Documents About 11 Pentagon-Funded Bio-Labs in Ukraine Deleted from US Embassy Website

Name: US WMD Labs in Ukraine.
Event: Deleted Documents.
Date: 3.5.2022.
Location: Ukraine, Earth, Space.
News Link: - 3.5.2022.

“How would Americans feel if Russia built WMD labs right across their borders in Canada and Mexico? Outrage, fear and condemnation, nothing less. The USA would do exactly what Russia is doing – protecting its people from genocide.
Russia announced it has destroyed 118 military installations in Ukraine (
All of the USA’s exclusive-use WMD bioweapon labs are controlled by the American Department of Defense, i.e., military. We can assume that this list of 118 includes most, if not all these WMD germ warfare centers, which could easily be wiped out with precision missiles. If true, the whole world can thank Russia for destroying these WMD bioarm development/production facilities, over which Ukraine has no say whatsoever about their operations.

Source: - 3.5.2022.