 22 is the double (or twin) of the number: 11. We mean: 11 + 11 = 22.
And 9.11  is of course a notorious and suspicious number.
Expires On 2030-03-30
Registered On 1997-03-29
Updated On 2021-09-22


It's the only update since the domain name was registered on 1997. Why would they update their domain name 13 days before the they went totally offline on 10.4.2021?

The time between the last update of the domain name and the blackout is:

13 days from the start date to the end date, end date included.
1.123.200 seconds
18.720 minutes
312 hours
13 days
1 week and 6 days


The Time Loop

What happened? They took an old error page, from an old server when they where in a hurry to put an error message online a.s.a.p.? Are they adjusting the time and date on their pages, by hand?

Or is there more to this strange time transportal type of phenomenon? And we don't mean the name of this website.
It's the process of transporting time.
Did we re-entered a time loop?

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