Second Earthquake in Scotland in a Week – Booms Reported by Locals

Name: Second Earthquake in Scotland.
Event: Booms Reported by Locals.
Date: 11.19.2021.
Location: Scotland, Earth.
News Link: - 11.20.2021.

The article says: "...on seismometers at 9.29pm."
2 + 9 = 11
The earthquake was on: 11.19.2020

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Scotland hit by second earthquake in a week with locals reporting 'big banging' noise
Scotland has been hit by its second earthquake in less than a week, with locals reportedly saying they heard "big banging" noises and felt the tremor on Friday evening.
The British Geological Survey reported a 2.2 magnitude earthquake just outside Roybridge, near Spean Bridge, registering on seismometers at 9.29pm.

Source: - 11.20.2021